I thought this may be a good idea in order to answer any questions you may have about how I rip sounds from different consoles. There are, of course, multiple ways of ripping sound effects from different consoles. I thought it may be feasible to point you towards the methods I use as I've found them useful. My goal is to be able to teach you how to rip and understand how the game runs these sounds. I found that, the better I understand the process the ROM or any other game code goes through to play the effects, helps me to understand how to extract them.

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  • The iOS Gaming Thread January 2020: We beat the apocalypse
  • Many people are not happy to go down this route, so i-FunBox could be just what the doctor ordered
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However, if you grab the file/data from memory or cache, this also fails. But naturally, the web console doesn't do this. I'm pretty sure the web console also just doesn't log some stuff.

I don't get what the point of this post was, as I've known about Fiddler for awhile, and ins and outs of flash games. I just haven't gotten around to writing a tutorial.

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If a thread is no longer on the first page or the forum list (or more than a month old in slower sections), avoid posting in it without good reason. Specific topics that have died likely did so for a reason and chances are, if there's a reason to bring it back, enough new information is available to justify a new thread.


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You may consider looking into options such as Fiddler. This will detect virtually everything, and you can batch-download anything it manages to intercept.


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Firstly, the web console has a limit to how many urls or messages it retains. If dealing with an MMO, you'll easily load more files than the console normally is designed to retain, so the earlier logs will slowly be erased.


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