To guarantee that the reaction we need to find the threshold of success. This is a concept borrowed from the great Dr David Tiberio of the Gray institute. The threshold is the point that the movement can still have a positive reaction the vast majority of the time and will remain pain-free. The more we go over the threshold and suddenly the movement becomes unsuccessful as the body tries to find another pathway or creates pain to reduce the sub optimal movement created. The key is feed the body a little more demand each time. Inching over the threshold bit by bit until we have a consistent positive reaction. Understanding the range, angle and speed of the movement can help you increase and decrease the variables to be able to have full control over the patients/clients success and being able to increase it. It maybe that the threshold we have in terms of range will decrease the faster we get. This maybe of great importance for a sports player who has to increase their movement speed.

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We also cannot replicate maximal forces produced in a single plane of movement during non function related fixed positions when in dynamic upright function. Force would have to balanced across all 3 planes of motion (as function is three dimensional) and also relate to three dimensional external forces acting on the body. This would also diminish applicability of non specific strength training to functional performance.


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The body relies on the eccentric lengthening of muscles to create concentric shortening. All of this has to happen within optimal range and sequence. With a hypermobile person the pretension to create the transformation from one contraction type to another will now not occur in the optimal parameters.


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The three extrinsic capsule ligaments are arranged in a helical structure. This means that each ligament may respond to motion in any of the three planes of movement. The illiofemoral ligament is the largest and strongest. In fact it is the strongest ligament in the human body!


As far as I am aware fascia seems to mainly afferent, sending information to the CNS, rather than being able to efferently regulate tension through the feedback loop of muscle spindles and motor units. So if fascia does actively contract then why and is an active biomechanical influence helpful?

This is something that the S/L squat does not tell us but is one of the most important 'functional' tests we can have. Also would a more effective adaptation to a S/L test to find out how our pelvis is able to rotate over our femur creating relative IR at the hip whilst in a S/L stance? This would be more 'functional' for both walking and running. The stability we crave in a S/L stance maybe generated through eccentric tension of the numerous external rotators and adductors (many of which are lengthen in IR)! Without the pelvic rotation this stability could be compromised, so testing stability without pelvic rotation on a S/L for gait maybe a bit like a driving test with 3 wheels! Function is specific and if we want to be 'functional' we must learn to be more specific also.


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With the hypermobile person, the level of pretension is not there. This means that to get tension for proprioceptive information, energy and to drive the leg from above the pelvis will have to travel a hell of a lot further. If we look down at the foot, by the time it has taken for all the reactions to occur above the correct time for supination has passed. This may mean that the foots effect on the hip in terms of extension may also have passed. This leads to an ineffective gait cycle.


The lessons I have learned from my experiences of working with hypermobile people have always been to find the inevitable areas of rigidity that seem to appear. Also working within ranges that can generate tension in the system, many times this is best done weight-bearing and moving, as this will generates its own tension demands on the system.

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The proximal bone is the one that is closest to the centre of the body. Therefore the pelvis would be the most proximal bone of the body. The other bones are distal to it. That makes understanding the proximal and distal bones of the hip joint easy as the pelvis is always proximal. At the knee the femur would be the proximal bone to the distal tibia.


As we learn to walk as babies we can see the lack of pretension or stiffness regulation in their movement. As we become more effective our joint ranges become more controlled and our internal level of tension improves. This enables the effective transfer of energy and information and hence chain reaction biomechanics to occur.

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This is my humble opinion on the complex subject of muscle 'firing' and its application. As usual more questions are posed than answers given.


The might Gary Gray described them as the like the reins of a horse which is a pretty accurate description. This multi dimensional ability though is rarely noted.

The same counter-clockwise rotation as we see from the tibia would be described as posterior rotation because the distal end has rotated towards the posterior. This can sometimes be confusing because both the tibia and pelvis bones are going through the same rotation but one is described as anterior and the other posterior!

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Now with a weight it is very easy to quantify the fact we are moving a larger external resistance or mass. In fact it usually says it on the side in a numerical form. The question we have to ask is does this make us better at force production within our function (if that is what we want of course)?

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This maybe why manual therapy techniques can be short-lived as we do not teach the body to stabilize the new-found joint mobility and mobility is perceived as instability. This is why mobility must be integrated into actual movement to create stability. Gary Gray has coined the phrase "mostability" to describe this process.

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If the hamstrings are already under a large amount of tension as we may see during swing phase (large hip flexion of swinging leg) of sprinting. Then any additional tension caused from movement of the head affecting the pelvis may be too much for the hamstrings to handle. This could be more sagittal plane tension or rotational tension from looking side to side.


Can a test that fails to take any of this into account be reliable for predicting any movement pattern dysfunction in the body away from a single plane overhead squat? In everyday function we rarely squat from a contrived position defined by someone else. Squat down to do the gardening or get something from the fridge I guarantee it will not be in the pelvic neutral, toe out and linear fashion we do in the gym. To assess and train like this and define it as 'functional' may not be accurate in both thought process and application. The variation in foot position, and therefore hip position, in all three planes in functional squatting is huge. Dysfunction or pain could be occur away from this one contrived position and a thought process that allows us to test a wider variety of positions in a movement may give us more information.

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Instead in the process we use at Cor-Kinetic we are looking more at the movement of bones both in real space and in relation to each other. This relative movement of the bones creates specific joint reactions that in turn will have an affect on the attached muscles for an authentic reaction in the neuromuscularskeletal system as a whole.


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There are 3 real ways a joint can move in function (and two more less functional to make 5). This would be proximal and distal moving in the same direction, proximal moving faster. Proximal and distal moving in the same direction, distal moving faster and then proximal and distal moving in opposite directions. This would be either towards or away from each other as if we view a clock face movement towards each other would mean one was moving clockwise and the other counter clockwise this would be the same when moving away from each other also!

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In this way we can regress and progress the movement to create continued success. The more the body feels and interprets this success the more we can feed the neurological system to allow the continued success to become a predominant pathway of movement. It is not always the movement we give but the way in which we give the movement!


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In this blog I want to look at a more functional approach to the concept of strength or maybe more importantly force production during function. One way of defining strength, as always there will be different definitions, would be the ability to move an external resistance or generate force to overcome a load (and its inertia if we are being consistent with Newton). Generally in the gym this would be a weight.

As the great Gary Gray says "The test is an exercise and exercise is a test". In this way we can interpret the success of any movement we perform and constantly evaluate the success of the individual we are training/assessing/treating.


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This is a "repository of last resort" for afs-related tools and program modifications that are not hosted elsewhere. Packages with the prefix "afsc-" are from /afs/transarc.com/public/afs-contrib; packages with the prefix "oafsc-" are not.


If we look at the Hill curve (1953), which is the hyperbolic force-velocity curve, this implies that velocity of muscular contraction is inversely proportionate to load. We can see that large muscular force cannot be exerted in rapid movements, as we would see in weight lifting, that would be associated with changes in velocity or A over M to generate force.

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So lets put this a little bit into some context. A classical way to reduce knee valgus or abduction during gait is to fire the glute 'complex' sometimes specifically the glute med. This will create concentric force to abduct the hip to reduce the knee 'falling in'. This occurs in the front foot (pronation) phase of gait.


Or are you testing someones functional needs? That is a question you have to ask yourself! If the test has nothing to do with the needs of the client or player then what validity does the answer have?

It was set five colors including "Red Mica Metallic" special set color to the body color. It should be noted, has been added to "Advance Package" dedicated equipment "PREMIUM Advanced Package · Style MAUVE" is also together set.


Now this maybe good for the body on one level (energy), maybe not so good on another (movement). So the biomechanical impact of stiffness regulation for fascia may be detrimental for our movement, especially if it becomes a learned response of the body and becomes the 'default' tension even when under less stress as I believe can happen.

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This would create some posterior rotation at the pelvis. As we drive the leg (femur) up into hip flexion this posterior rotation would reduce force created through additional eccentric tension on the hamstring that is generated from the anterior rotation of the tibia of the swinging leg. The problem comes when the ball drops and his head comes forward creating more anterior rotation of the pelvis. Now the hamstrings are being lengthened in opposite directions from both attachments. Under extreme force such as sprinting this can cause the hamstring to close down to resist this extreme force. The tissue confused from a proprioceptive standpoint and unable to lengthen will be at far greater risk of being damaged.


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So we need to specific in the way we produce force. So then what about the position this force is produced from in terms of movement or motor pattern? By using set classic gym based strength exercises for strength in a wide variety of sports, this would indicate strength is perceived as generic in terms of position rather than specific. However research does not support this assumption. Verkhoshansky (1968) sees the kinesiological pattern as important in special strength training and the patterns of force production depending on a specific neuromuscular process. Sale and MacDougall (1981) also see "Increased performance is primarily a result of neuromuscular skill". They also comment "increased strength is apparent only when measured against the same types of movements used in training". This all seems to point to the fact that specific function related movement patterns and their mastery is important in increasing our force production and performance. Bompa (2000) says “Strength adaptations are angle specific and thus all possible angles must be utilized". Lifters have known this for a long time as they often change angles through inclines and declines, however they rarely use planes other than the sagittal.



The body has found a unique way of controlling and harnessing external force for force production and energy and information efficiency. This would be the load to explode of eccentric before concentric muscular actions involved in the stretch shorten cycle. The vast majority of functions use this process from hitting or throwing a ball to standing up from a chair (we flex forward before extending). This action of creating tensile force on the muscle elicits the myotatic reflex for neurological muscular activation vital in functional force production and also storage and recoil of kinetic energy from the more passive myofascial structures such as tendons. We know that energy conservation is vital to prolonged force production involved in sporting endurance. As energy decreases so does skill and likely hood of injury.

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Some may argue that increased compression through contraction of fascia at the lumbar spine is helpful. However this may not be the case if the movement at our hips is also reduced. The ball and socket joint of the hip is designed to have a large movement potential especially in the transverse plane. If this motion is reduced, through fascial stiffness, more motion may have to come from the lumbar area to achieve function related movement. Lumbar rotation is limited (by facet orientation) to 5 degrees collectively in all the 5 vertebrae!


Antidote 9 v2 Inclus Patch (her latest blog) pour Windows 32. This contains commentary files -Some content is split across the graphic core files and as such will require you to import into cv_0, cv_1 and/or rv_e files. Posted by PES6 Editor - Map AFS File. Includes automated live cloud and sky. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 full game is a video game, developed and published by Konami. So should ppf patch for [HOST] with ppf-o-matic3.

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One way of decreasing movement could be to increase the stiffness of the body. Fascia in its various forms being ubiquitous in the body could certainly play a role in this longer term stiffness regulation that would require less instantaneous neurological control than involved in active muscle contraction.


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