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Zorg did an outstanding vector job on a bootleg of Puckman. This one is pretty close to the original, but we still really, REALLY want the real thing. This will now be "view_2" in the file.


Thank you also to the awesome photos made available by Jodo over at the UKVAC forums, and from Stefano CSW over on Flickr. Also thank you to Vas Crabb for transcribing the text from the JPN version of the instruction card, so that it could also be added.

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Another note on the NeoGeo stuff. I know that some of these are "wide-release homebrew" but I don't know which, and I don't know who originally made them. If someone could get back to me with that info so I can correct who gets credit, I'd appreciate it.

I based the colors on the eBay auction photos I saw, which were faded. Thanks go to Juergen R. for submitting the corrections.


Aaron and Ad_Enuff have been running full steam ahead this week; major props to them both. And, I've finally been able to start getting to some of the instruction cards from The Sheep's World of Arcades. Thank you to tormod for pointing me in that direction, and sending me a bunch of other stuff that I still haven't gotten to yet.

Finally, I missed some credits in the puckman file. Download this lay file to bring your artwork current.


Cheat Dungeon Rampage Bahasa Indonesia

Taught myself a few new tricks which may help out in the future. And today's update takes our total game count over 300. Still got a LOOOONG way to go, though.

EDIT3: Because of the parent set change, the snaps for those two have also changed. DAT has been updated, and fix uploaded.



The artwork for Meadows Inferno always bugged me a bit, too, and I'm not even sure what the original source was. It's also gotten a bump up in quality, and the flames are now all aligned with the windows (as I assume they should have been).

The WIP page is also up to date, knocking off all of the above updates. I made a small change to it, to distinguish what's been done, and what's pending (as long as you're using Firefox; I can't get it to work in IE).


The View names in the Gameboy file were updated to be the actual names of those color version back when it was released. I am not happy, though, with the current regular Gameboy view, so that is going to be updated next update.

War commander hack cheat engine 6.2 adobe

Also, added a page for Unofficial Artwork. MESS page should be up next week.


Sometimes you get a bonus when you buy a bezel. Again, awhile ago, I got a bezel for The Pit. That one isn't done yet, but it also had a nice instruction card for Mega Zone stuck on it. So I got a 2for1 deal, and we get artwork for one more game.

Also added Omega Race and Space Encounters. This concludes converting the "Backdrops/Overlays" section of MAME.net.


Thanks to zorg for getting in contact with Etienne over at Dragon's Lair Fans. He scanned and vectored the Italian version of the Namco Galaxian bezel.

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I also keep getting inquiries every so often about putting up a PayPal link to donate money toward buying artwork. I'm still not sure about doing something like that (just kind of feels weird asking). For now, I think I'll keep things as they are: if you want to send me something, PM or email me. If you see something you want, you can buy it and send it to me, or let me buy it, and you can send me the funds. If my pocketbook starts feeling the pinch, maybe I'll change my mind.


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Metal Slug confused me further, because running it in MAME looked different than XBLA. It was a couple days later when I realized that the XBLA rotates the backdrop 90 degrees, and splits it in half, instead of using it as a backdrop like the other games. So that works like it should now.

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We’re about to ring in the new year with Maiev—our newest Assassin Hero—as well as the finest Lunar Festival celebration the Nexus has seen so far, and so many new cosmetic items that we simply couldn’t help but give you a sneak preview. Read on to check out everything that’s headed your way with our next Heroes of the Storm patch, and let the new year celebration commence!


For all of these games, the cocktail is the main view available. There is also an option to just have the instruction card without the cabinet. Where available, I also added another view for the marquee (as it includes instructions on it also). And for Dr. Mario, I added the bezel that phetishboy made for his original Nintendo cabinet. A few other people have also installed this bezel on their cabinets, with happy results.

It's about that time again to clean up the LAY files again. As I go back and look at older stuff, I can see where I have strayed away from a "standard" way of doing things. Hopefully I'll finish that project up this week.


This will be good for a great deal of games. First ones will be Frogger and Centipede (full and cropped bezel), Robotron (three different bezels), and Puckman (puckman and pacman combined in the same file, so you can choose which bezel you want for the different clone games).

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We also have Star Trek, thanks to a scan by Aaron, on loan from Tim at ArcadeCollecting.com and cleanup by Ad_Enuff. Later down the road, we'll add in the extra piece for the cockpit version. What's nice with this bezel is you now know what those three meters are in the top left of your screen.


But things have slowed down lately. Over the last two months, it's pretty much been all me. I'm not complaining, I just got a little tired being all on my own. And it's not like I can force volunteers to work faster; that's the last thing I would do. I'm grateful for everything everyone has done over this past year; they're just taking a break, too.

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We have the Neo Geo mini-marquees A-J, plus the generic MVS, which is 36 files for today. Each one includes two views: one with the marquee, and the second as an instruction card. Some games include multiple regions. The generic MVS will be an option in any Neo Geo game. Some games include bezel instruction cards; for those, the instruction cards are defined as "backdrops" in the lay file, so you can optionally turn them off if you want.


Well, now that everything else is caught up, I can concentrate again. Almost everything in this update is new stuff.

My apologies to anyone who downloaded last week's DAT file from Roman then came here and couldn't find Bubbles. Last week's update was made at the MAME Artwork Board from work since my system was down at home.


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For admirers of arcade artwork, Christmas comes early this year. I finally hunkered down, and got a whole bunch of stuff done in the last few weeks.

By next weekend, I also need to revamp the ratings system a bit (M-H-U just doesn't cut it anymore). Neo Geo is coming along; I'll release the A-G before I finish the rest of them. It's also time I cramped down and worked on clearing out the instruction card folder.


War Commander - Cheat Engine 6.3

The PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Website has details on Update #4 that's now on the test servers and is coming soon to the live version of the battle royale shooter. Word is this includes new anti-cheating tech: "Players, as with the last patch, a new type of anti-cheat solution, which is still under development, is to be applied on the test servers. We are in a test phase with this solution, and its stability and compatibility need to be verified.

There was an error with mrdo and with one of its screenshots. Both have been updated, along with the DAT files. Both were just naming errors, so you can just grab the DATs and let ClrMAME fix it.


A LONG time ago, yaggy sent me pics of the backdrop for Sega Space Attack. I never implemented it because the backdrop is for the B&W version of the game, but the MAME version is in color.

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These allows to enable/disable lots of other console commands: cheats, debugs, domino (script engine) commands (https://restvostok.ru/content/uploads/files/download/dungeon-rampage-hack-cheat-engine-62-firefox.zip) not accessible in usual way. Use TAB key while in the console to view them all. Feel free to experiment with Dunia engine at your own risk.


And to end the year of with a bang. I think Video Pinball has been "the community's" most requested artwork since everything changed in MAME 0/107 over six years ago. I've been holding off on adding it all this time, because someone has been "working on the perfect version" of this artwork since before I started on this project. I'm tired of waiting, and the game is simply unplayable without artwork, so I'm doing something about it for now.

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EDIT: DATfile really, REALLY fixed. No, I don't know yet how to make it so that it doesn't try to put the scanlines/apertures in subfolders. We'll have to wait for Roman to get back from vacation (unless someone else knows). Buck Rogers also re-replaced, with correct aspect ratio (the downside of always updating at 3am).


War commander hack cheat engine 6.2 games

Zorg vectorized the two bezels for the Bally/Sente SAC-1 system. Please view the README included in the file for this one.

I have a bunch of stuff from Etienne and other members that frequent the Dragon's Lair Fans website. For today, we have the marquee for Star Wars Trilogy. The game is not completely working at this time, but I love this marquee.


Katie Plunkett: July 2020

During my "research" for the project noted below, I found a new font that has become my new MAME font: HGGothicEPRO. It's not fancy or anything, just a basic font; it just has that "fresh" feeling to it. Anyway, this font is fully-loaded, as it also contains Japanese and Chinese characters, along with other special symbols, so it will take time to create the cache file the first time you run a game with it. After that, things will run as normal.

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This week, I finally finished scanning all of the glass and plexi pieces that have been sitting in my house for so long. Needless to say, the wife and kids were happy to see those things go =D. Zorg also picked up a scanner, so we may see some Euro versions of bezels pretty soon.

Got rid of the internal LED part of the LAY file for Golly Ghost (since the internal LEDs don't work for that game), and one of the files (which was meant to be the background not lit up). Fixed the lay file so that the dark background effect could still be accomplished.


After finishing all the Atari games, completionist attitude kicked in to overdrive, and I had to go back in and add the clickable start buttons. So as you play these, you'll notice that when you press start, the button artwork shows that the button is pressed down. You can also click on the start button with the cursor to start the game. This was good practice to learn how to give an element more than two states (in this case: off, flashing, and pressed).

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A couple months ago, I was, how shall we say, downsized at work. My prior office position was gotten rid of, and I'm back to where I was at store level, including my salary (40 percent paycut). So I basically spent the last six years at my job accomplishing stuff, and received a big fat f**k-you in return.


Karate Champ still has a bit to go; minor font problem. Crazy Climber bootleg will be out when we also get the Taito version (hopefully next week), so that you don't have to download the file two more times.

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So every so often, work brings me out of town; last month brought me to Chicago again. I got to do two things that week. One, I got to finally meet italie of MAMEWorld fame. Two, I took a visit to Star Worlds Arcade after JC pointed it out to me. I brought italie back with me the following Saturday, and we got some work done.

I'm going to see what I can do about cleaning up some of the easier non-vector that's sitting in the queue. Already started on Armored Car, Thunder Jaws, and Gyruss. Kangaroo and Thunderblade will be ready next week after color-matching.


Framework OWASP Testing Guide / Code / [r1] /OWASP-SM/ZAP

ChuckH pointed out that Mad Alien uses the same type of bezel as the DECO Cassette games. It turns out that Tomahawk 777 does also.

In fact, going back even further to July 2002 is when Aaron first added generic support so that any game could use artwork. Prior to that, artwork was handled on a per-game basis.


Free cheats engine for war commander

Linked above is the Google Drive folder for the December 2021 MAME Artwork update. One folder for the artwork; another for the screenshots.

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Duane Huseby submitted some very cool artwork for the PDP-1. You can now play the first video game, Space War, with some very realistic artwork of the system. For instructions to play the game, I have started a MAME Game Tips page on this site. Head on over there for instructions.


Let's play Space Encounters the way it was meant to be. To say this was complicated to put together is an understatement. A BIG thanks to Timothy from Outerworld Arcade for scanning and photographing everything, and even putting up a video of the game to see how it was supposed to look in the end. And another BIG thanks to Zsolt Vasvari to updating the driver a while ago, adding support for the tunnel effect and lamps. And though it's not listed below, I added a second "view type" using just the inner bezel and overlay, for those that are going to complain that the game screen is too small -) (NOTE: There are two more inside pieces to the game which we will get to at a later date. They still need to be restored for completion's sake, but wouldn't add much more to this point as they are almost completely hidden when viewing the game straight on).

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun - FearLess Cheat Engine

Added the Gleeb Company version bezel to Mr. Do, scanned and vectored by Jeff Rothe. Also found part of a conversion overlay, and was able to recreate the conversion bezel I had played on so long ago.


Comboman did the bulk of the cleanup work on the bezel some time ago. I did a few more tweaks to that, along with the marquee and control panel. All three pieces courtesy of the BYOAC / CAG artwork. There are still some areas on each piece that are kind of dirty, but this will work for now.

Instruction cards for Rushing Heroes and Road Burners have been added. Note that Road Burners is unplayable, though.


After reading a post by boliver10 on the messageboard, I took another look at Asteroids Deluxe, which looked I just rushed the bezel out the door. I showed it some love last night, so it looks a lot better now.

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NOTE: As of 0/108u2, Aaron changed the built-in LED system again. This breaks "View_1" for Turbo, Buck Rogers, and Subroc 3-D.


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Another reason for optimism about an acquisition comes from internal shifts within Microsoft. Spencer was promoted in the fall to executive vice president, gaming, where he has a much bigger say over how video games fit into the company’s overall strategy.


I have now setup a Google Drive account, which will contain the most recent files update, along with the snapshots. This should make it easier for people to download each update, and also alleviate a bit of bandwidth off of MAMEWorld at the same time.

Clash Royale Cards In Chest. Clash Royale Gem Hack No

Well, that's pretty much it for today. Next update, the Other Artwork page will be updated with some more X-Box bezels, thanks to Retro27, and I should also hopefully have the Vector Artwork page done by then. Beyond that, I probably have enough artwork to double the amount of current available artwork, with the only constraint being time.


Looks like I wasn't paying attention on invad2ct. Zorg was kind enough to fix it proper and vector the whole thing.

Fixed the LAY file for V-Five (thanks orfax). You can simply grab that and replace the one in your current ZIP, instead of having to grab the whole thing.


Other Arcade Artwork: 19 new games; 17 games updated artwork

For Counter-Strike games, it takes screenshots of the game screen and it is technically not able to capture the screen outside the game window. For Counter-Strike games it also uploads the console commands executed by the game engine (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=3428), to help players identify cheat scripts. These commands come directly from the game engine, not by result of detecting or logging keypresses.

Jailbreak Pure Sharing Pure Info: Software

Addy also gave some love to Tac/Scan. For those keeping track, that's 3 of 5 bezels for Sega vector games. Eliminator is scanned waiting cleanup.


Note that the artwork file for the PC10 game will work with ALL PC10 games. Also note, though, that because the artwork is in the BIOS file, the views for the external artwork are not at the top of the list by default, they are a bit of a ways down the menu. For the Dual-Screen bios, I also added in two extra views: one that simulates a smaller top screen, and one which crops off the top part of the screen except for the timer.

Kiltron is working on a few things. Last we spoke, I had his guarantee that he always finishes what he starts.


Sorry guys, 2021 was a helluva year. Good part is I work for a company that seems to actually appreciate me. Bummer part is I had to really work hard to give them a reason to, which cut into my artwork time.

And with that, I would like to announce that I am back in the artwork game full swing. You can all look forward to regular updates soon.


Thanks go to TrevEB for taking some pretty good photos of the backdrop lit up in a cabinet. I tweaked it as best as I could to line it up with the game screen (good thing with the game in service mode, it lights up nine spots that show you how to line the screen with the artwork). Also, thanks go out to Andy Welburn for scanning the bezel so long ago for us, which zorg finished some time ago. So now, we can all play Video Pinball again.

I went back and revisited the "Instruction Only" games. For any game that has both a right and/or left card plus a bottom card, the bottom card has now been defined as a backdrop in the layout file, so you can optionally choose to hide the bottom card while leaving the right/left cards, giving you a little more screen real-estate. I also took out the extra view for vertical games that had left/right cards (the view of both cards on one side). This alternate view gives you extra screen real-estate for horizontal games on some monitors, but does absolutely nothing for vertical games. You can grab those new layout files by clicking here (since updated).


I need codes for war commander cheat engine for free

Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore and vectorization by jcroach, we finally have a completely accurate Missile Command bezel. I put two views in this one: actual arcade, and a second to maximize the artwork to the screen.

On another disk that I forgot I had artwork sitting on, I found the TRUE overlay for War of the Worlds, which Tom M. from ionpool had made a scan of a long time ago. I took another shot at it, and it looks pretty good this time.


On the explosion-lamp piece, there are sixteen different lamps, which use two distinct designs, which are in the artwork file. If you take a look at the full piece, you'll notice that there are ever-so-slight variances between two lamps with the same design.

Thomas the Tank Engine

After looking at 1942, we took a look at the other games in the series. We added some fun widescreen artwork to both 1941 and 19xx, based on a couple flyers. After looking 1943, it needs to be redone; the current version has some colors that are off, and is actually missing quite a bit of detail. Unfortunately, time ran out, so that should come out next update.


Cheat Social Empires Cash With Cheat Engine (100% work

I changed the font page to a Supplemental Artwork page. In addition to the fonts, I've also included the effect files that Twisty has been compiling on the MAME Chat messageboard (which are also included with MAME32, but not command-line MAME). Also, in addition to the Seawolf crosshair, I made a few more crosshairs just for fun, based on a few popular games, along with the old MAME crosshair (for those sentimental folks). Each one (except Seawolf) includes crosshairs for both Player 1 (blue) and Player 2 (red). Download whichever one you wish, and unzip it to your current artwork directory. Note that if you do so, you will replace the built-in MAME crosshair for ALL games.

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I seriously considered letting this wait a few more days. I just spent the whole weekend scanning 37 bezels plus 3 other backdrop pieces.

I was hoping to have the Gameboy Advance done along with the other three, but the things that need to be fixed in that one are going to take a bit more work. I have reached out to someone who at one point had a bunch of GBA stuff done for another area of the internet, but things happened, and it never got released. I am hoping he answers back and will have second thoughts. Also hoping to have the old MESS Artwork remaining to be zero by next release. Vectrex will be done if I ever get that last missing piece (hint hint).


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Halflight is a horror adventure game made by indie studio MatchB from Taiwan. Players follow in the steps of the young boy Xi-sheng as he strays into an extraordinary phantom world – guiding him as he seeks to save his best playmate and brother Mu-Sheng, and at the time, save himself. Using 3D environments powered by Unreal Engine 4, enter into a cartoonish world of nostalgic Taiwanese life from decades ago.


Some time ago, I asked Dan at The Arcade Flyer Archive to send me a hi-res scan of Midway's Bowling Alley. I finally got around to using it, so the game's artwork now has lamps like it should. Special thanks to Twisty for helping identify the font.

Digit November 2020 Edition by 9.9 Media

Thanks to Comboman for noticing that the marquee in APB is animated. I borrowed the marquee from krakerman's version of the artwork to update that here.


War commander Hack (with cheat engine)

We are getting closer to moving over and/or replacing the final files from MESS Artwork, so that Stiletto can finally retire the site. Today we have replacement artwork for to7, t0770, to8, to9,and to9p for computers, along with small updates for mo5, mo5nr, and mo6. For game consoles, we have artwork for a2600, famicom, fds, genesis, nes, sms, snes. The genesis artwork is currently only the Nomad handheld. We will add the actual console artwork next update. All console artwork updates thanks to Evan Amos.

It was pulled from the marketplace back in June, and I had already deleted the demo off my X-Box. Luckily, my Google-fu has been getting better, and I was able to track it down.


Aptoide - Download, Find, Share the Best Android Games and

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The thing about instruction cards is they have a LOT of detail, so they don't compress nearly as well as regular bezels. So if anyone is wondering why the file sizes on some of these "tiny" instruction cards are as large as they are, well, there you go. I've probably got another couple hundered or more of these that I need to sort through (and that's NOT counting Neo Geo or CPS-2).


Hack tool in dungeon rampage hileleri

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Zorg's vector of the upright bezel for Pole Position is ready to go. I also included the graphics for the gearshift for Pole Position. Note that this won't work until the driver is updated.


At first, I was simply going to include the backdrops for the Atari Classics games, but the "completionist" attitude kicked in, so I had to go and add in the "flashing LED start button" artwork also. This works in all games, except for Red Baron and Space Duel (not sure what's wrong there).

All artwork is now either 3:4 or 4:3. There is a layout-only file you can grab there to update your current files.


Also spent a lot of time scanning this week. No more glass/plexiglass in the house again (for now).

Anyway, it had been ten years since the original code was written, and PHP and MySQL had multiple updates since then, with new features added that were not available back then. There were a few changes I needed to make, to start adding non-arcade (MESS) artwork, and a few changes I wanted to add in, that I was never able to before. While at a used bookstore a few years ago, I bought a book - PHP/MySQL for Dummies - and kept telling myself I was going to read it, so I could learn to update the site myself.


Greg pointed me out to the game Helifire, which ended up simply being Radarscope with different hues. Five to ten minutes of color adjustment, and we have another bezel.

Also, I've started buying and acquiring some bezels - some were my money, and some were generous donations. Keep watching, as I'm determined to make this project grow and grow.


I did not know anything about PHP back then, but he wrote good clean code, with comments for each section, so that I could still make sense out of it, and over the years, I was able to update it three more times as things changed around here. The issue with the page, though, is he made things so user friendly for me, the way it was designed was actually starting to slow things down as the size of the artwork database got bigger.

Pi was kind enough to write up a VERY nice PHP script to make viewing and updating the artwork page a LOT easier than it is now. I just need to fix a couple things on my end, and it'll be ready to go.


When fixing Warlords, I also corrected for the backdrop and overlay. Castles now touching backdrop castle walls. Your shield no longer turns half-yellow when going around the center part of your castle.

But, thanks to pics that Shoegazer sent me some time ago, I had a picture of a proper bezel with correct colors. So. many thanks to him for allowing us to have a correctly colored bezel. Go ahead and grab the new LAY file.


With these updates, we are only missing three sets left from the old MESS site. Commodore 64, which I already have planned for next update. Gameboy Advance, which I was hoping to receive from someone a couple months ago; I will have to reach out again.

A couple versions back, I missed that Haze had fixed the LED in Gridiron Fight (which is needed to select plays). I've now added in Control Panel artwork for it, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Putting in the whole CP artwork leaves the screen kinda small, so I added in a "mini/cropped" version also. If I were going to do it completely right, I'd have the CP at the top (for Player Two) and the bottom, which would make the screen even smaller. So for now, the left LED is Player One, and the right LED is Player Two.


While doing other miscellaneous cleanup, we noticed that there were three more games added to the United Amusements PC Engine driver. The artwork for Blazing Lazers has been updated, and also copied over for Alien Crush, Keith Courage, and Pac-Land for that system.

Gatinho goes PG-13 on us, and gives us Cheeky Mouse. Not only did he clean it up, he was kind enough to buy it in the first place for scanning.


Based on the flyer from TAFA, Nightvoice hooked us up with some nice artwork for The Amazing Maze. Note the bezel is missing some text. I've contacted Dan to get a hi-res scan, so that NV can finish it up.

Polygon analyzes what they call a "serious exclusive games problem" suffered by Microsoft's Xbox One. They discussed the platform's dearth of compelling exclusive content with four industry analysts, and say they all agree that Microsoft needs to act soon to address this. Noting the company has a war chest of at least $130 billion dollars, they draw attention to various big-name acquisition targets that have been named in recent rumor mongering.


In addition to the instruction cards for the Vs. games above, there was also a conversion kit to install a Playchoice-10 system in the red tent cocktail. That instruction card is also included. This kit used the single-screen bios, so make sure that you use the switch -bios single when playing a PC-10 game with this artwork. The kit also came with a 4-digit LED that you stuck up in the top right corner of the game, so you could see how much time you had left on your credits. I've added this in to the LAY file, but it won't work until the driver is updated. Right now, the driver still uses the old type of "text on screen" overlay for the timer.

Welcome to Sharpwood, a remote border town in the north. It's a rough, cold place, where inhabitants know their neighbors by name and faithfully keep to their traditions, no matter how barbaric those traditions might be. Smugglers, gangs and screaming populists have made this town their home. Despair grows like a cancer, hand in hand with violence.


How to unsuspend war commander account if u used cheat engine

Mrclean had a nice suggestion: let's do a "theme" release like we did last October. So, in honor of the Yankees choking this year, along with a few other teams (*sigh*), we have Clutch Hitter, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, and Champion Baseball, which I picked up some months ago.

Thanks to the generosity of Star Worlds Arcade (and italie's scanner), Chase HQ has full artwork, including (mostly) working flashing lamps in the marquee. Thanks to R. Belmont and couriersud for working out the beginning of the lamp support in the driver, and to jcroach for vectoring the marquee, with color matching by Ad_Enuff. For those that simply need more screen real estate, I included two extra views, to include just the marquee or just the bezel, also.


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We have some new friends over at Arcade Forever; Lord Hiryu and Tapule have been cleaning up artwork on their own for awhile now, which you can see over at A4E. I'll be incorporating some of their stuff in the next updates, and they've agreed to start helping clean up more artwork that we have waiting in the wings.


If I remember correctly, when Q*Bert first came out, there were a few complaints about it that were "written off," and I'd like to apologize for taking so long to fix it. I think part of it was attributed to the "want" to get as many existing artwork files moved over to the new format as fast as possible. Everybody back then was new to this, including myself, and some things were simply overlooked.

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Searching for password cheat engine 6.1 war commander

Currently, MAME supports custom cursors, but not per game, and they are scaled down. For this reason, we currently can't recreate the full periscope sight. For now, I created a crosshair that matches it which you can download from the (newly renamed) Supplemental Artwork page. Simply extract the file to your artwork directory. Note that if you do this, it will replace the default crosshair in MAME for ALL games that use a crosshair. Also, it appears blue in-game because of the blue overlay used in the game.

Circus has absolutely beautiful artwork. TrevEB scanned this some time ago.


Games – Press Start To Join

Your mission to liberate America from the Nazis has only just begun. Continue the fight in The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, the second in a series of three DLC packs available as part of the Wolfenstein® II: The Freedom Chronicles.

My New Year's resolution is to get my computer organized. I have four different hard drives in my computer that have different artwork folders on them (since no one drive has enough room for all the artwork). I'm banking for a good after-Christmas sale so that I can treat myself to a 1/5TB, and get all this stuff in one spot.


The Overwatch Forums have patch notes for a new update that's now live in Overwatch, updating Blizzard's multiplayer shooter. This includes World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Deluxe Edition prepurchase bonuses, a bug fix, and nerfs for both Mercy and Junkrat.

And finally, I found a decent picture of a Locomotion bezel, which was simple enough in shape to vector. Thanks again to jcroach for the fine vectoring job.


I still need to update the WIP page, I'll do that later this week. And Antny has some for DVD covers ready to go. My apologies to him, I'll also get to those this week.

TrevEB continues to contribute more full bezel scans. And I have another new toy to help clean artwork up, so for today's batch, we have bezels for Sundance and Q*Bert's Qubes (dedicated to Angela, the biggest Q*Bert fan out there).


How can i get war commander cheat engine without any survey or something

Note that EVERY file has changed, but you DON'T have to download every file. For most of them, only the LAY file changed, and there will be a link below for those. Also note that I didn't change the "Last Updated" date on any files that simply got a new LAY file; I only changed the date for any files where the actual artwork was changed.

Updated the LAY files for Space Invaders and Space Encounters, due to changes in the mw8080 driver in MAME. You don't need to download the whole thing again, you can just click on the filename in the second column to download the new LAY file and add it to your current artwork file. Space Encounters has a WHOLE LOT more coming; this is only a fix for the current file.


Downside: VERY hard to keep up financially right now. Upside: back to hourly, so I'm working less hours.

The oldest game in MAME, Gunfight, was vectorized by Zorg. The actual game has text on the inner bezel above the monitor, though I can't find a clear pick to tell the exact text or font, so for now, this is based on blurry pics and the manual. If anyone has a good pic of an actual cab, please let me know.


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Discs of Tron now has outer artwork, thanks to BYOAC (for the inner) and to Mark B. from Surfside Music and Collectibles (dead link for old ebay store) (for the outer). Credit for vectoring both pieces to jcroach.


Also, I want to thank Dan Hower at TAFA for being an artwork mirror and supplying gigabytes upon gigabytes of bandwidth these past 4 1/2 years. As you may have already heard, TAFA is going to have big plans in 2021 and beyond. Dan did alrady offer his own personal webspace to continue hosting artwork, but Twisty has recently assured me that MAMEWorld will be able to handle the load now. So going forward, MAMEWorld will be Mirror 1, and ProgettaEMMA will continue to provide Mirror 2.

Retro27 purchased the cocktail instruction cards for the Japan Space Invaders cocktail, and sent the scans my way. These are all cleaned up and pretty, now.


Jailbreak Pure Sharing Pure Info: Cheat Game

Zorg came back from vacation and got right back to work. This week, he vectorized Eight Ball Action (a conversion game for a Donkey Kong cabinet) and Vanguard, which replaces the existing bezel.

It’s no secret that CSGO Console Commands belongs to the category of those games where the reaction rate and response time is very important. And although the engine is perfectly optimized, experienced players still try to squeeze out some extra FPS (frames per second). And console cheats help them in this.


Added 005, simply because it is the first file in MAME's game listing; I did this before I started working on the code for the new page, and wanted to ensure things worked correctly. File currently has a generic bezel similar in dimension to the actual one, which I don't have a scan of. I am working on the actual marquee, which will be added at a later date.

War commander cheat engine new codes

Mikonos also cleaned up my scan of the Super Dodge Ball bezel. Then I followed it up and fixed a few things that he missed.


Until I wrote that up, I didn't realize how much new stuff had been added. Now, the stuff that had to be fixed. This was only possible because of experience gained over the past two years. I still need to force myself to learn more in Illustrator, though.

Cheat Engine 6.3 - Version Updated. - For your favourite game

You can find the artwork file attached to this post. Screenshot and updated DAT file are in the replies below.


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For 10 weeks now, this thing's been updated at least weekly. And the hits just keep on coming.

Kiltron also brings us Devil Zone. I'm finally happy to have this done, as it was the first bezel I both owned and scanned. This also covers the artwork for Magical Spot and Magical Spot 2.


The "Last Updated" filter still doesn't do things like I would like. If you click it right now, you will see nothing.

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UDb23 redid one of the bezels for the DECO series of cabinets. This had previously been done a while back, but after comparing his version to the current version we had, I noticed that his was symmetrical (all four fourths of the bezel are exactly the same), while the existing version was not, so that has been replaced. After that, we looked at the other version of the bezel, and it needed fixing also, along with some color correction. Thank you also to Nightvoice for recreating the control panel for this, along with the buttons. The version with both the bezel and control panel is now the primary view in the artwork set, while the other bezel is the secondary version.

Super Breakout used a file to play the game in "enhanced mode," which gives the blocks some texture. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to make it work in MAME, but it's there, and it's cool.

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Commander The Great War v1.5.1 ... - FearLess Cheat Engine

Also, Gyruss was released how many months ago? Did no one realize we were all playing it with the artwork upside down? Well, kelly did, thank goodness. If you already have the artwork, just grab the LAY file below and replace it in your current artwork file, and you're good to go.


Wall hack in dungeon rampage online

How can i change the xp values in war commander using cheat engine for example 15, xp? Even though The Forest, a first-person open world survival title published to both PS4 and Windows back in May, it is the Microsoft Windows version that has hang around for longer thanks to console commands and Cheat Engine hacks. Games / Hack / Cheats / Tips ATTENTION: no software can hack Facebook, Skype, Paypal, Twitter be careful, Just Cheat a game. War Commander, however, does not currently possess real-time combat enabled – even though this feature is planned for future years extra tags: war commander cheats, war commander hack, War Commander cheat engine, cheat war commander war commander cheats. R114Replacing current 1964Video with a newer version Step Two: Add in the newer source code Note this source code is lacking features from the old one due to the fall back to use of DirectX8 since i have the lack of skill to fix the DX9 version. War commander hack Thorium, War Commander Metal and oil cheat War Commander Metal and oil cheat tool - WORKING war commander hack war commander hack war commander hack upgrade all war commander hack cheat engine war commander hack 2 war commander hack gold war commander hack gold war commander hack repair war commander hack. Jailbreak Pure Sharing Pure Info: 8 Ball Pool Hack/Cheat Cheat Games Online And Offline Include Dragon City - Social wars And Social Empires-Monster Legend- Trick SEO Lengkap Dan History Dunia Updated. War Commander Hack Buildings Steps Start War Commander window Start Cheat Engine and select browser process (flashplayerplugin or [HOST]) When war commander % loaded search for this code 06A41F00 (Command Center lvl 5 upgrade time) under array of byte move the addresses to the bottom level of CheatEngine select all (Ctrl + A) then change. The company Citrix provides software for such a connection.

For starters, this site is now up to date with fresh, clean code, which fixes a lot of weird things that were wrong with the old site, including some stuff that I had not noticed until I rewrote everything. Everything is HTML5/CSS3 compliant, as far as I can tell. If you still notice anything weird, please let me know. On that note, though, I did not make an effort to support old browsers. Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari should be fine, along with IE11 and Edge. In IE10 and prior, things might not look as pretty, but everything should still be functional. I just do not have time right now to do all the extra little tweaks necessary to make things work with 0/5% of the MAME population. Everything I rewrote, I did looking toward the future.


Kiltron also took care of Wizard of Wor, which comes courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Probably one of the best (and few) classic-era games that I never got to enjoy in an actual arcade setting.

Shoegazer was out taking pics one day at Hershey Park, and got a good shot of a Blasteroids a while ago. A day after JC posts the picture on the forum, Kiltron cleans it up to perfection.


Cleaned up the inner bezel for Kick, thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork. Still looking for the outer bezel.

Dorothy`s Blog: July 2020

Yes, most of the XBLA classic games are running on emulation; the roms are in there, though not always as separate files. Makes me wonder what version UMK3 is. On a side note, if I'm correct.



Since I was at it, I also updated the Bally SAC-1 artwork to cut the file size down about 85%, so I could list it below by game, instead of using that one group file (I hated that). All necessary files are already in the file above.

Zorg went back and vectorized Kangaroo a few weeks ago. I finally got around to matching the colors today.


How to hack war commander on facebook with cheat engine

Shoegazer of NonMAME fame went to an arcade a while ago and took some nice pics. For now, that gives us Crackshot (with a few more on the way).

Pepper II is another of those games I hadn't played before. Gameplay is kind of like Amidar. This comes courtesy of Vintage Arcade Superstore and vectorization by jcroach.


Cheat engine 6 2 doesn t work for war commander

Mistakenly deleted Terminator 2 and Food Fight. I had updated these, but then realized I made a mistake, so I deleted them, but forgot to put back in the old version.

One of the first bezels I purchased was for Gladiator. I finally got around to finishing that, along with a nice clean replacement for Galaga.


And lastly, waaaay back when, Kiltron re-created a bezel for Spy Hunter 2. I, however, could not figure out a good way to split the screen between the two halves of the bezel. I figured out a way that somewhat worked, and it came out OK, I think (not that SH2 is a good game in the first place).

Comboman did an outstanding job cleaning up the bezel for Karnov, contributed by the BYOAC/CAG artwork. I did some additional cleanup, and also added in the marquee from the same group.


Hack in dungeon rampage cheats

Dany69 let me know that two games changed parent sets. I changed them on my end, but had forgotten to upload them.


So, I just stayed focused on the regular artwork, but always with this little nag in the back of my head, especially every time I played an XBLA game. At the same time, I've had this disc for "Atari: 80 Classic Games in One" sitting around for some time, and wanted to implement that artwork also. Each arcade game in the collection had separate BMP files for artwork, including artwork for certain control panel buttons in each game.

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If you go over and check out the Artwork WIP Page, you'll notice that it's actually up to date now. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you can also see stuff that I have scanned, but still need to stitch before cleanup starts.

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I'm not sure if I'll be up and running before Sunday, so I figured I'd better do something today while I still have access to an internet connection. I'm determined to continue to update weekly, no matter how small.


Kiltron did a nice cleanup job on Extra Bases, which was on loan from Vintage Arcade. Backdrop to come at a later date (hopefully).

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After much labor and sweat, jcroach finished up Centipede, and we can finally throw out the old version. And by taking the same AI file, and photos available on the 'net, I've also added in one of the Euro versions of the bezel (where much of the green detail is red).


Bump 'n' Jump is done, thanks to Kiltron. This was one of my favorite games to play at Eddie's Liquor, back when I was twelve.

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Retro27 sent me the instruction cards for Red Earth. These have been added to Warzard.


You can simply grab the newest DAT files, along with this LAY update (since updated) to update everything. The INI file for MAMEUI and frontends has also been updated to 0/131.

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Thanks to Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore, the Artwork library is going to get bigger and bigger. If you haven't checked it already, I put up a page for artwork dimensions of any artwork that has been scanned, or is in our hands for scanning. If you notice, a lot of that stuff hasn't been released yet; that can be considered the "coming soon" list, just in case you're curious.


Note that this still needs to be done right. The source of this cocktail artwork was actually the marquee, not the real cocktail artwork (which is slightly different).

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I've been wanting to add the proper color overlay to Space Zap for a long time, once a collector contacted me that there was a B&W version, but then that collector never got back to me with the artwork. Recently, joey35car pointed me in the direction of someone that had that cab. I reached out, and he obliged, so a big thanks to Keith at Keith's Arcade for scanning his overlay and sending it to me. It really does look nicer now.


The [Cheats] section contains Unreal Engine 3 cheat commands (well, their real effect). You can either manually change the values (please see the Table Extras content for this), or simply (recommended) use the [Scripts] » Cheat Handler script. Note that at main menu, only SloMo and PlayersOnly show up. You need to be in-game for the rest of the addresses to become valid.

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Gregf pointed out some pretty good Sea Wolf videos, so I've adjusted the overlay accordingly. You can simply grab the LAY file and put that in your current file.


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Thanks to the loan by Vintage Arcade Superstore, we have a scan of the generic Rockola bezel, which zorg vectored quite nicely. For now, I added in a blank red instruction card until we get the real thing.


Also noticed that the flyer for Tempest looks really cool as a bezel, so that has been added. Thank you to Dan at Flyer Fever for the scan of that.

War commander hack cheat engine 6.2

This is just too much good stuff for one week. Thirteen new games; one from 1989, one from 1984, and the other eleven are from 1982 or earlier, including the oldest game in MAME.


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Space Invaders was updated for no other good reason than I finally had a better way to render the moon and backdrop together. The end-user won't notice any difference whatsoever, other than the file size went from 11MB to 6MB.

For one more from Comboman, we have Ripcord, scanned courtesy of TrevEB. Only thing I changed is resizing the ripcord handle to align with the bezel, similar to the real cab.


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Back during the 0/131 cycle, Derrick Renaud improved the crosshair system in MAME. I finally got to updating the page to include these. I also added a few more UI fonts: Helvetica LT and Bold, MK3, Rockwell, and Deftone (the font used in Burnout Paradise).


Two additions to Space Invaders. First, we have the cabaret version, based on Polaris; the instructions and colors based on a photo contributed by btribble. The other is the Taito version of the bezel, contributed awhile ago by ClassicArcadeGrafix. I've been holding out on this because I had actually tracked down someone who had a full-size scan of the Taito moon. Things looked up at first, but it's been four months now, and emails haven't been returned for at least the last two months, so I grabbed the version from MAME.net and put that in for now, until the full scan turns up later.

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Well, people keep asking for a WIP page. It's been what, almost a year now, so I guess it's about time to put one up. You can see what's going on by clicking here. It's just a separate page for now; I'll integrate it later, along with a "most wanted" page.


Job is stable again, so I can probably put some more needed time into this stuff. Plus, we may have another helper waiting in the wings, so stay tuned.

Abt-kosmetik.de. Kosmetikstudio beauty face

THQ Nordic announces This is the Police 2, a sequel to the crowdfunded police strategy game coming later this year to Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. An NSFW trailer offers a look at how this completely departs from expectations (think Fargo meets the Bad Lieutenant meets the Hasselhoff hamburger tape).


Hack War Commander - Cheat Engine 6.3

I've been wanting to update the site for quite a while, actually. Finally got around to doing it. On the outside, it may just look like new colors and a slightly different design, but on the backend, all the code is cleaner, and it will be easier for me to add and update stuff now (which was the big thing for me). If anyone notices if I "broke" anything, let me know.

This week was mainly a scanning week. I'm thinking I'll finally put up some type of WIP page soon, just so people can see what's in the pipeline.


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And also from the BYOAC/CAG artwork, the Turbografx marquee for Blazing Lazers (When I first sent the board to Charles, we didn't know what game was included; I was soooo hoping it was Parasol Stars. Oh well, this was still cool, at least to find the legit PCB; now maybe some other ROM cards will turn up).


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The old artwork for Barrier was also based off of a lo-res flyer, so we got a good scan of that one, too. Only thing, though, is the photo on the flyer was of the cabinet straight on, and the artwork is at about a 45-degree angle, so the screen never really displayed correctly on it. It's been given a bump up in quality, and stretched to line up more accurately with the game screen. Not perfect, but about as good as we're going to get unless we find the real thing.


Antny also cleaned up the bezel instruction card for Space Harrier, so that's been added. He also cleaned up one of the parts of the control panel, but we didn't realize until later that there's two parts to that, so we'll get that in later. Also, I've got the bezel in the garage; I should probably photograph it and add that in later, also. I'd like to add in the marquee, as it was cleaned up back in July 2021. Sadly, there seems to be some miscommunication in that partnership.

We've got two new bezels fron Antny: APB, on loan from Vintage Arcade Superstore, and Cosmic Guerilla, scanned by TrevEB. Also, thanks to drewcifer for fixing the perspective on the APB bezel.


War Commander Cheat Coins Hack by Cheat Engine

After all this time, Time Pilot was a real group effort. Aaron Giles first purchased and scanned this over three years ago. Ad_Enuff took care of the background and color matching, zorg vectored all the vehicles, jcroach vectored all the clouds, and thanks to my job laying me off for a week, I was able to finish up the asteroids to complete it. (Yes, I'm already back to work now).

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I lost the USB cable for my good camera, which has all of the pics from Star Worlds Arcade on it, and I don't have an xD-card reader yet. I'll be picking one up this week, so that can finally be written. Oh, and Chase HQ will be released once MAME officially supports the lamps (plus, the bezel still needs to be completed).

Ishmael Ratcliff: September 2020

Added Osborne-1; replaced existing pic. Also added the Vixen and Excecutive while I was researching the Osborne.


The highlight of this week is Klax, vectored by jcroach. The upright version is thanks to Gene at Vintage Arcade Superstore, and the cabaret version is thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork.

Also on the Other Artwork page is a section for alternate layout files, for those things I see people request every so often. This first set of files will give alternate views for the Sega and Nintendo Dual-Vertical games, to maximize on-screen real-estate.


Also scanned by TrevEB and cleaned up by Comboman, we have Electric Yo-Yo and Star Cruiser. I followed up with some detail work on Yo-Yo, including the instruction card and fixing some colors, and also did some touch ups on Star Cruiser.

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I updated a bunch of LAY files where I was missing credit for some people. Simply click here (since updated) and use the DAT file to update your current artwork files.

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I learned a few more new tricks in the artwork system. Most notably how to crop the viewing area without touching the artwork, and using multiple views for one game. If you notice below, I've changed the table (again), and some games show view_2 or more. With the new system, we are no longer limited to one piece of art per game, or one view with that piece of art. For examples, check out Centipede (one piece of art; two different views), and Puckman (two pieces of art; either one is available for both the parent and all clones). For the games that have multiple views, you can choose which one to use from the Video Options selection in the [TAB] menu.

Steam now offers a playable demo for Halflight, developer MATCHB's upcoming horror-themed puzzle/adventure game. This is the commercial version of an award-winning graduation project created by four students of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology.


I added a new classification, LP, for games that have lamps/LEDs supported in the artwork file. Also, you can now click on the filename to view/download just the LAY file for each game. Handy for you if you just want to read the notes for that game; handy for me if I simply do a LAY update for a game.

Replaced the control panel pieces for Atari Football with the full CP artwork, courtesy of the BYOAC/CAG artwork. And thanks to zorg for creating some cone buttons for it. (Note that the driver needs to be fixed for the cone buttons to work).


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