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  • But first, let’s take a look at some of the cool things you can do with Zoom, before we put them to use
  • Creative ways to use Zoom for marketing
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  • How to enable Zoom chat
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Because you can use Zoom on your phone you can begin a meeting anytime you see anything interesting. Just call in your best marketing bud, and provide your real-time marketing analysis of what’s effective, and what’s not so effective about the marketing you’re seeing. Just like Carrie Bradshaw did when she saw this.


Note: The mobile version of the app, does not allow users to chat while sharing their screen. Users must end screen sharing, before pulling up the chat functionality.

Make simple but engaging videos to accompany your blog posts by having someone read your blog posts. You could use a Morgan Freeman-like voice to really grab attention, or anything you’d like – just pick someone to build your brand.


And it has flickering effect, not looking good. Is there possibility to disable second click on my photos?

Explore Creative Ways to Use Zoom Meetings for Marketing

Step 2: Click the small ‘+’ button beside ‘Recent’ on the left panel and select ‘New Chat’. Once you create a chat you will be able to add the person you would like to chat with, at the top of the page.


Press Cmd+Shift+S (PC: Alt+Shift+S) to share your screen. Remember this because S is for share.

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Step 2: Under the ‘Meetings’ tab, select ‘In Meeting (Basic)’ and scroll down to ‘Auto saving chats’. Toggle ON to have Zoon save your chats after every meeting.

Make quick tips videos where two people in two locations banter back and forth comically. You could even have them keep popping up in different locations to keep it interesting. Share these videos on your landing pages, across social media, and on video sites.


Zoom’s chat function allows users to not only send messages to each other but also files. This eliminates the need to use other file sharing applications to share files since all transactions can happen within the chat window itself.

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Zoom makes it easy to publicize a group demo on your website. List the times of day you offer it, and allow people to register and enter whenever they want. This can be a great way to address common product questions all at once, and provides a new enticement for leads, hopefully keeping them exploring your site for longer.


By making everyone appear virtually from separate rooms, even if you’re actually in the same office you can take some of the intimidation out of brainstorm meetings. This might be a way to avoid as much groupthink.

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How do you set up a zoom call

Note: For the mobile version of the app, users must utilize the default screenshot settings of the phone (Different phones employ different ways to take screenshots. For example, on a Samsung phone holding the power button + volume down button for 1 second will take a screenshot of the current screen). Users can then share the screenshot using Share>Photo.

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To mention a user, simply type ‘@’ and begin to type the user’s name. A list with all the users on the current call will pop up to help you choose.

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Type ⌘ Cmd+Ctrl+ M (PC: Alt+M) when you are the meeting host and want to mute everyone else on the line. An easy way to remember this is M is for mute.


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Here we explore some creative ways to use Zoom (visit this web-site) for marketing you might not have had time to think of yet. Lucky for you, most of these ideas are easy to implement, just like good ol’ fashioned zoom. But first, let’s take a look at some of the cool things you can do with Zoom, before we put them to use.


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How to use Zoom chat and useful tips

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Zoom (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=8562) has differentiated its chats into ‘in-meeting’ chats and ‘private chats’. The settings for each of these can be tweaked individually. Let’s dive right in and learn about Zooms (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=20) chat function.


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I would find an enhanced viewing experience to be a more persuasive reason to upgrade than higher people being able to see my photos at pixel-peeping depth. Just add a pop-up flag saying something like "higher resolution views available for PRO subscribers," whenever a non-pro expands an image.

Similarly case studies can be hard to create because chasing the details can take a long time, and sometimes you need to get information from multiple sources to tell the whole story. By inviting everyone to a video call you can get the facts straight in one fell swoop, as well as get all stakeholders’ sign off quickly.


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In addition to this, there are some hidden features as well. For example, try typing ‘Happy birthday’ and hitting send.

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Step 1: While in a meeting, click on the ‘Chat’ button at the bottom of the screen. This will pop out the chat panel.

Provide rave-worthy, instant customer service by hoping on a video where your customer can share their screen so you can see exactly what’s going on and help them troubleshoot. There’s no better way to do customer support than face to face, as it will humanize the entire issue, and ensure there’s less miscommunication than in emails.


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Offer periods of time during each day where people can reserve sessions for you with advice. Make a promise up-front of what you’ll deliver – for example, perhaps you’ll review their website and give them 3 SEO tips they can implement today.

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Then you can slide your finger from the center to the left side of the screen to see the right side of the pic or to the right to see the left side. Tapping two times again returns it back to fitting the screen.

Similarly, open up your teaching sessions to more than one person at once. Create a class based on your top performing blog posts or ebooks. Host it on a regular cadence and allow students from around the world to join.


Invite your favorite customers to a “thank you” hang out, where you ask what they’re enjoying, what they’d like to see change, and what’s new in their lives. You could even send them a Starbucks giftcard using a service like Rybbon, so they can drink their beverage while you chat. Or just record a personalized thank you video and email it their way!

How to save chats

It is a nice and quick way to see a much larger version of a pic. And I like how once you have clicked to zoom (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=4686) in on the pic you can slide your mouse left, right, up, or down to see the different areas of the pic.


With virtual background you can upload an image of anything you want – your customer’s website or product, an inspiring scene, or a funny picture of a pet – to customize your background. It’s available for both iPhones (8 and later) and desktops.

Zoom has definitely put in a lot of effort into its chat functionality and it shows. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Are there any features that you have noticed that stand out of the pack? Let us know in the comments below. Oh and let us know if you tried the ‘Happy birthday’ easter egg yet!


In an attempt to make the chat feature more fun, Zoom (click this link here now) allows users to integrate emojis as well as gifs into their chat. Zoom chat also allows reactions to messages. To react to a certain message, hover your mouse over the message. Now click on the add reaction smiley that appears. You can choose a reaction from a long list of emojis.

This feature when enabled encrypts all chat messages sent between Zoom users. Even admin and hosts can only see the name of the user, and the date and time of their last message in Chat History.


To send a file, click on the ‘File’ button just above the text box. You can now select where you would like to upload the file from (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Box, or Your computer) and select the file to send.

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Hosting a monthly webinar is a great way to attract new leads and delight current customers. Topics can include helpful ways to use your product or general things your leads might be interested in. Video meetings make it easy to reach people around the world. And you can use the recording to capture leads forever, even after the live webinar is over, by providing it to them in a follow up email.


Step 2: Select the ‘Chat’ button at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the pop out chat bar.

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