With such enormous battles raging across so many different maps, it can help to have some extra tools on hand. A Battlefield 4 aimbot can help you take down the enemy quickly and cleanly, making you a valued member of your squad. Pair the Battlefield 4 aimbot with a wall hack and you’ll be able to fire through anything. Your enemy may think he is under cover, but he won’t be anymore. ESP can also help you stay in the game and avoid ambushes by allowing you to see everything in the game at once. When you know where all the vehicles and other players are, you’ll be unstoppable. Try Battlefield 4 cheats like the proximity alert to prevent anyone from sneaking up behind you, and use the auto-knife feature to give him a big surprise.

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From my own experience, this is not (yet) a concern. Maybe in the future with the democratization of very highspeed broadbands it will become a risk, but for now it's not, since useable SOCKS proxies are very rare.


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Anyway about the whole global banlist, I think I must clarify: I don't think we will ever get to a centralized system like Quake 3 and PunkBuster, and this would be quite inadequate with the open spirit of OA. A distributed system is what I have in mind, with a choice of use it or leave it for the admins. This is the most realistic and efficient way to imagine an anti-cheat system currently for OA.

I'm not saying it, but pro-coder of cheats, they clearly stated this on another forum [which I won't link here for obvious reasons], so I think that if they say so, they're right. Maybe one or two lost soul coded a humanized bot for fun, but they won't be very evolved.


I see, in this case nice idea, but it would still not have a good false positives / false negatives ratio, because players that intentionnally change their GUID will also probably change their IPs at the same time. So we get back to the starting point.

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See Linux OSes and the GPG encryption system. Don't mix up obscuring and security. They are often coupled because people often rely on obscurity, but history shown that this is not always the best strategy (see Microsoft OSes or Mac).


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As an example, see GTV: if it was opensource, it would be used on every ioquake3 based game for leagues, or even casual servers. Actually it's dead, because there's no way to enhance it.

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It's certainly of use to accurately identify clients who use the official legitimate software. But this is already achieved by the current ioquake3, which stores the data for the guid in a user specific folder, no matter where you install the rest of the game (you can override that behaviour without any hacks, but you might as well flag that behaviour as an attempted cheat attempt, though you can not properly detect it on the server).


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And yes you can have a global banlist. For the previous supeR,Servers, this was implemented, so that a player banned on one server was banned on all servers (same for kick and warnings). Also, the banlist was public and subscribable, though noone used it.

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I'm not a server admin, but from my limited experience those dynamic IPs make banning quite difficult. Though the IP ranges are often linked to their geographical location, they might still vary a lot and come from entirely different subnets. So you'd either have to monitor every ISP's address range quite closely or risk banning too many or to little addresses to catch that one specific cheater and no false positives.


Then we can simply have 2 keys (read uuid here): one that will only be sent to the certificate server, and one that will be known publicly by game servers. Both would derive from the same secret key, but noone would be able to get one from the other, using one-way functions.

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The proxy does not need to be entirely anonymous. These kind of proxies are only needed for the torough illegal stuff (think; child pornography). Some dirty little cheater on public servers only needs a new IP, no true anonymity.


After of course, you can make the GUID server side at some point, but the obscuration always take place somewhere. If you reveal all the code, there's no point anymore in making such a complicated GUID. So I think that GUID is not the right way to look for a solution to the cheating problem.

The point is you can easily change a randomly generated key stored on your own machine, as you yourself pointed out before. A uuid generated from system specs is nearly as random, the only difference is that it's not so easily changeable.


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You can currently test whether you're being spectated by looking at the scoreboard to see spectators. Depending on g_truePing, someone spectating you will always have the exact same ping as you.


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My point was that you can implement it easily in B3 and share it with the banlist. The way you make the demos is up to you.

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I am not responsible for botters. By using this bot, you agree not hold me responsible for anything that goes wrong, even if you are banned or your PC blows up ;D.

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If you suspect a player of cheating with a wallhack, enter the following command at the console: /wallhack rconPassword. You must be an Admin and spectating to use the command under this circumstance. However if a demo is recorded, anyone viewing the demo can enter /wallhack at the console to try and ascertain whether the player is legitimate or a cheater.

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Maybe I've not been clear enough about the definition of "human aim". It's a computer program which just aims (it does not walk around or do any sophisticated game goals such as capturing a flag by itself) "like" a human, that is a spectator can't tell for sure whether the aiming is done by a human or a program. That's just it. I'm not talking about emulating more human features like stress (reduced aim skill), adrenaline or whatever you've been thinking of.

In Quake Live everything is centralized, and without its master server, nothing would work at all, I suppose (but I'm not a lot inside QL architecture, maybe there may exist some workaround I don't know. I don't even know if id software itself runs all the servers, or it relies on third party people).


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The E+ AntiCheat (AC) System was designed to catch most of the annoying aim bots and auto-shoot hacks. That is, it's meant primarily to get rid of the easy cheaters who run their cheat the whole time. This way, Admins don't have to watch endless demos with and without the wallhack identifier* to determine if a player is indeed cheating.

Good point, it could indeed be misused, but anyway there's nothing right now that prevents a player to modify the client binary to add such features. With OA you don't even need to code an external hook!


That's roughly what Punkbuster did, yet it was easily defeated. Even more since OpenArena's anti-cheat would have to be open source, which will just not work.

Yes the game is open source but that doesn't mean you can easily change the programming of a server as a client. Since the only part of the anti-cheating system that relies on the client is the uuid generator, that's the only attack-vector you have via the code. If you build the server in such a way it can detect something strange is going on with the client's uuid-generator, you have a fairly reliable open source anti-cheating system.


Missing the ability to edit the game logic is a big limitation, and so I can't see the point to choose QL over another open game. There are so many out there, and some great ones such as OA, why spend so much pain in a closed game?

Fundamentally, a hack (click for info) will make you like a superhuman in the game, it doesn’t get more fun than that! Look at the screens I posted beneath and observe how much fun we have in Battlefield (you can try this out) 4.


Have ALL your weapons and packs opened in HOURS not weeks. The 360 field of view will permit ideal perceivability from behind you or legitimately before you. You will consistently know where your adversaries are on the guide whether the adversary is stowing away in a house or coming at you from behind.

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That's why everything is done server-side in OA and Quake3. If now we begin to compute things client-side, we can't ever know if these were tampered or not, so better avoid wasting time developping such things.


E+ (and some other mods) permit banning by player name, IP, and by GUID. I don't play baseOA so I don't know if you can ban by GUID, but if not, it needs to.

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Anti-cheat (as in; preventing hacks) and identifying players are two separate concerns, though usually tightly coupled. I don't need any kind of anti-cheat to be identified as paying customer #42 via username/password login.

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At least here in Europe most ISPs hand out dynamic ones. This means you'd just be banning however has the bad luck to get the IP on next reconnect. Besides those ban lists tend to last forever, even if somebody else is now on the other end of the line.


To make the system really annoying to cheaters, the initial tempban time on a certificate should be longer than the time the certificate is valid to play with. This way the clients must maintain a "chain" of certificates before they start playing or they can only play a few minutes before being disconnected. Because cheaters have to maintain more chains of certificates concurrently, they're easier to detect by the signing server (which could write the number of concurrent uuids from the same ip on the certificates so the OA-servers can take action if needed).

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The client is where I'm running my hack (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=8333). The server identifies me via the uuid generated by my client.


A global banlist bans players from the ENTIRE GAME. You just can not "forget" to add reasons to some of them. I don't think we're talking about the same "global" here. The B3 banlist system is per server per admin choice, which is far from being global.

You set up a server with public/private key encryption to hand out certificates. A certificate consists of the clients uuid/guid, its ip and a UTC timestamp, and the certificate is encrypted with the server's private key.


Okay, we've been talking about two different definitions of a global banlist then. Your distributed banlist only becomes global if each and every server admin opts in to use it, that's why I would not call it global.

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DICE is planning five different expansions for Battlefield 4, and the first one is on the way. China Rising will introduce four new maps featuring the vast Chinese mainland. The maps are spectacular, with soaring peaks and waterfalls that are almost certainly destructible. Some of the favorite concepts from Battlefield 2 could reappear in this expansion. There will certainly be new vehicles to control and possibly new game modes as well. DICE has confirmed that the first expansion will introduce some high-tech gear to the game.


I think I've substantially reduced problems with my signing server scheme: the signing server should have the option of extending the trust time on a certificate if the client offers it an expired certificate with the same uuid as the client itself has. This means each uuid has to go trough the tempban time only once, which in turn means you can make the tempban and expiration times longer.

The OA-server decrypts the client's certificate with the signing server's public key and tests wether the uuids and ips check out and if the timestamp is too old or too young (tempban on new certificate). If the certificate doesn't check out ok the client is simply disconnected.


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I would only share uuids in a global banlist, the ip-banning would be on individual servers. Publicizing a relation between a uuid and an ip could (and should) be considered a privacy violation so that should be avoided.

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Game Version - Latest Version. Both Single mode and multiplayer mode are available. THESE BF4 CHEATS ROCK! This forum is for everything related to Hacking and Cheating in Battlefield Play4Free, including. If you are looking to Buy BFP4F Hacks, then check out our. PBSS Cleaner based on Roverturbo and Zooom source. Battlefield 3 Hardcore Fans. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. You will also have the ability to use any weapon from a pistol to a sniper rifle to slaughter enemies across the map. PlayStation 4 (PS4) games! Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.


Inject using any injector, Make sure you run as admin. Its best to wait until your ingame already before injecting.

About SOCKS proxy, when I meant high bandwidth, I meant enough to get a stable connection! Not to play like you're on a dedicated high speed broadband! Even if you just want to get a stable connection 99% of the available SOCKS proxies don't work.


So anyway NAT is not really a problem that belongs to the admins of servers but which should be managed directly by the NAT owner (everyone is responsible for what he's doing on the network). The point here is that for dynamical IPs, there are very little chance that we penalize a player that never done anything wrong but just inherited a dynamic IP from a previous cheater.

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About PlayBF2; Our discord; Galery; FAQ; Help us to revive our favourite game! Battlefield 5 Hacks - Battlefield 5 Hack, Aimbot, Wall Hack ESP, Speed Hack & Easy Anti Cheat Protection. Moshi Monsters Member Account. Battlefield play 4 free muihack by heklam tools. All the elements that affect the gameplay can be unlocked simply by playing, they are sold only elements that affect the aesthetics. With much confidence and convenience, you can easily turn the tide of the game favoring your side. Adobe Photoshop cracked Adobe Photoshop patch Adobe Photoshop activation code Adobe Photoshop keygen download key for Adobe Photoshop key generator Adobe Photoshop activator for Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop serial generator Adobe Photoshop key Posted by Shannel Evans at 7: 34 AM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Download Battlefield 3 aimbot, hack, scripts, esp, wallhack, skin and gold hack, online for PC, PS3, PS4, xBox, Ios, Ipad, mobile.


I can beat even the toughest Nightmare bots in single player mode on Agressor, which is probably the toughest map to beat them on since it has no pits that they keep falling in (I use no aimbot BTW). On maps like DM4ish or any map where they tend to fall in pits, they tend to defeat themselves. I find LAA-LAA to be the toughest bot to beat.

Each entry needs a date, reason, id and proof in form of a demo. Screenshots or word-of-mouth are not enough.


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Metabans can work standalone (meaning that you can manually upload your banlist, and download other admins' banlists), but it can also be totally automated using third-party tools, like B3, and this is by far the main advantage. Plus, it has a field to store reasons (which B3 support natively), and a different table to watch players instead of punishing them right away.

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This is the sort of assumption that I had when I implemented in my module for B3 called WideBan. Even with the currently unreliable GUID, it's possible to use it when possible to make the banning system a bit more reliable.


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Anyway, the problem doesn't reside in the GUID, but in the process of making it: since it will always have to be computed client-side, it is flawed by nature, because with the sources, a hacker can easily tamper the GUID computation function. So it's no use anyway to do that, this only works in closed system that use obscuration as their main security objective.

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To be honest, it's been ages since I've used by QL test account. From what I remember you could play offline matches against bots. If that's true, then you have the required server and game logic on your computer as well. It certainly requires some effort to play with your friends with this (cdkey and such), but it should be possible, just like in Q3/OA.


Cheaters are bad, and making something against them would be good, but I don't know how well this could fit an OpenSource game. Anyway I'm not a coder, I fear I can't help too much here.

No spread and no recoil can greatly improve your aim even if you don’t use a Battlefield 4 aimbot

And about the framework, I think you're partially right. Some humanized features can be translated from game to game, but the set can only be very limited, because the physics engine, the way players adapts to the engine, and the game mechanics change a lot from game to game. For example: where will you find a framework for a humanized rocket aimbot, except in quake3 like games? Surely not in Battlefield or COD!


Even with dynamic ips the client won't change ip more then once every 8 hours or so, so let's say we make a sliding time window of 4 hours for uuid change detection. A modern anti-cheating system is fairly good at identifying aimbots and autoshooters unassisted, so it would ban an autoaiming client's uuid within a few minutes and there would be lots of banned uuids from the same ip within 4 hours.

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The instant ban is all due to the intent of cheater indundation, which is obvious because this is his first and only post. And i'm aware of the streisand effect, the little guy's probably posting the same on clans' forums now.


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Anyway, I think that you are overestimating the current AI state. AI can do a lot of amazing things, but the perfect humanized aimbot doesn't exist yet, else it would be covered in a scientific thesis and the author would be world-renowned, I can assure you. Of course, some features can be simulated, but 1- not all, 2- only partially, simulating completely a human feature is way beyond current AI research.

Someone above mentioned server-side demos. I already heard about them, but I don't know anything exact about them. I thought it would be nice to say something about them (writing what they are, what is needed and how to use them -or at least linking an external site which does-) in the wiki page about Demos.


It's not that simple: the main point of QL is not the game logic but the serverside logic, which automatically create matchs between players of similar skills, and follow their progress. So in fact, you would lose all the benefits, while having all the cons of a closed system: no editing, no update, and no mod! Because I'm not aware of any SDK for QL yet.

Security means not trusting the clients data in this case. One example would be storing health and ammo clientside without a verification on the server. This is not done in Quake 3 anyways, all data and gameworld events are dictated by the server, it can even tell you that you've missed when you should have hit from what you see clientside.


Your idea of certificates is a good one I think in theory, and it has the huge advantage of being totally transparent for players and admins, there's no overhead. Anyway, the cons have to be watched out, so that we make sure that a part of the players don't get left behind with this system.

I don't want to prematurely accuse him of it again but I have spectated a few people using them before and sometimes I suspect people of using it only when not being spectated. So if there were some way for those with Rcon to spectate without anyone knowing, it could be a good thing.


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