N-Gram: BoW and TF-IDF lose a lot of the meaning inherent in the order of words in the original sentence. By extending the representation to include multi-word tokens the NLP pipeline can retain much of the meaning inherent in the order of words in our statements. N-Grams are sequences containing up to N tokens which appear one after the other in the original text.

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It plays a fundamental role since, if properly designed, it speeds up processing by making the concepts [re]usable and extensible. It represents an ordered (this link) and connected version of the same information that’s otherwise isolated, distributed and disorganized.


Users can choose from or customize a sentiment model for their specific use case. In a previous blog post, we compared the different approaches, all available in Hume, to show the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

When you run the program, it opens with an image of the Mandelbrot set. To navigate: point the mouse and click! On a PC, the left button zooms in and the right zooms out. On a Mac, use ctrl-click to zoom out. To pan the image around, use both buttons together, or shift-click on the Mac.

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Set the defaults: From the ‘Filters’ menu, enable Palette Emulator. From the “Calculation” menu select Iterations, and raise it to 2000. From the ‘File’ menu, select Save Configuration so you don’t have to make these changes again.

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Step by step, the knowledge graph grows in content and capability to organize and connect concepts and documents. At first, Hume extracts the text’s structure, and represents it in the first knowledge graph.


This is a huge advantage for this kind of algorithm since they don’t require any “previous” effort in annotating documents. The topics emerge from the corpus itself.

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