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Security of ownership, the obligation to improve estates, and other measures gave the incentive to Muslim farmers to innovate. One principal way this worked was by the introduction of new crops (more on which further on), which had a dramatic impact on land use. This was accomplished by planting such new crops on hitherto dead lands. Sorghum, for instance, though requiring moderate amounts of water around and after planting time, produces best results in a dry heat, whilst watermelons and eggplants can also give satisfactory yields with very little water. Some of the crops were useful in pushing back the frontiers of dry farming into areas which in earlier times had been considered too hot, too arid, too infertile to be cultivated regularly or at all, sorghum, once more, doing very well on hard, sandy soils, inhospitable to other crops, even improving the quality of such soils.


Independent (IND) back on 3 October 1991 released this Bulletin Board System for the Text platform. New York: Manhattan Research. Understanding where and when these emissions occur is critical to the science of climate change and to guiding the steps needed to lower these emissions. Working roblox robux generator online select how many robux and tix do you want get robux to purchase upgrades for your avatar or to buy special abilities in games. A review of relevant literature has identified five BDAs that hold the potential to improve risk assessment prior to flooding events and enhance emergency response procedures during the events themselves. Which then is displayed on an item screen, you can click items to add them to your inventory. Al-Qaeda v1.0 experience in. Guo Y, Li X, Stanton B. HIV-Related Behavioral Studies of Men Who Have Sex with Men in China: A Systematic Review and Recommendations for Future Research. You will not continue to receive KPMG subscriptions until you accept the changes.

Affordable Housing is a Scam

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Farming land can also be lost to other factors, including climatic, but again, the hand of man, or humans, is the principal agent in increasing soil loss to erosion. There are elements that are essential for the management of land, especially in arid and semi arid regions where most of the Muslim world is located, and where the dangers to soil are extreme. Soil is washed away by various factors, and the land is slowly impoverished until it becomes arid. Again, it is very complex to enter these issues in detail, and a consultation of good works on soil loss will enlighten the readers of what one means, and how extremely vulnerable the Muslim world is to this. This author can fill this article with his own stuff on this subject, but this is not the venue, and enough has been said to highlight the destruction of soil and arable land, which is leading the Muslim world to a catastrophe.

Use cool tools (have a peek here) and weapons and expand your destructive powers. You navigate Mike's UFO over the cities of Earth and unfold complete chaos with your tools (over at this website) and weapons: Cars which drive into tower blocks and make them collapse; high-rises which fall onto other high-rises, exploding cows which make whole streets of houses come tumbling down.

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Software Manual Motion Manager 5

Operators are able to take advantage of VMS from leading software developers such as Genetec and Milestone, as well as Wisenet WAVE and Wisenet SSM, to forensically search for specific objects or people, by filtering the recorded metadata. The analytics can be configured to ignore video noise, waving trees, moving clouds and animals, all of which might normally be the cause of false alarms when standard motion detection technology or sensors are being used to detect activity.


February saw a port of a minigame from Fallout called Fallout Hacker. Unsure how the game works as I never played much of the Fallout games, and this release appears broken in places.

Why is the author saying all this? One reason is to warn, although it might be too late for many, already. The main reason, though, as far as this article is concerned is to show that early Muslims were aware of the preciousness of the soil, or farmland, and the necessity for its preservation. Careful soil management and its enrichment remained a central concern to Muslim farmers, and this was accomplished through a variety of methods. First, Muslims were very careful not to harm the resource in the first place. They established their urban structures on ground not useful for farming, and never on grounds covered in vegetation of any sort, including forests, which they preserved preciously. Each town, each city was surrounded by a green belt. All accounts by Western travellers to the Muslim world, from the medieval times until the colonial period in the 19th century speak of the care Muslims gave their lands, and the beauty and richness of Muslim orchards, gardens, and green belts surrounding every town and city. Not a single green belt exists today in any part of the Muslim world, and if they do, they are not only scorched, vandalised, and half urbanised by revolting looking structures, they are also swamped in waste and trash.


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Obvious inspirations for this huge Metroidvania platformer include Manfred Trenz’s Turrican series and a story driven narrative system which you’d associate more with arcade RPGs on the NES. From the opening crash sequence to to the first boss you can tell the level of effort and care involved in making this game must’ve been incredible. Excellent combat and movement controls ensure that this is C64 run and gun perfection.


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Like every dominant aspect of Islamic civilisation, the practical and the scholarly were once more brought together in a vast literature devoted to matters of water, its use, management, storage, and preservation. All Kitab al-Filahat (Books of Agriculture), whether North African, Andalusian; Egyptian, Iraqi, Persian or Yemenite, Bolens says, insist meticulously on the deployment of equipment and on the control of water. Thus, Abu’l Khayr (fl early 12th century) of Seville, the author of a book on farming (Kitab al-Filaha) proposes four ways to collect rain-water, and other artificially obtained waters. He recommends such recovery for growing olive trees, and also explains techniques for maintaining soil moisture. In his treatise, Ibn al-Awwam (fl Seville end of 12th century), speaks at length of the watering process for each crop; in the case of rice, for instance, offering advice for each stage, before planting, and after, and also irrigation and drainage once the crop has grown. Ibn Mammati (d. 1209) implied that in areas where year-long irrigation was available summer crops might be grown after winter crops and income would thereby be doubled.

Ibn al-Awwam: Livre de l’Agriculture; tr. Clement Mullet; (Paris 1864). I; 365 and ff; and preface; p. 26.


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As well as all the brand new games being developed, it’s just as great to see the remasters and re-issues of classic games of the past, repackaged in shiny new boxes. Mayhem is another cutesy platformer from the Rowland brothers (Creatures & Creatures 2) and released under the Thalamus label 25 years ago. It famously received a massively exaggerated 100% review in Commodore Format, who were keen to big up a AAA title coming out on the ageing 8bit format in 1993.

Clemens Lamping: The French in Algiers. Soldiers of the Foreign Legion; Prisoners of Abd el Kader; tr. from German and French by Lady Duff Gordon, London; 1855; p. 18.


Under conditions of water scarcity, Islamic society devised a complex system of distribution, in which technical knowledge played a central role. The division of water between several users was assured by a variety of mechanical devices, distributors, or runnels with inlets of a fixed size, and by the allocation of fixed periods of time. Where water is divided by a weir between a number of villages or users, the size of the weir varies according to the share of the water permanently allocated to the different users. During the period of water distribution, shares were defined in terms of days, hours, or minutes, and were allocated to the different districts, villages, fields, or plots of lands watered by the source in question. In the Beni Abbes region of Algeria, in the Sahara, south of Oran, for instance, farmers use a clepsydra to determine the duration of water use for every farmer in the area. This clepsydra times by the minute water use, night and day, throughout the year, taking into account seasonal variations. Each farmer is in turn summoned for his turn, and has to take necessary action to secure most efficient supply of water to his land. In Iran and Egypt, similarly, sand glass and water gate systems measured both time and volume of water used by each farmer. Leo the African speaks of the filling of water clocks when they are empty at the end of the irrigation time. In general, the scarcer the water, the more detailed and complicated the distribution, and the greater the fragmentation of ownership of the water, the more meticulous and elaborate the organisation of its distribution.

Agriculture in Muslim civilisation: A Green Revolution in

This author is no just a geographer, specialising on environmental degradation, he is a historian too. And, he can categorically claim that history confirms geography 100%. He can now inform everyone that many of the lands yellow and arid on the map, where once green. Of course cyclical changes in weather helped turn the green into yellow. But the main factor that made green into yellow was the action of humans. It is people who by their fast rising numbers who caused most of the destruction. More people always means more pressure on anything and more destruction. It is people who deforested and misused, or over-used, or mismanaged their environment that caused the green to turn yellow, and for lands that were once rich in wheat, and trees, orchards and flora and fauna, lakes and rivers have now turned barren. So, history is here to help us conclude that what is green today will turn yellow tomorrow if you mismanage/destroy what is green today. Hence, here, we discover the wisdom of the Almighty, and here, one discovers a further reason why one truly finds in Islam the real answers to all that is of immense nature, and that you try to be smart and destroy what He has created at your own risks.

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Gameplay wise I don’t think this lived up to the hype. It isn’t a bad platformer, but it’s let down by some obnoxious level design and fiddly combat mechanics. Jumping on the heads of some enemies requires pixel perfect jumping. They’ve tried to create something fun like Mario, but there are so many tricky jumps in level 1 you might give up without even seeing the colourful level 2. You’re required to backtrack constantly to collect enough stars to be allowed to pass through the level exit, and those tricky enemies will respawn every time you leave the screen. It’s like playing Flimbo’s quest, without the gun weapon, and with a load of difficult jumps to manage right at the start of level 1. With better level design and a few tweaks, it could’ve been much better, but still not 100%.


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Muslims pioneered in many areas that were later on to be identified with the European agricultural revolution. This outline is not the place to look at Muslim agriculture and its vast accomplishments in detail. The site noted above Filaha.org, Bolens and Watson, in particular, are excellent sources that can be used for this purpose. In the following we will simply aim to sum up some of the major accomplishments of Muslim farming, beginning with how Muslims used and managed their water resources.

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The Great Work v1.5 - Revisions and More Translations 9hours ago The Great Work Full Version An update containing some minor revisions and bug fixes, as well as containing all available translations. Spyware Cease v6 2 2 WinXPVista Incl Keygen CRD; Dhoom 2020 trilogy; If array is null javascript; Home alone mkv; Fallout 3 - Game Add-On Pack #2: Broken Steel and Point Lookout cheat codes. Jamaica is not random map and map size is also. Unlocked Win Osx Pdf Pure, White. Extra tags: cheat Rising Cities, hack tool, Rising Cities tool, Rising Cities download, facebook Rising Cities, download hack tool, Rising Cities gems, hack de gemas, Rising Cities, Rising Cities cheats. Machine learning has served as an all-inclusive field of study with its applications ranging from medicine, autonomous vehicles, image recognition and many more. Lenze Smart Product CCI-1300. We offer free and inexpensive, high speed, unrestricted application VPN Services. Fight to restore the Imperial Court or retain the Tokugawa Shogunate.


As they expanded the surface of irrigated lands, Muslims devised new techniques so as to catch, channel, store and lift the water (through the use of norias (water lifting devices), whilst new ingenious combinations of available devices were put in place. Rainwater was captured in trenches on the sides of hills or as it ran down mountain gorges or into valleys; and surface water was taken from springs, brooks, rivers and oases, whilst underground water was exploited by creating new springs, or digging wells. The Muslims also dammed more rivers, and improved irrigation by systems of branch channels. Engineering expertise remained central to the system, one account explaining how a mountainside near Damascus was tunnelled through to allow the passage of a stream. Distribution of water was also adapted to every soil variety, two hundred and twenty four of these, each with a name, and each with its water requirements. Techniques were also adapted to specific natural conditions. The impact was obviously to make irrigation more economical, and to make lands hitherto unused productive.

The Year of the

One user who engages the cultural assumptions of the game in a subversive way is Vincent Ocasla who manipulates happiness to produce desired effects like maximum population. His SimCity 3000 city Magnasanti surpassed six-million and the city itself is 50,000 years old (Sterry 2021). The city consists of repetitious mid-rise residential buildings, and there are no public amenities like schools, fire stations, or hospitals; however there are abundant police stations. So while it follows some advice in the SimCity 3000 guide like striving for low crime and high organization, it ignores citizen's health and education (DeMaria 1999, 294). Unsurprisingly, he was an architecture student at the time and says he views SimCity as a "tool or medium for artistic self-expression" (Sterry 2021). Furthermore, for him it is a political statement inspired by the Bhavacakra in Buddhism as well as Koyaanisqatsi (1982), a film by Godfrey Reggio with composer Phillip Glass. The title is translated from Hopi to mean "Life out of Balance" and the Bhavacakra without the symbolism of the moon denotes a cyclic existence with ignorance, hatred, and greed as poisons which propel the cycle. Ocasla's city is considered art, most likely due to these references and has been acquired by the MoMA (Arida 2021). In Magnasanti, Ocasla carefully regulates happiness to maximize population. In addition to Oscala, other players manipulate happiness; in fact, it is anticipated by SimCity Societies which incentivizes subversive behavior by awarding trophies, such as the “fat cat” trophy which requires angry or furious citizens.


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Kopp, R. E, R. M. Horton, C. M. Little, J. X. Mitrovica, M. Oppenheimer, D. J. Rasmussen, B. H. Strauss, and C. Tebaldi (2021). Probabilistic 21st and 22nd century sea-level projections at a global network of tide-gauge sites.

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Another original concept for a static screen platforming game: use the seesaws and counterweights to reach the top of each level, avoid the enemies and even includes boss fights. This is implemented really well and would have made a fantastic budget release back in the day. Grab yourself a physical copy on tape or get it on itch for $1 or more. We’ll hopefully see more from Alex Martinelle and Cogitare in 2021.

Also from Psytronik and released alongside Steel Ranger back in January, Pain n’ aches is the sequel to Knight & Grail. Both are solid arcade adventure games where you must explore the huge number of screens destroying enemies as you go, and hunting down items which can grant your character more powers and unlocking further areas of the map.


Tombstones from Megastyle was a great looking but a rather throwaway quickdraw game where you just shoot opponents in gradually increasingly difficult rounds. It featured nice graphics but not much to keep you coming back.

A major contribution to the advance of farming was the focused study by such manuals on specific crops. In respect to cotton, for instance, Qustus al-Rumi says it requires continuous irrigation, and Ibn Luyun states that it needs weekly watering.


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Watson also speaks of thousands of mostly unknown individuals from many levels of society who moved plants over shorter or longer distances for many different reasons. The “agents of transmission” were traveling scholars, pilgrims making the hajj to Makkah, and merchants traveling along trade routes buying grains, dried fruits, and herbs in one place and selling them in another. Whether ‘great or humble,’ they unwillingly collaborated in a vast undertaking that was to enlarge considerably the range of useful plants available over a large part of the known world.

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The particular instance of the sugar industry illustrates this decline. The industry reached its peak in the 14th century in Almeria, Granada and Malaga, which were then still under Muslim control.


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But the danger of permanent inundation is by no means be limited to Asia. In 19 countries, from Nigeria and Brazil to Egypt and the United Kingdom, land now home to at least one million people could fall permanently below the high tide line at the end of the century and become permanently inundated, in the absence of coastal defenses.

Turkish rulers were great garden lovers, and by their direct or indirect influence, the West gained considerable numbers of plants. Under Sultan Ahmad III (1703-1730), in fact, as Harvey points out, Turkey became the floricultural centre of the Western world, his reign famous as the Lale Devri (Tulip Period). The sultan’s tulip fields in a summer pasture high in the Sipylus Range above Manisa are still remembered, and there may be significance in the fact that the great botanist William Sherard (1659-1728) was British Consul at Smyrna (only some twenty-five miles from Manisa) from 1703 to 1716. Sherard’s garden at his country home in Seydikoy (‘Sedekio’), a few miles south of Smyrna near the Ephesus road, must have played a part in the transmission of plants to his brother James in England and to other botanists.



The Muslims developed the cultivation of sugar on a large scale throughout their territory. By the 10th century sugar cane was cultivated all over North Africa, from where it crossed into Spain. There, it was cultivated and sugar produced according to all crafts of the trade. Then the Muslims acclimated the crop in Sicily. The name ‘massara’ which is given to sugar mills in Sicily is, of course, of Arabic origin. Although sugar was produced in the West, this was still in the Muslim parts of Europe. It was only in the wake of the crusades that Western Christians discovered the industry. Early in the crusades, the Europeans took over regions such as Tripoli (in 1109), the first place where they came across the crop, and where they enjoyed it with delight. Other places on the Syrian-Palestinian coast where they came across sugar were Tyre, Sidon, and Acre. William of Tyre speaks enthusiastically of the great sugar plantations of Sur (Tyre).

So in Dead Rising 2 you will be expected every casino, nightclubs, zombie strippers and most importantly - many more ways to destroy. Brazil, customer data has been at risk when thieves pulled or dynamited ATMs out of their. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Disney City Girl Hack v; Comment avoir Nuketown Zombie; Top Eleven Hack Tool; Hero Rise HD Cheat Kit – Download Hack for iOS and Hugo Troll Wars Cheat Kit – Download Hack for iOS Zya Cheat Kit – Download Hack for iOS and Android; Stickman Downhill Cheat Kit – Download Hack for An Zombitsu Cheat Kit for iOS and Android. Only a small portion of these bonds have actually been labelled as green or climate bonds by their issuers. Extra Tags Dead Rising Case Zero dr2 cz keygen crack hack keygenerator cdkey keys generator gen creater creator serial code codes serials cd-key hacker how to get for free guide tutorial download legit working dl xbl online store marketplace xbox360 xbox 360 release hacking hacked full game new updated version most recent Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Prologue Blue Castle Games Capcom Xbox 360 LIVE. Trials Evolution Gold Edition Keygen PC; Cities in Motion 2 The Modern Days Keygen; Age of Empires 2 HD Edition Keygen; Sacred Citadel Keygen; Wargame Airland Battle Keygen; Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Keygen; World At Arms Hack Coins Gold Stars Generator; Dragon Story Hack Tool; TuneUp Utilities 2020 Crack and Keygen. Starcraft 2. 2 days, 17 hours ago. Laser Weapons (Institute included) IS USED in my game, so it may look different (i think it will be change back to white one) if you don't have it. Feel free to add your own image, especially the cool effect of my turret along with the corpse of those poor enemies.


The diffusion of some such plants, such as sugar cane and cotton, as we see here, had a decisive impact on farming, society, and, above all, on industry. Muslim geographers describe the cultivation of sugar cane and use in great abundance.

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Secondly, the cameras used needed to have a high image quality and also to have some aesthetic quality, as they would be mounted all over the city, sometimes in prominent places. The ability of the cameras to maintain a high image quality in low light conditions, and to offer image stabilization were also important for this project.

Originally released in 1987 Hunters Moon is a huge multi-directional scrolling overhead shootemup with strategy elements. The idea of the game is to blast your way through multiple alien cities consisting of various cell type structures in order to collect all the star cells dotted throughout. A nice touch is to add a level select screen per star system which allows you to avoid particularly tough levels and choose your own path through the game.


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Farming manuals produced by these Muslim scholars played a central role in the agricultural revolution. In Sicily, Bresc notes, the many techniques described or suggested in the contracts of the 14th and 15th centuries were found in Muslim farming manuals. Many ploughing methods to prepare the soil, the use of fertilisers, planting, are found to be shared by Sicilian agriculture and such manuals.

Mono is a fast paced vertical scrolling shoot em up which came out of nowhere this year. Released on cart, a lot of negative comments followed regarding the game’s graphics - they most likely only saw the screenshots because in action, the animated backgrounds look great. Don’t listen to them, play the game yourself, it’s nonstop action from start to finish and includes weapon upgrades, boss battles and a unique score system which is linked to your weapons and your health. It’s not the longest or hardest, but definitely above the average shooter.


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Nothing emerges but the savagery, the brutality, and the cruelty of the new comers. Under their domination poor Spain got used to being ridden over and devastated periodically, in a way that soon became as regular as the alternation of the seasons. It was the regime of the raid, to which northern Algeria was subjected for centuries down to the beginning of the French conquest in 1830.


Many crops were probably found on the Indian sub-continent, such as the province of Sind, where the Muslims had a foot-hold. Many products also came from China, and were carried west. Oman may have been a halfway-house in which new plants were acclimatised before being passed farther to the north and, of course, further west. The eastern part of the Islamic world was thus ‘the gateway’ through which passed on their westward journey all the crops, with the exception of the tropical ones, then across the Maghreb, into Spain, and Sicily, and from one Mediterranean island to another. In southern Europe, Eastern plants were acclimated in Muslim Sicily as had happened in Spain.

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Soil, or more properly, arable land, is a vital resource, and its protection is essential, especially in countries where such a resource is rare, Muslim countries in particular. If you take a country such as Algeria, for instance, only a strip of land in the far north is useful in terms of farming, corresponding to less than 3% of the country’s entire territory. The rest cannot be farmed, or in some extreme situations can be but at immense cost. Even countries such as Turkey, which are at first view rich in farming land are in fact not, in view of a variety of factors, which are common to the whole Muslim world (Indonesia and Malaysia excepted) and which will be looked at partially here and mainly in part 2 of this article. In view of the scarcity of such a resource, its protection by all means, including the force of the law should be the priority in every Muslim country. This is far from the case, though; rather the opposite, the destruction of farming land is one of the dominant realities of Muslim countries (together with the destruction of the other two precious resources: woodlands and water).


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Abd Errahman III (912-961) promoted the culture of the sugar cane, rice, and the mulberry. By the 10th century, the royal gardens at Cordova became botanical gardens, with fields for experimentation with seeds, cuttings and roots brought in from the outermost reaches of the world. Other royal gardens, in Spain and elsewhere, also became the sites of serious scientific activity as well as places of amusement. A recently discovered manuscript by al-Udhri informs us that al-Mu’tasim, a Taifa king (11th century), brought many rare plants to his garden in Almeria, which even included banana and sugar cane.

It follows that man should not distort the environment because it must remain permanently suitable for human life and settlement. Nor should he use natural resources irrationally or in such a way as to destroy living resources or spoil their habitats and food bases.


United Nations Billion Tree campaign, 2021. This article can be found on Wikipedia.

Full text of "Silicon Chip Magazine 2020 04 Apr"

Muhammad b. Mālik al-Tighnarī: Kitāb Zuhrat al-bustān wa-nuzhat al-adhhān. Esplendor del jardín y recreo de las mentes, ed. Expiración García Sánchez (Madrid, 2006), pp. 150-151, hereafter cited as al-Tighnarī; Ibn al-Awwām, Kitāb al-Filāha. Libro de agricultura, ed. and trans.


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In the definitions which open the Kitaab al-filaha (Book of Agriculture), this function is said to be blessed by God because it has as its end the production of the sustenance of life. Agriculture consists of restoring to the earth what has been furnished by harvesting from it, by fertilizing, watering and making efforts to avoid the problems caused by excessive heat. This restoration to the soil implies a knowledge of the whole – the soils, the plants, the most suitable tools.

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Historia, XIII, 3; in medieval French translation in Paulin Paris ed, vol I, p. 480. The Sur of William of Tyre is Tyre. See also E. Dreesbach: Der Orient; (Dissertation); (Breslau; 1901); pp. 24-8.


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A decisive contribution of Islamic civilisation was to seize on the existing, pre-Islamic systems, and bring them to advanced levels, most of which have survived to our day. The old, decayed systems were repaired, and new networks were constructed. Iraq, for instance, on the eve of the Muslim arrival, suffered from neglect of irrigation, exploitative taxation and crippling wars with the Roman Empire. In southern Iraq, before Islam, the irrigation works were allowed to degenerate, and in the years 627-8, a major agricultural disaster took place, which was followed by devastating floods of the Tigris River which burst its dikes. Soon Muslim rule provided stable government and major hydraulic works were carried out, including drying swamped lands, reclamation of salt marshes, and new irrigation schemes were put in place in the Upper Euphrates region. There was vast reconstruction work of irrigation systems under the viceroy Al-Hajjaj (d. 714). In the Diyala Plains, at least, and probably over a much larger area, the restoration and reconstruction of Sasanian irrigation works took place through the late 8th and early 9th centuries. In Egypt, the work of bringing back into cultivation abandoned lands was begun by Qurra Ibn Sharik in 709-14, and continued throughout most of the 8th and much of the 9th centuries, and in Spain, we learn of the same initiatives. At the same time, land, which had never before been irrigated, or cultivated, or which had been abandoned, was provided with irrigation systems. There is evidence for the extension of irrigated farming from practically every part of the Islamic world in the early centuries of Islam.


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Early Muslims were careful to keep the soil productive, and preventing its loss of nutrients. Throughout the Muslim world, fertilisers of all sorts were used in accordance with much advanced farming requirements. Animal dung was widely used, and so was vegetal matter of many sorts, including sediment from olive oil, lees, straw, husks, leaves, and mineral matter such as different kinds of oils, chalk, marl, crushed bricks, and other substances.

Watt: The Influence; op cit; pp. 22-3. A. Pacey: Technology in World Civilization, a Thousand Year History (The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1990), p. 15.


It is admitted with difficulty that a nation mostly of nomads could have known any form of agricultural techniques other than sowing wheat and barley. The misconceptions come from the rarity of works on the subject.

Cotton had a vast impact on both farming and industry. Some of the best writing on this subject is by Lombard who explains how cotton was planted, transported between places, and used in manufacturing. Syria, once more, took a leading place in the farming and manufacture of the crop. Following the arrival of Islam in that country, cotton from Higher Mesopotamia was acclimatised there, and Syria, soon, became the largest medieval cotton producer of the whole Mediterranean world. Cotton also thrived in North Africa. It was grown under irrigation on the northern parts of the Sahara, and also around Carthage and Tunis from where it was carried to the manufacturing centres of Al-Qayrawan. Cotton was abundantly grown in Morocco, especially around Fes and Tangiers, and it supplied the many workshops, which in turn manufactured clothing items that were much in demand in the export trade. It is from North Africa that cotton was introduced into both Spain and Sicily, its first mention in Spain dating from 961 in the Calendar of Cordova. Ibn al-Awwam offers plentiful information on the manners, time, and places it was grown. Andalusian poetry, likewise, includes many allusions to cotton, its whiteness a metaphor for jasmine blossoms and snow.


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Central to the (Islamic) agricultural revolution, Watson writes, was the introduction of many new crops into the early Islamic world and their widespread diffusion, crops which include rice, hard wheat, sugar cane, cotton, artichokes, and lemons. In addition to these, many other useful plants were diffused in the same period: food and fiber crops or plants grown as sources of fodder, spices, condiments, medicines, cosmetics, perfumes, garden flowers, ornamental plants, and, also, many new strains of old and new plants were developed and diffused. In his larger work on the subject, Watson devotes most chapters to such crops, and describes at great length the process of collecting plants, their growth in different environments, and their general diffusion between places. He focuses on the principal crops that were diffused by the Muslims: Sorghum, Asiatic rice, hard wheat, sugar cane, cotton, sour orange, lemon, lime, shaddock, banana, plantain, coconut palm, watermelon, spinach, artichoke, colocasia, eggplant, and mango tree. Watson explains the patterns of diffusion, the diversity in the agents of diffusion, the facilitating elements, which include institutional, social and economic factors, and also, the experimentalist nature of the Muslims, as well as the impact such plant diffusion had on the local economies.

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Al-Tighnarī: Kitāb Zuhrat al-bustān wa-nuzhat al-adhhān. Esplendor del jardín y recreo de las mentes, ed. Expiración García Sánchez (Madrid, 2006), p. 469. When focusing on the cultivation of each plant, this agronomist from the al-Andalus period includes a final section that deals with the properties and uses of the plant, particularly those of a medical nature. This is an unusual feature within the agricultural treatises.

When the Crusader States fell in 1291, the plantations and production of sugar were transferred to Cyprus. The land there became covered with sugar cane plantations, especially around Baffo and Limisso, which were placed under the direct control of the local rulers. The Cornaro, an illustrious Venetian family, possessed in the Limisso region vast plantations, whilst the Knights of Rhodes possessed vast farms on the Colossi lands. In order to run the industry on the Island, Muslim craftsmen, Syrian specialists, in particular, were imported. Between the years 1400 and 1415, about 1,500 Muslims were captured by the Cypriots; the King of Cyprus refused to return these on the grounds that they were essential for the cultivation of sugar cane.


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Sea level rise could have wide-ranging political consequences. Coastal displacement could shrink local tax bases, straining municipalities’ abilities to pay for public goods such as education. The retreat of the world’s coasts could affect countries’ near-shore maritime claims, encouraging international disputes over fisheries and other ocean resources. And in states around the world, mass displacement could shape national politics. The recent migration that has figured so prominently in recent European elections pales in comparison to the potential displacements of the coming decades, when many millions of people could flee rising seas around the world—both across borders, and within them. Drought, extreme heat, and the other dangers of climate change could displace many more.

How, and whether, these changes impacted on future Western forms of land ownership and management is difficult to evaluate. What can be said, though, is that they were centuries ahead of similar transformations in the Christian West.


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This technique is the most common. It consists in supressing from knowledge facts and sources of facts that relate to the role of Islamic civilisation, or anything favourable to Islam. For instance, anyone reading through the history of farming would, in 90% of the literature at least, find no reference whatsoever to any Islamic contribution in the field.

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Climate Central then added up populations (Landscan 2021) within the identified areas to compute how many people today live on implicated land. This process was repeated for a number of different years and sea level rise model sensitivities, and under low, moderate, and high emissions pathways for heat-trapping pollution (Representative Concentration Pathways 2/6, 4/5, and 8/5), in order to achieve a comprehensive assessment of global coastal vulnerability.

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Butzer et al: Irrigation Agrecosystems in Eastern Spain: Roman or Islamic Origins? Annals of the Association of American Geographers; 75 (1985), 479-509; p. 482 in particular.

Wickens notes how the West’s borrowings from the Middle East form practically the whole basic fabric of civilisation, including agriculture; the domestication of animals for food; drainage and irrigation; plants and crops etc. From the Muslims, Spain, for instance, received (apart from a legendary high culture), and she in turn transmitted to most of Europe, all manner of agricultural and fruit-growing processes, together with a vast number of new plants, fruits and vegetables that we all now take for granted. Amongst these were sugar cane, rice, citrus fruit, apricots, cotton, artichokes, aubergines, and other products. Carra de Vaux points out to the large variety of flowers, plants and animals that came from the Orient, and are used in agriculture, pharmacy, gardens, luxury trade, and arts. He lists tulips (from Turkish: tulpan,), hyacinths, narcissi from Constantinople, Lilacs, jasmine from Arabia, roses from Shiraz and Ispahan, peaches from Persia, the prunes from Damascus (brought in by the Crusaders), figs from Smyrna, silk, cotton, and also plants and products used for dyeing. De Vaux also dwells on animal species, focusing his interest on ‘one of the great glories’ from the Arab world: the pure blood Arab horse, highlighting the Arab affection and expertise in breeding and caring for their horses.


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Wherever Muslim power faded so did their social status and their farming skills. In the East (the Holy Land and Cyprus), during the crusades, most of the Muslims who had converted to Christianity were made into serfs or slaves, and Muslim slaves were added from time to time to the labour force.


The Islamic legal corpus also gave great incentives to land improvement. One such incentive was in exempting or taxing at only half the normal rate lands planted with permanent crops which had not yet begun to yield, which, no doubt, encouraged investment in tree crops, such as bananas, citrus, mangoes and coconut palms, which ultimately yielded far higher returns than the traditional crops.

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The impact of such new crops on activities, other than agriculture, was equally dramatic. The introduction of new crops first led to sharp rises in employment, most often outside agriculture, and the workers who carried out diverse tasks related to the exploitation and manufacture of such new crops at diverse stages, sold both their products and labour on the market. Other tasks required such a degree of skill or such expensive equipment that they were often carried out by a specialised labour force. The new crops also stimulated the development of new methods and machinery, for as Forbes remarks, they would not have been grown or used with the typically classical agricultural methods. Rice, for instance, could be milled by hand operated querns in the home but also, and most often, the task was accomplished by mills powered by animals, water or wind. The new crops impacted considerably on trade, both local and foreign. Cotton, (and cotton thread and cloth), rice, sugar, coconuts (as well as the fronds, branches, and trunks of the coconut palm), and doubtless other new crops were traded over long distances in the Islamic world. Some were exported on a large scale beyond the Islamic world, sugar and cotton, for instance, were sent to many parts of Christian Europe. This trade generated an important class of intermediaries trading in foodstuffs, and these merchants, in turn, were serviced by transporters, financiers, and warehouse owners.

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Their sudden emergence is thanks to an intricate interplay between the genes of tiny beings and the vast cities (view) and transportation networks that connect our modern world. Dengue’s rise (web site) illustrates this most clearly—as do the risks we now must consider as we seek new tools to fight it. How we embrace this technology now will influence not just our odds against dengue—or even the next global mosquito-borne plague—but how we begin reckoning with the ugly risks we’ve already created.


In this garden, in addition to the usual plants, exotic fruits are grown, like the various kinds of banana, and sugarcane. Royal and experimental botanical gardens were often in the charge of leading scientists. In Spain, agronomists had at their disposal botanical gardens and trial grounds where they experimented with exotic plants, and tried to create new varieties of fruit and flowers. The literature around this subject, Armesto notes, is prolific. A veritable school of court gardeners flourished, unparalleled elsewhere in the medieval West.

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It is from North Africa that cotton was introduced into both Spain and Sicily. From Spain, cotton manufacture spread across Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries as far as England, particularly in the form of fustian, a cheap cotton cloth with a linen warp, which derives its name from the Cairo suburb of Fustat.


The Yemeni element in Muslim Spain played a large part in the development of farming and in plant diffusion. The Yemenis had a long tradition of farming in their country of origin, and as they settled in Spain, they brought with them their irrigation techniques, laws and administration, and also new crops and systems of more intensive land use. As Serjeant observes, so many south Arabs, to judge by their names, Tujibi, Himyari, Kindi, Ma’afiri, settled in Spain, that it is attractive also to think that they may have influenced the development of the mountain districts of Spain.

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The Muslims also brought new instruments that made possible the introduction of the new crops, which would otherwise have been impossible with the typically classical agricultural methods. This legacy is obvious in the technical jargon as well.


Take the case of the coastal provinces of China, the country that today is home to more people who live on land vulnerable to chronic flooding at midcentury than any other. In recent decades, China’s coastal provinces have attracted millions of migrants from the country’s interior and have become important centers in the global economy. Jiangsu Province, China’s most densely populated province, could be highly vulnerable to chronic ocean flooding in just thirty years.

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Agriculture in Muslim civilisation: A Green Revolution in Pre-Modern Times

The player must navigate a bouncing ball through a series of increasingly difficult 3D tunnel mazes. Helped or hindered by a number of special tiles lining the tunnel walls, finishing all 23 levels will not be easy. But with a blasting sound track produced by Michał Brzeski, the soundtrack to your journey will be as thrilling as the gameplay.

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Machine learning is an amazing tool that has been used in a lot of applications to automate processes and solve problems quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Machine learning has served as an all-inclusive field of study with its applications ranging from medicine, autonomous vehicles, image recognition and many more. The most popular areas that machine learning has been applied to are image recognition and natural language processing.


Today, New York City continues to rely heavily on zoning as its primary mechanism for city planning, an urban planning technique often presented as efficient, rational, and colorblind. Yet, critical geographers Bobby Wilson and Sam Stein argue that zoning acts as “a tool (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=5169) to accommodate the racial order,”10 and has been repeatedly weaponized “to target one racial group for exclusion or expulsion while clearing the way for another’s quality of life” (ibid: 28). Under the current administration of Mayor De Blasio, neighborhoods of color across the city are systematically targeted for rezonings that turn these working-class areas into terrains for speculation and high-rise residential development overnight while increasing displacement pressures on long-term residents. We believe it is crucial to recognize how current city planning policies embody ongoing processes of racialized accumulation by dispossession and the need to maintain an intersectional lens of gentrification as a deliberate restructuring of cities along class and racial lines.

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The first zone includes all the Muslim countries that are rich in oil and are located in the arid desert belt of the Middle East and Western Asia including but not limited to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman. This is one of the driest regions of the world and gets only 1% share of the world’s renewable fresh water resources. According to the 2021 report of the Arab Forum of Environment and Development, the precipitation in the region is expected to drop by 25% and evaporation to increase by 25% by the year 2021. As a result, the average crop yields in the region will drop by 20%. Some of these countries have annual rainfall as low as 29mm per annum (FAO, 2009). To meet the growing demand for water especially in the agriculture sectors, most of these countries are augmenting their water supply by tapping into non-renewable transboundary groundwater aquifers, and investing in sea water desalination and waste water treatment. The increased dependence on groundwater has lead to a decline in aquifer water levels and saltwater intrusion is contaminating the aquifers and causing disturbance of the dynamic equilibrium among aquifers, a decline in agricultural productivity and an increase in migration away from rural areas. Tapping nonrenewable groundwater sources or fossil water also means that there may not be enough water left for future generations.

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You can access all of CCIM.com and the course catalog, but you will be unable to make online purchases or change account settings. In the meantime, please call us at the numbers below.


The newly graduated interns are finding housing and readying themselves for a new venture. The 3D models can be classed as basic but still represent the real life variant accurately. Additionally, technical, contextual, institutional, and behavioral challenges. Program comes with custom gui for easy understanding. Credit allows you to download with unlimited speed. Credits and distribution permission. CyberCitizen Health V2.0. Jan 21, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Maray Bee. Lupus, Baza, Raphael, Rhythalion, for being part of the team for v2.0.

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Perfect World has blocked IPs for the international version out of North America, but it also opened European servers exclusively for EURO Gamers with local supports. Players can also play the game on Steam.

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A quality budget release from Megastyle. Exploding Fish is a series of single screen levels set underwater where you must collect the oxygen supplies and defuse the bombs which have been hidden at numerous locations along the protected coral reefs.


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The best parts of the game are when you are gliding over Gotham. The city looks absolutely stunning from the docks to the high rise buildings that shine in the night as their neon lights glow. Batman’s design is also well done, with the suit showing him at his pinnacle. The majority of his tools are ready for use from the beginning, making him a formidable force. It all really comes together as Batman glides over the city as the rain hits and trickles down his cape, while a sea of lights passes underneath him. Gotham is one of the best cityscapes I’ve seen in a game, exuding an atmosphere of sorrow as its streets fall to thugs.

Various contractual forms and arrangements inspired by Islam also stimulated agricultural production, such as in al-Andalus, where the worker (‘amil) paid rent to the owner (munasif) in the form of a percentage of the harvest. Since both parties stood to gain from a bumper crop, there were incentives to im­prove the land and methods of cultivation.


The calm of the frontier was shattered and one boy's innocence was lost when he witnessed the brutal murder of his family. Years have passed but the forged memory and the need for reckoning has not. Now an outlaw gunfighter, you must journey to uncover the truth and reap vengeance on those responsible. You are Red Dead Revolver and this is the Wild West.

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At earlier but unknown dates the West had received the Oriental Plane tree, the Black Mulberry and, indirectly, the Walnut; Hollyhock, White Jasmine, Scarlet Lychnis, ‘Female’ Peony and Opium Poppy. Within another generation there had been added the Horse Chestnut, Cloth of Gold Crocus, Galanthus plicatus, Byzantine Gladiolus, Day Lily, Purple Primrose (Primula acaulis rubra P. sibthorpii) and the Sweet Sultan. Soon after 1650, the West received the Cedar of Lebanon; Sir George Wheler dispatched Hypericum calycinum in 1676; the Weeping Willow arrived in 1692. Then came the Oriental Poppy by 1714 and Arbutus andrachne ten years later. In 1735 the West received the Turkey Oak, later in the century Daphne pontica and, in 1793, Rhododendron luteum (Azalea pontica). Within the last hundred years or so to 1976, Anatolia has again yielded a splendid harvest: Galanthus Elwesii in 1874, Chionodoxa luciliae found by George Maw in 1877, Crocus ancyrensis in 1879, and several of the best dwarf iris, from Iris Bakeriana of 1887 to I. histrioaintabensis of 1934.


A cloud computing using rough set theory ...

What is required is to safeguard all benefits and bring them to perfection, and to eliminate all detriments and minimize them. And if they prove irreconcilable, it is to safeguard the greater good by the exclusion of the lesser, and to remove the greater harm by acceptance of the lesser.

See restaurant menus, reviews, hours, photos, maps and directions. When did organ music become associated with baseball? You must create a new token from now if you want to use tool. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Please take a look it and make your new dragons collection Top strongest dragon. Please update your Chrome to latest version then the issue will be solved, News: the Dragon City server is unstable. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Dragon City Hatching TimesDragons with hatching times listed as longer than 24:00:00 will be displayed differently in the game. Yum cha lunch and à la carte dinner available daily.


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Bolens, Irrigation; in Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non Western Cultures, edited by H. Selin (Kluwer Academic Publishers. Boston/London, 1997), pp. 450-2; at p. 451.

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The year started on a high note with a remake of Blox Copy by Jason Kelk - the game source code was cleaned up in preparation for a port to Atari 8 bit, and made available on Github and CSDB. Blox Copy RX is quite a fun but challenging line em up puzzle game and was released as a digital download on 1st Jan 2021.

Translation into Arabic attributed to al-Kasdani, known as Ibn Wahshiya. Critical edition by T. Fahd, 2 Vols (Damascus, 1993 and 1995).


Simple and convenient programming using the Motion Manager and programming adapter

James Cameron's Dark Angel is a 3rd person action adventure game, with emphasis on stealth and fighting, based on the hit TV series of the same name. Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Sea.

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Meddour-Sahar O, Meddour R, Derridj A (2008a). Les feux de forêts en Algérie sur le temps long (1876-2007). Les Notes d’analyse du CIHEAM 39: 11.


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One of the great works that Abd al-Rahmān b. Mu’āwiya had carried out at the beginning of his rule was the orchard of the Arruzafa. He built a splendid royal palace, and laid out extensive gardens in which exotic plants and trees from all parts were planted.


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Presentation is very good, from the slick UI to the humourous graphics and animations. The sound track is thrilling and changes throughout each turn of gameplay. Gameplay is deep and initially may be a little overwhelming, but the manual is clear and easy to follow, so either veterans of the game who loved it back in the day or even newcomers like me should be able to pick up and play the game in no time.

The Crusaders were very careful to maintain production which brought them considerable wealth. The Lord of Tyre, for instance, enriched himself thanks to his sugar plantations. The Syrians were great experts at refining the product through an elaborate process to extract sugar, and the Crusaders followed exactly the same processes and methods. As they, themselves, lacked the skills, Muslim prisoners were used in the manufacturing process. The crusaders also adapted the same terminology in the manufacturing process, using massara to describe their mills.


This author has constantly raised the issue of distortions of Muslim history, faith, culture, and civilisation. Whether you read about colonial history of the Muslim world, or the history of the crusades, or the history of history of sciences, or the arts, or engineering, or the history of piracy, or the plight of women, or Black people, that is any subject, the Islamic role in them is fundamentally distorted. The omissions, the errors, the plain distortions, the claims not matching facts, the disappearances of whole periods of history, centuries even, the disappearance of sources, of first class material, of whole collections of archives, in fact, is simply staggering.

You can vote for your favorite games across all available categories here. Words of encouragement, guidance, faith and hope- all to help you with your lifestyle and daily living. She's captured in an Umbrella facility in Paris and sent to an Umbrella-run prison camp in South America. CVE-2020-11830 PUBLISHED: 2020-11-19. In this heavy duty vehicle roads are full of traffic but at the same time it's full of thrill and adventure. The game introduces new gameplay elements, allowing you to experience the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city. Forge the legacy of your clan as you fight to reclaim and dominate the Exiled Lands. Unlocked Win Osx Pdf Pure, White And Deadly Filehippo Download Free Software Minimum resolution is 1600x900. Criminal Case Hack Cheat [Cash, Coins, Speed, Energy] Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack; Zombie Fontier 2 Hack [How to add GOLD and Cash ] Rising Cities Hack [Credits, Money, Points] Bomb Me Hack Tool [ Add Unlimited Gold and Diamonds ] TrackMania 2 Canyon Keygen; Castle TD (Castle Defense) Hack Tool [Hacks] Zuko Monsters Cheats Hacks.


Shortridge, A. & Messina, J. Spatial structure and landscape associations of SRTM error. Remote Sensing of Environment 115, 1576–1587 (2021).

From the makers of the Cities in Motion franchise, the game boasts a fully realized transport system. This is the Criminal Case hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working that will give you free unlimited coins, cash, energy, hint, speed hack, and stop time hack. Knock Out Blackjack mw3 freebeatsbydre. The cellular pathway that creates proteins from genetic information is also common across life, and the genetic code that translates genetic information into protein molecules is also nearly universal (Knight et al, 2020). Free Battleon Points Generator [Unlimited Points] Note: this Battleon Points Generator, unlike other generators, doesn't require yo. They approached Sprint, a leading systems integrator in Poland, who delivered an. So, if you have enjoyed playing the Angry Bird series then Bad Piggies will certainly impress you. Pu-erh tea, a traditional Chinese beverage, has been believed to have numerous health benefits, such as anti-obesity. Find that 100hp is too easy, try playing a game with a max of 1 HP), but also contains other usefull tools to help debugging games and even normal applications, and helps you protect your.


In Algeria, on arrival, in 1830, the French found a much greener country than the one they left 132 years later, and a population living more or less in harmony with its environment. In their wars of devastation against Algerian resistance (1830s-1840s), the French destroyed garden rings surrounding towns and cities, and cut and uprooted trees and orchards on a vast scale. When one reads the accounts by the French generals involved, and those of Europeans travelling with the French army, one’s lecture is that of ceaseless acts of destruction, aimed at starving Algerians, and passing the land to Europeans. The German, Clemens Lamping, describes the stunning villas and dwellings he and the French army came across in the vicinity of Algiers. Villas with very beautiful gardens, watered by numerous springs, water conducted through earthen pipes, which creep below the surface of the earth, conveying a fresh and plentiful supply of water.