Desarrollado por Strawberry Rose y lanzado originalmente para PSVita en junio de 2021, Touhou Genso Maroku W: The Devil of Decline nos presenta un “Sistema Shikigami” en el cual los personajes del grupo luchan equipados con shikigamis, habiendo más de 100 de estos para elegir, cada uno con sus propias habilidades. Algunos de los enemigos que se derroten se convertirán en shikigamis tras reclutarlos.

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I’ve seen the guest list for the party, and it can’t be a coincidence that they’re all youkai — but not one of them is a tengu! The whole event is being kept very quiet to outsiders, and I have reason to believe it’s because Remilia Scarlet will be making some kind of announcement that she wouldn’t want the tengu to hear! So, I convinced my sullen master to make you her plus one and then have me attend the party with you on her behalf.


There is something slightly off in her monotone, a slight inflection of emotion just large enough to be suspicious. While you may have been terrible at the art of war, the art of words is something you were good enough at to cover up your other deficiencies.

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I voted for that hoped she'd be able to help, somehow. But now even Remilia knows something is wrong and she can't do anything either.


We measure success in dollars, not moral points. My previous job was with an organization that did care for moral points. A religious group actually, Christ Charity International -you know what?

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Spent a bit of time reorganising my room in preparation for my last year in secondary and sorting out the work hours for when school starts. Will be writing somewhere along the lines of 'tomorrow', depending on whether I clear my place quick enough or not.


Too bad, though, since you can't really do much but try and stay alive right now, which may or may not be difficult depending on whatever monsters you'll be up against now. Hopefully they're the reasonable types, so you might have a chance in persuading them to help you out of the situation, and convert them if you have the chance. Then again, you're favouring more on actually making the chances than waiting for one to show up.

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Mai, just like Yuki before, is a lot more tough than I remember. Much like Yuki, she's strong against Light and Dark, uses Vortex after being hit with Tongue, and is also slightly resistant to Water.


There's been an english patch in the works for well over a year now over at the [HOST] forums. A turn-based RPG following the exploits of a human (you) swept into Gensokyo. Illustration about Blue download button for internet website use. It greatly exceeded the PC-98 games graphically and musically, and was the first game to gather a substantial Western fanbase. It describes the author's pilgrimage through the three realms of the afterlife as he learns how we can find lasting joy in God. She is a sorceress, and once resided in the capital city of Aedirn.

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I mean, any qi he has is probably coming from kotohime right? What's the worst that could happen?


What you aren’t telling her is that you don’t mind someone else doing the cooking. It’s not really taking advantage of her if she’s more than happy to do it, or so you tell yourself.

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Get your trusty battle staff ready for a challenging adventure in Medieval China and for merciless fights with hordes of various enemies. FPS Year Summary - 2020 The most popular FPS of the year continue to be yearly versions of existing franchises. While the story remains the same, Matsuri offers more features such as: new playable characters, shikigamis, items and weapon skills. Her previously white dress was. Hitodama Light: You'll see hitodama around some cursed zones, graves, and around several ghosts you encounter. Touhou Devil of Decline is out!


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Oh, so that is how the miko got inducted into her current state of intoxication. She must not have a very good hold on her liquor.

When you finally reach the center of the library, it’s brightly-lit in contrast to the rest of library — but you aren’t sure by what. There are no candles, lanterns, or electric lights anywhere. You can’t even pick out where the light is coming from — nothing casts a shadow, the light just seems to be there.


A swift scan around the vicinity gives you positive results, as you spot an empty chair just a few metres away. It's one of those unusual chairs without the back rest, something you vaguely remember as a stool or something. You don't particularly enjoy sitting with only the walls as back support while burdened down by another person, but then you don't really have a choice in this matter, as another round of observation proves that the next closest chair is a bit faraway. The problem getting there would not be the matter of your strength, but rather the possible disturbance to the other guests. You do plan on being a good host, and a little hardship is nothing, so without a word you make your way to the stool. A few of the gathered guests expresses their minds while you're on your way, and you continue to exchange banter with them as you adjust yourself for a more comfortable sitting position. The Hakurei miko is still clinging onto you like an overgrown child, and you cannot help but smile gently when she shifts subconsciously to rest better.

Huh, you've assumed they're going to be girls just because they have feminine voices, looks like you're wrong in one case. Still, it seems as good an opportunity now as ever to work your magic.


You can use them to break two crystals and then they break, forcing you to find another one. Thankfully, they respawn when you leave the room.

Like this, we might be able to gauge her reaction. Will she politely shoot us down? Will she mention she wouldn't mind? Will she be even more vague about it?


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It is the recognition that we are not alone in this world, and that we are not islands. In the spirit of community, I suggest that tonight you let the bottle touch only the glasses of those around you, and I think you will find that your own cup runs over without your attention.

Two enemies here, one of which is more powerful than the other. The Water Elemental in the back is not a joke. It's weak to Fire, but it carries brutal Water attacks. Beware it. The Dourujinasu up front is weak to Earth, I think, and it's not too powerful. It can inflict Zombie on your dead party members, though, so watch out for that.


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It's a chunk of sharp metal set to vibrating at extremely high frequencies and magically alloyed to not shatter. The power supply is rather bulky, however.

From top to bottom, Clear Sky is filled with people angry at the world. It's ironic that they are used to maintain the stable order in Gensokyo, but it makes complete sense when Gensokyo's entire existence is an affront to the modern world's order. It is no wonder that they can get new recruits comfortable with youkai comrades and participating in death squads so easily: they are all on the same page from the start.


Twilight Takedown is a physical attack. It's strong, but if you don't make it so Mima's physical power is alright, then it won't be very exciting.

There will be sidequests separate from the main story, and areas with NPCs to talk to. Dungeons will be less linear, with interconnected areas for easier navigation. There will also be more puzzles.


Anyways the details of the operation are up to you. I trust that planning a milk run like this should be a simple exercise.



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Foolishly attempting a board standard New Year update, let's see if it works out. Pic unrelated to the post, but rather the festive day that is today. The beginning of a bright new year.

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You catch the youkai girl sitting on the top of one of the older walls of the camp, swinging her legs over the edge as she enjoys an ice cream bar. You think she's enjoying it, at least, judging by the smiling mask on the side of her face.


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She picks up a blade, twirls it, and in the same motions swings at a chunk of warped railroad track piled on her left. You tilt your head as you see the blade cut straight through the thick metal like so much bread.

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And after some exploring we find the bucket. The bucket can only douse one fire before it needs to be refilled with water, but fires will respawn when you leave the room, so be careful. The puzzle involving the bucket is extremely simple.


It jerks back at the impact and you can see that the shot left a dent, but it does not drop the pistol. You pull the bolt and bring up the gun again, but this time the enemy takes the initiative, and lunges at you.

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They also cost 100 MP to use, which is the most MP that a character can hold at a time. Before using a Last Word, a character may need to Focus until her MP refills to 100, unless she uses it on the first turn of battle. Make sure that character won't need to do anything else on the next turn, because with 0 MP remaining, that character will need to Focus on the next turn.


Hey, we're not the ones who caused this incident, damn it! Don't pull your cheaty shit from Silent Sinner in Blue. We should have won those fights, damn it! You're not allowed to call on the power of the gods like that!

The day, you can feel, is coming to an end. You will probably only get to interact with two to three more individuals before the populace joins the Red-White in peaceful dream-making.


The trike ride was uneventful, but extremely stressful, covered under the tarp, you have to rely on what little menreiki power you have mastered to faintly sense the presence of the passerby around you. All you can really clearly sense is their level of hatred.

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It's a small AoE attack that's pretty powerful, and does more damage if you're hitting a Slayer. The skill learning doesn't end there, however.


You glance down at the controller. Unlike the small, concise rectangle you were familiar with, this thing has three prongs and about five times as many buttons. You aren’t even sure how to hold it.

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Mima explains the incident to Rinnosuke, who of course now knows that Shinki is essentially repeating Angra's incident. We still don't know why, though.


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And now for the most annoying enemy here, the Scarlet Peris! They are technically birds, so Electric and Pierce work, but they use Fire Chase and can also inflict Berserk.

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The doors open, and Remilia Scarlet emerges wearing — surprise — a red gown with a deep red sash. Instead of her cap, she wears a long red ribbon in her blue hair. She stands tall, or as tall as she possibly can be, in red heels and has made an attempt at a mature look with some dark red lipstick.


Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - Touhou Wiki - Characters, games

You turn around and search for an exit, but there’s no doors where they should be. It’s just walls. You look back, and that pure smile of hers starts to burn into your head.

It will never be 'one knight', once knight will bring more knigths, and more knights. Maybe not now, but later down the line it could spell our doom.


Wide berth of influence on the tengu and kappa. Tengu are probably not too useful for us, but the kappa have a large sense of communal spirit that can be tapped into. Bridging the technological gap between the kappa and the humans will be very important.

You’re immortal, but you still worry. There’s nothing wrong with that. It has nothing to do with being human or youkai, strong or weak.


Still, after all of this the coordinator dodged the elephant, or rather hog, in the room. The African and Middle East regions that a good deal of the pork are delivered to are heavily Islamic, and consumption of pork is both forbidden by religion and shunned in culture. So, I ask, why deliver pork there?

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Surely, as long as you keep her celestial iron skin in mind, her amateurish moves should not be a threat. Just focus on kicks, and she should.


The truck reaches the storage tanks without challenge. You and Ahmed descend from the cabin, and begin working quickly on refuelling the containers with the spiked diesel. You keep your head down, still kind of in shock over what just happened and not willing to attract any attention in the staging area which is currently a confused mess of screams, itchy trigger fingers and nervous eyes.

Why is there a glowing tree here? Makai is one screwed up place in terms of its biology.


Then you see an aberration in the contours of his body. Pants and coats don’t stretch like that, in fact, it’s almost as if he’s wearing.

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Coronavirus articles about Japan on 2020-06-16. The Touhou Series began Highly Responsive to Prayers, which was developed by the group Amusement Makers for the Japanese NEC PC-9801. Dungeon Defenders Complete 7.48b. The English (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=7993) translation does very well at turning French punny names into English punny names. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Posting Touhou music until Reimu gets in" - Page 12. G2A Loot Points (LP) are the main currency on G2A Loot.


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You decide that now may be a good chance to talk to Suika, and her newcomer friends. Throughout the party you have been busy taking care of the sleeping shrine maiden, and thus regretfully you have been neglecting your cherished comrade and close friend. It is to your relieve that through it all your oni friend seems to be enjoying herself, but now is the time to make up to her. Now is the time, when time itself moves at a leisurely pace, to converse with and convey in a friendly manner the virtues of the Party to the unaware.

Where can I download Touhou games for the PC in English? Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works. As an expansion, Matsuri is not a standalone version and player must install over the original game. What do you need help on? Of course, this could be easily forgiven, as it was in the wee hours of the morning, and most of the mystical country's denizens were either hours from awakening or just getting to bed. Swap between characters!


After a lengthy conversation with the shrine maiden, what I get out of her explanation about Gensokyo seems pretty crazy. See also: Category: Playlists A sortable list of playlists on the SiIvaGunner channel. The FBI, with its law enforcement partners, plays a key role in combating violent crime involving gangs, crimes against children, crimes in Indian Country, fugitives and missing persons. Has a sequal, Devil of Decline, and a related game, Phantasmal Summoners. Set in an alternative history of the story of Overlord. Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 Crack Keygen Free Download.

It screams, and flails about as it tries to remove the blinding element. It drops the pistol in its panic, and you quickly swipe it up.


Apparently this was rumored about in Angra's part of Makai, but she never knew it actually existed. Well, where else would demons enjoy bloodsport? Though that raises disturbing thoughts about what's about to happen to us.

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It was later mass-produced by Clear Sky who saw use in a grenade with both incendiary and explosive properties. The grenades themselves contain an explosive that when detonated is converted into a superheated liquid, that, as Tadakuni reluctantly admits, is very good at getting through armor cracks and vehicle ports.


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So in any way you look at it, you don't have the obligation to be the one explaining to Suika. Now if only you can find an excuse to cover yourself, something convenient but believable, then you're free from the potential trouble and possible awkwardness brought on by answering.

I believe what sets us apart from the beast is in fact the opposite: other-awareness. The idea of something deserving of our attention other than our own base need to sate thirst and hunger.


That is what it means to be a mask youkai like Kokoro. You truly have much to learn in this newfound world of mystics, and you resolve to begin leaving your previously learned common sense behind. After all, given that you have learned that magic and monsters really do exist in this world, so why not readjust your worldview?

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It is disturbing and bizarre, but it isn't exactly horrifying in the way that Indigo was. You don't scream, cry or even try to look away.


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The sun is approaching the horizon, and the time for the assault is about to begin. Kokoro has taken up position in the center of the roof and is readying to perform. Tenshi watches the streets and rooftops, ready to go in sword swinging at the first sight of danger.

Only after you reload do you notice that the figure is lying motionless on the ground, a wide spray of blood, brain matter and metal fragments. Looking through the scope again, you see with some nausea that the miniature HEAT round (you’re not quite sure what sort of magic they used to make such bullets) had shorn through the helmet and done a number on the target’s skull.


But you’re not going to be able to protect the ritual like this. You have to engage in CQC, as much as you hate it.

Frankly, I have no plans to share what I intend to do, because the tengu very well could have sympathizers in this room right now. This is merely a declaration against them and an open invitation to those who would prefer to fight than fade away. Fight however you want, and I will be doing the same.


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A surge of pain erupts, spreading from your knuckles onto your arms, and a rather unmanly yelp escapes your lips as your hand briefly goes numb. It feels as though you have just struck a boulder.

You want to carry Patchouli to her room since you feel bad for her. What happened to her wasn't entirely her fault.


Crowne chuckles, "You see, Associate Xian, some people, often times the local government or strongman, do not like seeing another group exert so much influence over their subjects. We are then forced to defend our investments, often times by allying with another force in the region. Here we have aligned ourselves with what is left of the Karen National Union, as you can see their symbol being depicted alongside ours. We do not hold ourselves to the laws of thugs and criminals, but rather to the laws of humanity.

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I thought demons were a little more loyal than that! He explains how he was a spy the entire time, observing Angra and the Three Demonic Pillars and gathering information on the incident.


It causes the element you used to be weakened and the opposite to be strengthened. Using the Oshirasawa's effect that blocks field effects can stop this, which is a good thing. She can also use Jammer, but the Oshirasawa's effect will block that too. The idea is to inflict an elemental weakness effect on her, such as with Special Missile or Tongue if you have either. Since I don't have the G-3, Rumia's Tongue will have to do. After that, you can blow her out of the water.

You chuckle, but you’re the only one. Lucy’s grip on your arm tightens.


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Kokoro bends over, and with a swipe, she reveals the mask that has become a part of you, on the side of your head, “Adin, do you not remember what you have become? Emotions are what fuels us menreiki.

You bring down the hate-filled instrument on the enemy’s head, right as they raise their sword up to parry. The knife sparks against the silvered blade, and you are forced back against the wall. Kicking off, you ready yourself for another charge.


You cannot exert your powers directly over them, it seems like. You think to yourself as you run over to the furthest one you can sense. Jumping off the rooftop, you gain just the bare minimum line of sight for a snap shot, and fire.

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She raises her sword over her head, and brings it down in a heavy chop. It goes thunk as the enemy’s head is cleanly separated from his shoulders. No response is observed other than a few more spurts of blood.


Instead, characters are only able to learn skills for which they have a strong elemental affinity. For example, in the original game, Cirno could use Fire magic, but it would probably deal 0 damage. In this game, Cirno cannot learn Fire magic period, and can only learn skills that she would be good at using.

Normally, Lucy can’t be too far away from Patchouli, by decree of the contract that keeps Lucy in this world. However, in special circumstances, Patchouli can modify the contract to temporarily allow Lucy free agency. That’s what she told you, anyway.


Kokoro riffs through the boxes, with the other soldiers politely (or rather by policy) letting her have the first pick. She chooses a longblade, much like her unpowered glaive, and a nasty-looking pistol with a needle pointed tip.

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Do consider that the assault will commence at 1900 hours, and the crescendo of the effect should coincide with it, ensuring that the guards would be affected enough to put up no resistance and the other soldiers simply stuck in their barracks. I can dance for around one hour, with the effect gradually building up as more people are affected, and at closing stage it can roughly affect everyone within the radii and a coin toss for those outside.


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There are no longer border and barrier stats. Accuracy, Evasion, Critical Rate, and Critical Dodge influence all attacks and not just physical attacks. Skills can no longer be interrupted, so the Concentration stat no longer exists. MP costs are now unchangeable, so stats related to MP cost no longer exist. Status ailments have fixed durations dependent on the power of the skill that inflicted them, so the Recovery stat no longer exists. Skills and equipment no longer have Weight, so the Weight and Weight Capacity stats no longer exist.

Well that certainly spun out of control. I apologise for my tardiness, writing shall commence from this moment onwards.


The FN FAL the army issued you is currently in the weapons locker, but the SV-98 sniper rifle that Indigo gave you for the convoy attack mission is sitting on your desk. It just doesn't feel right to put it into the locker, though you cannot quite explain why, and so right now it just lies there, silently shadowing you.

This update is resisting, which seems to be happening quite frequently these days for some reason. Has anyone got any good ways to stimulate thoughts and imagination? This inability to formulate a good scene is getting rather frustrating.


The door she’s led you to looks far older than the contemporary decor of the rest of the mansion. The old wood and iron frame are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. If Remilia Scarlet recently remodeled the mansion, then this must be a remnant of the past she left undisturbed — for what reason, you couldn’t imagine. You run your fingers against the door and eventually find yourself pulling on the iron ring that acts as a handle. There’s no lock, no protection, and no alarm.

Whether you help them or not is up to you, but your actions will affect the flow of the plot. Other characters, such as Sanae, Byakuren, and Miko, often visit the town to offer help, but for different reasons.


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As if possessed, he wordlessly spits out the cigarette, abruptly raises the rifle with one hand and mechanically opens fire at the window near him, and amidst the shattering glass you can see blood drops spraying out. Shock overtakes the scene for a few moments, before loud shouting and angry commands are spouted left and right, and the soldier is almost immediately gunned down by his former comrades.

Remilia produces a silver bell exactly like the one that was given to you, and gives it a single shake. Immediately, Sakuya appears next to her, and all of the broken glass and spill are disappear from the table and floor. Even the stains on the carpet are gone.


Before we move on the the mines, let's talk about Mima. She's a spellcaster, with the second highest INT in the game (falling only behind Patchouli) and an average MP pool. Unlike Patchouli, however, her HP, VIT, and DEX are average, though she has a low STR. Her biggest boons besides her high INT, though, are having the best AGI in the game as well as a high POT stat. In other words, she's a Lightning Bruiser with emphasis on magic. Patchouli, you've been faithful to me throughout the game, but now you must go. Sorry. Although I forget to put Mima into my party for a few battles, but not too many.

She cranks her neck off to the side and mutters something. The noh mask she is wearing on the side of her head changes to a plain white one, with no expression.


Touhou 11 english patch

I don’t think humans would give gods their faith after finding such routine convenience in the modern society given to them by the tengu. It would take some kind of calamitous incident to strip away the humans’ confidence and return their faith to the gods.

In arranging this here, we have the implicit backing of the Hakurei shrine. This would immediately seem to put us at odds with them, since they themselves are trying to accrue faith in Gensokyo for the Moriya shrine. We have to let her know that we are not advocating or advertising for the Hakurei shrine as a religion. Reimu doesn't give a rat's ass about faith, because she doesn't need it. The only reason she has to maintain any sort of public presence at all is for donations. In fact, if this goes well, she will no longer even need donations.


For some strange reasons you suddenly remember the old folklore of the Baba Yaga, about her flying with her mortar, about her habits of kidnapping children, about the tales of her occasional helping of those who seek her aid. Maybe if you try you might find your way to her hut?

Subterranean animism english patch

Each attribute strongly influences 2 stats, and slightly influences 4 other stats. This makes it easier to keep track of stats than in the original game, as you only need to worry about boosting the 6 attributes. Also, all stats are very important.


Never 7 english patch

Because getting KOed is much more avoidable in this game, the best strategy is to not get KOed in the first place. A very skilled and careful player should be able to complete the entire game without a single character getting KOed.

Of course, she needs to tell everyone else who she is and what the hell she's doing. Apparently she's guarding this Clock Tower.


Hellhounds are dangerous because they too have Conflagration. They have the normal Fire Breath as well, but that's weak at this point (only 30 base power).

Rather we're accelerating what Moriya has been doing, which is modernization. Yukari's increasing somnolence and the thinning of the Border point to a time where Gensokyo will simply have to reintegrate itself with the world, and the major players should be conscious of this fact. It is an ambitious project, building the Gensokyo of Tomorrow, but one I do not think is vain or a disingenuous.


Using the same engine as Genius of Sappheiros and Devil of Decline, this game focuses on the player fighting monsters in JRPG-style battles and capturing them into card forms, then using these cards to summon the same monsters to fight for you instead! Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Touhou Genso Maroku: The Devil of Decline here on GameSpot. Music-Related Utilities Extractors. Due to ready made voter id form 6 hindi pdf ob in! Due to reales son un adverse sequelae definition. Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom Touhou 7.5: Immaterial and Missing Power Touhou 8: Imperishable Night Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View Touhou 9.5: Shoot the Bullet Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith Touhou 10.5: [color=red]Scarlet Weather Rhapsody[/color] Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object Touhou 12.3.

Why is PI upset, this is exactly what we wanted Lucy to do around Keine. We told Keine that we had a long distance relationship with Lucy, and now Lucy is playing along with the story we concocted. Seems kind of silly to get angry at Lucy for doing what we told her to do.


At least she isn’t a true shut-in. Maybe she’ll be more motivated, once she meets the right person. As long as she’s the mansion’s secret, however, the chances of that working out are considerably low.

Something’s up, that’s for sure. Regardless, you follow her to the table and sit down. Hina is standing in the kitchen, messing around with the oven.


It’s not that she reminds you of a certain someone waiting for you at home. You couldn’t possibly be so soft-hearted. Her head simply feels right to pat.

The blades part, and out from the darkness comes a piece of red. A raw, beating heart, perhaps it was human at one point, but now it appears to have sprouted additional vessels like roots, with each one of the arteries connected to the peripheral of her form. Each one, you note, connects to a mask.


Gematsu Touhou Genso Maroku W coming to PS4 Comments Feed

To cut a long story short, it is a system syncretizing turn-based game and barrage. A system in which the barrages will move according to preset trajectory after players complete operation. A systemwhichletsplayersthink twice before every character’s every step so that their characters won’t be hurt by changing barrages.

Isn’t this just a game you girls are playing? Like capture the flag or something?


Pilo's award winning beauty services include highlighting, coloring, haircuts, facials, massage, body treatments. Lore, Tom Boonen's girlfriend gave her own view on yesterday's stage this morning in an interview. The story, told by conversations between characters during interludes in the action, goes as such: The land of Gensokyo; (setting of all the Touhou games) has been engulfed by a red mist. Touhou Gensou Maroku - The Devil of Decline was released at Comiket 81, on December 30. Because of this, they are not well known among. Boston - Cambridge - Newton, MA-NH Spokane - Spokane Valley, WA; Durham - Chapel Hill, NC; Lakeland - Winter Haven, FL.

The process of slowly following broken branches continues for some unknown amount of time. You can't really tell how long have passed since you leave the place where you drop from the sky, but the fiery glow of the sky tells you that it's around sunset right now. You grimace a little, you humming long since silenced.


The man grins at me, and tells me the reason. He was the one who came up with the idea, and the details were laid out by Ran Yakumo (alias Indigo). As a disillusioned UNHCR coordinator, he had noticed how refugees and people in desperate situations are willing to compromise their principles for survival. Seeing how formerly devout people become desensitized to prostitution and violence endemic to camps, he experimented to see if it could be induced in a lesser sense and over a long term. With his own funds, he ordered a shipment of pork and had it prepared and served at the camp he was in charge, and even after issuing multiple explicit declarations that the meat used in the stew they served was pork, a vast majority of the refugees, some of whom have not seen meat in years, eagerly devoured the food. The reaction was not so good the morning after, however.

Alas, reporters are a suspicious bunch, prone to seeing deceptions and traps even where there are none. They would likely term the minuscule wages the refugees are paid for their mandatory labor to be exploitation, even though Clear Sky provides high quality food, first-world utilities and safety to a level unimaginable in other refugee camps, where refugees would struggle to find employment at all. It's a win-win relationship, as well-fed, happy refugees make for loyal, productive workers.


Draglade 2 english patch

Are you sure you're in the right part of the map? But, it's only one shikigami anyway.

Her question strikes you as an odd one, does she not know? It is then that you remember the fact you haven't seen the carefree spirit since the incident in the hotspring, naturally she won't be informed on the matter if Suika had been depressed and then too busy helping along with the preparation to provide a detailed explanation. Though really, you are rather relieved to hear that the ghost haven't been told what happened, for you are not sure what impact would have on the oni if she is to be reminded of the happenings of the day.


Touhou Youkai Hourousha: Through the Looking Glass, a

Rumia can hide barrages, which means palyers can’t see her barrages completely. As a result, players have to deduce trajectory of barrages according to their acquaintance with barrages and then dodge them. Hon Meirin is good at knockback, so chances are that even if players have dodged barrages, Hon Merin can still use her skills to beat them back to the area surrounded by barrages or even to a barrage. We hope that we can combine bosses’skills with rules of barrages to create more plentiful experience.

Polite sage for hijacking PB's thread. Although he should really update, dammit.


What makes me deserving of your interest, more than a fly or frog? No matter how powerful, strong, or wise you are, I posit that, unlike with the plant or the animal, you recognize the existence of those around you right as something similar, something special, and deserving of your attention.

Touhou sky arena english patch

You've played this a couple times on arcade machines before. Looks like the enemies are fairies, and everything is very snowy here. The music is soft, and HOLY SHIT THAT'S A LOT OF BULLETS FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.


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Slowing your pace down right as the noon prayer call goes out, you mingle with the crowd of incoming worshippers as they move into the mosque. You've been here a couple times before when in town, but not as an infiltrator. Still, you spot the stairs leading up to the minaret and as subtly as possible make your way up.

He mechanically flips through several clips, filmed from the attacker's perspective through phone cameras, of executions, of rapes, of crying and shrieking. Several of the associates tried to look away, but are drawn back by a morbid curiosity whenever there is a new sound.


For starters, you are not really into botany, so you wonder just how can a cherry blossom be perfect. Does it have all of its petals intact? Does it mean that the cherry tree is perfect? You don't really know, and you don't really feel like bothering Faceless to find out. The story in the game will probably clarify it anyway.

A very warm conversation with Mori. I think we made the right choice.


And that's all influx of votes I'll get, I guess. Can't say I didn't predicted this sort of outcome (the vote choices, that is).

Touhou unthinkable natural law english patch

Ahmed responds with a shrug, “Who cares. The true enemy is onto our presence here, and from what I’ve got from poking around the ranks with disguise magic on, the rank-and-file Sudanese probably won’t put up much of a fight regardless of what we do if Clear Sky arrives, other than those handpicked by the knights. So once Kokoro starts the ritual, we’ll be facing straight fights with the knights. Which is why Indigo ordered this newbie to be ferried here by train to bulk up our forces.


You are unsure if she can understand English (more help), but still you apologize to the girl as you pass. Download part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. Koumakan/EoSD for Busy People - Translated. Berlin - Germany; Fort Worth - United States; Hamburg - Germany; Milan - Italy; Madrid - Spain; San Diego - United States. Touhou (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=6957) Genso Maroku W: The Devil of Decline (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=1887) is a Role-Playing game, developed by Strawberry Bose and published by Mediascape, which was released in Japan in. Submit; Cool Stuff; English Login; Register; Wallpaper Abyss Anime Touhou. One girl acts as a board and one acts as a rider.

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The High Orc in the back is pretty much like the Orcs from way back on the First Stratum. Weak to Light, if I remember correctly, and uses Blunt attacks. The Aqueducts are essentially Water versions of the Backfires.


Devil doll the return of eve patch

The Gnome King is EXTREMELY dangerous. It's weak to Electric, but it has powerful Earth attacks. Be careful or just plain out run.

Some people even go so far as to claim that she's a vampire. Strawberry Bose is a company probably most known for their first doujin touhou rpg called Touhou, the Genius of Sappheiros (English patch. Touhou (clicking here): Gensokyo Reloaded is a massive update to Touhou RP Extended, which originally began as a compilation created by Traweezie consisting of RicePigeon's Touhou characters, both new and. Does anyone know any good touhou fangames? I got the Jap version of the first two and can say without a doubt they beat the pants off all current RPGs. Created a page in which you can have a better view of the albums that we currently offer.


You’ve considered it, again and again and again. Where would you both be if you hadn’t become a detective? If you were at home with her more often? If you appreciated her more instead of using her as a reprieve from a hard day at work? Would you be speaking with her in reality, instead of this twisted dream? Would you still have your old life?

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You look left and right to see that the citizens of Al-Bashir have begun to disperse from the scene. Quickly putting your pistol back into your hidden holster, you dutifully put your hands up as you see the Sudanese Army troops come out with their G3 battle rifles drawn and leveled at your face and the face of the knight.


The Titan Arum here is the ultimate Earth shikigami, which isn't saying much. However, it is the first of the ultimate elemental shikigami we get, so we take what we can get. It starts with Supergravity and Poison Hand, so it's good for physical and magical attackers. It also offers 75% resistance to Earth, 25% weakness to Electric, 50 Earth land regen, and a 25% boost to Earth elemental attacks.

You continue on about for a little while, the boy interrupting here and there but never finishing his sentences. The others, female company of the boy shows a variety of different emotions during your small talk, from the amused look of the girl with pinkish hair and fluffy wings, to the confused stare of the fairy in blue and the innocent smile of the child with golden locks. For a moment you think you see a strange sphere of darkness surrounding the blonde girl, but you dismiss the thought of it as being the sun playing tricks on your eyes.


7th dragon english patch

Instead, only the player can initiate a battle. This means that you will not need to avoid enemies, and you will not be forced to fight battles against your will. Avoid too many battles, though, and you may be too weak to handle the next boss or miniboss. The responsibility falls to the player to strike a balance between accepting and forgoing battle.

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Backup locations that could be used to reconstruct a Gensokyo at a moment's notice and rendering events such as the one postulated in the fangame Concealed the Conclusion to be a non-game ending loss, though still catastrophic in results. Yakumo has maintained outposts in a handful of viable locations, mostly dead Walled Gardens, but so far has failed in gathering the necessary magical power needed to perform a full backup due to the aforementioned sage breakup and the fact that the Dragon God of Gensokyo has been unavailable. This avenue is, so far, a very narrow one.


On the other hand, we have the Full Solid Metals and the Master Ninja. The Full Solid Metals are like the Solid Metals from earlier, except even more hardy. Not even hitting it with Cosmic Liner with Angra can finish them off in one sot despite them being weak to Mystic. And of course, they use shield skills like Mighty Shield Wall and Benevolence Wall. The Master Ninja can act twice per turn and will most likely spend both of those turns using Behead.

And we haven't even gotten to the theme for the final expansion boss yet. This game has such awesome music. I really, REALLY want to know who the composer for this game and Genius of Sappheiros were.


Dmc devil may cry deutsch patch pc

The appearance of a shrine maiden not of this particular shrine has from the beginning been a question in your mind. You suspected religious rivalry, but the notion of a real god or goddess existing has never really appeal to you. After all, this shrine doesn't particularly give the impression of having a deity. But now that you know, everything starts to work itself out, and the puzzle pieces are beginning to assemble.

Mima was the one who put you in the box? So she's essentially been observing the original incident, then!


Touhou 13 ultra patch

CON replaces INT from the original game, because a character's intelligence has no logical connection to her skill at using offensive magic (glaringly, Eirin has lower INT than Cirno in the original game), but mental concentration does. WIL replaces POT from the original game, because not only does potential have little to do with magic defense, but not even the developers were sure what POT was supposed to mean (it stands for potential, but the Japanese description sounds closer to luck).

Then suddenly, you’re free — and sitting back on the bed you woke up on. The fairies — even the ones that ran away — are sitting against the wall. They look just as disoriented as you are.


I thought I finally found a friend who, you know, drinks a lot like me! He makes these weird speeches, and he do weird things like starting a party out of nowhere, and drinks something so much stronger than sake. And I killed him, dropped him chasing you and didn't even know until I caught you!

You stop to listen if she has anything else to say, and when she clearly doesn't you answer with a muffled grunt and continues on your way. It's your freedom to do what you want, at least she is kind enough to use the word 'suggest' instead of ordering you, which most definitely won't seat well with your ideals.


Is it because you’re deliberately trying to overact? Yet you don’t even feel much of shame or humorous joy at the actions. You realize, as you pose in front of the silent, simian arbiter that has been watching everything going on without comment, that you only feel what he appears to feel: a drudging sense of duty.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Maid of Scarlet Devil Mansion Wallpaper Background Image. Godou Kusanagi is the male protagonist of Campione! Nero Playermodel from Devil May Cry 4. Thanks to zhu553272794 for making this model. Ported into Garry's Mod by me. Action-packed battles, user friendly controls and incredible atmosphere of great kung-fu movies of 70s – all this makes.


This is not what you've want to face when you finally return to the shrine, and right now you're not really in the mood to argue. There are still work to be done, preparations to be completed, and little oni to please and tell your safe arrival. Quietly, you frown at the shrine maiden, who frowns back with the same intensity.

Biko 2 english patch

Yes, she's back and pretty much works the same way as she did in GoS. Weak to Light and uses some very dangerous Blunt skills like Planet Breaker.


The stronger the attack, the longer the cool-down period before that character is susceptible to strong attacks again. Until then, you can only damage the character by using weak attacks with low base power.

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A young man walks in, his eyes closed in prayer. The audience recognizes this person as the young Crowne. He is apparently praying for the salvation of the man, who according to the off camera interrogator is the militant commander responsible for the attack on the village.

PaperBoy, you've really outdone yourself with this update. I'm not just saying that because you updated.


Mystical chain english patch

With her homespun robe, plain black wig and veil, she looks just like another poor refugee trying to eke some extra money by performing. You idly wonder if she would attract more attention by wearing less, then immediately suppress the thought for fear that she has secondary mind-reading powers.

Crash and burn, this is the result. Not especially satisfied with this one, since I couldn't figure out a suitable resolution for more Suika, and felt that I've failed characterization of the characters in this update. Still, this is the first step towards getting back on track, so hopefully you find some enjoyment from this instalment.



We've got our final battle theme, a remix of Vessel of Stars~Casket of Star. Pretty damn fitting for the last dungeon of the game.


There's a Killer Rafureshia there. Weak to Fire and Slash, and just as dangerous as its long gone cousin from the Third Stratum.

Her arms slowly wrap around you and pull you closer. Being closer to your height, she can easily rest her chin on your shoulder.


Basically I want to know how to take some random program. There are even tougher foes waiting after beating the final boss of the original game. Superman V2 #166, which infamously attempted to retcon Post-Crisis version of Krypton back to the Silver Age version, was the first crack in the wall. I really wish they would port Genius of Sappheiros/Devil of Decline/Nightmare of Rebellion to English on Vita. But I would doubt she hasn't heard of it, working for Patchouli and all. Decline invitation Take the survey.

If she tries to rope you into working for Remilia Scarlet, then you better tell her that I have the exclusive rights to your ass! Ohhh, that girl is going to get it. Nobody backstabs me, not ever again!


Embodiment of scarlet devil english patch

Ahmed calls out from below, “Go ahead, I’ll hold down the shop. Just make sure you don’t let too many through at once.

Mafia 2 english patch

Now that the mines are completely out of the way, can we get through the Clock Towers of the End, defeat those holding the power that seals the Black Sanctuary, and make it to Shinki? We'll find out in the next two updates.


Telefang 2 english patch

Yeah, it seems to extend down here. If we go in, we might find something to do with Mima.

It’s another reminder that these moments are fleeting, especially for them. This could all be gone tomorrow, like so many things you once held dear.


I am Aleksandr Vassiljevitj Ivanov, the catalyst of sorts for this little excuse to inebriate ourselves. I have come a very long way from my homeland, so just before we follow Miss Hakurei into the realm of pleasant stupor, I want to say a few words, and maybe come tomorrow morning you'll have something to take away from this, besides the hangover.

I am of Russian nationality, but I consider myself a Citizen of Earth. I am of the flesh, bone, and blood of a human, but the love of my life -my beautiful daughter, Sacchin- is a machine constructed of oil & steel, currently convalescing in the Red-White's backyard. I believe that who I am as an individual is more than the sum of labels that are allotted to me, and I believe this to be true for all of you as well.


Dmc devil may cry update patch

I, myself, have given a lot of thought to starting a story. I've written short stories before, and I think I've planned the idea out pretty well on paper.

The inhabitants mostly lack combat ability and are bewildered by the influx of monsters and youkai into Tokyo City, but refused to evacuate the city like most non-combatants. This town will feature prominently in the plot, often serving as a location to learn about your next destination and to meet new characters. A bulletin board has a list of sidequests that are currently available. The shops will be located in this town now, instead of in Electric City.


You can’t imagine being bored enough to pass the time by owning a fairy daycare. Then again, you also can’t imagine being an immortal maneater.

On the way out, I encounter the Tsuviringu Angel, which I know is a reference to something. It packs various different attacks and such, but isn't too bad. It's also recruitable, and it's a good shikigami to get.


A glance at the sky tells you that it's a few hours before sunset, and a quick survey around tells you that you have no idea where the hell you are. Well shit, this doesn't look good. You remember that Suika sort of told you about youkais being most active after sun down, and that the forest itself is dangerous to normal humans. So while you're pretty damn lucky that nothing has devoured you as a prelim for supper yet, your situation isn't exactly good at all.

It will still be much easier than the original game, but it will still pose a bit of a challenge. Some battles may be difficult without using an effective strategy.


Touhou 8 imperishable night english patch

The abandoned apartment (Apartment is a rather nice term for the hovel, you think) you scoped out earlier was abandoned rather thoroughly, with the family occupying it having vacated well in advance of the government mandate. Fortunately for you, the lock on the place is fragile and even you manage to break it with a hard shove on the door.

Well, that went better than expected. I thought it would be harder than that.


Warface english patch 2020

You see, within the people, the blue haired child of the mansion smiling in amusement, and an unfamiliar person in purple robes and glasses looking at you with an intense yet indecipherable expression. To the farther left of the hall, the golden-haired puppeteer and the equally blonde witch standing together, both beaming at you, though you're quite certain their reasons for doing so are rather different. Then, to their right, some heads behind the mistress of the red mansion stands Suika, her blue-loving friend and a girl with long flowing green hair in similar attire to Reimu, though with a different colour palette. The oni is smiling brightly and waving at you, while her friend offers you a small smile and an intense gaze of curiosity. The unfamiliar miko, however, is looking at you rather passively.

A greasy smoke rises into the sky, able to be seen from miles away. Human and youkai alike take part in disposing of the soldiers that had opposed them, albeit in different ways.


Taking up three of the many wine glasses on a side table, acquired from the local tavern with an equal number of champagne flutes by the many Suikas, you approaches and hand to both the shrine maiden and the spirit of the shrine each a glass. The Red-White merely grins at you with glazed over eyes, obviously still quite intoxicated from the alcohol comrade Suika had given her, while the spirit Mima accepts hers with a simple nod and a pat on the head. Her gesture annoys you somewhat, though in good spirits you endure it without a hint of your discomfort.

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You’ve come to a similar conclusion, though you wonder if the youkai would really go so far without the presence of gods. Would they be so bestial as to snuff out their food source? You’d think the elder youkai would step in and assert some kind of control. Regardless, that isn’t what happened.

Dbo taiwan english patch

With that, the game is concluded. Some extra stars are doled out — unfortunately, you receive none of them. Flan receives two of them, for minigames and coins. Princess Toadstool receives one for landing on the most green spaces, for some reason. With that, Flan wins with an even wider lead.


Continuing your scan, you notice the four friends from the forest in the right corner, with what you realise is the only other male in the whole room. The four of friends, other than the lady with the silly hat and the boyish looking girl, aren't really paying attention to you, but rather playing around by themselves, though you do see Cirno the fairy occasionally glancing at your direction. The man, the sole male other than you, is staring at you with curiosity similar to Suika's friend, though not as intense and is standing rather relaxed for the occasion. Then again, perhaps being relaxed is a good sign. After all, a party aims to please and help people relax.

You stifle a laugh that's beginning to form. Ha, that's the most ridiculous thought you've had so far. The Baba Yaga is a fairytale, a character of folklores being use to scare little child, and is exactly just that. There are no old hags flying with mortars, no door-less and windowless hut on chicken legs, and most importantly no old witch with the name of Baba Yaga. Admittedly it is not impossible for there to be witches and wizards and the like in this fantastic land, but surely they're not as dangerous and unpredictable as the folklore character, for this land may already be broken if there are.


The devil inside patch

It matters not if you're no longer there to see it shine, for your duty is to bring about the truth, and let the people realise for themselves, however long it may take. Forcing people to believe in another's ideal, or forcing people in any kind of manners for that matter, is not the way of a true communist. Of course, it'll be a nice bonus if you lived to see the day when Communism thrives in this community, but it is just that, a bonus. As long as you've spread the ideal to all citizens of this fantastical land, your task is done. You bring the Revolution, but it may or may not be your fate to bring about the end product.

It is good and all to put emotions in your voice, but you’ve been doing that for a long time. After all, your sweet-talks and buttering words are all forms of acting. While you are putting in effort with your mind, you are also getting rather frustrated at the lack of resonance from your heart. Other than the emotion of hatred, which you can only touch lightly upon, and only for certain actions, you cannot really feel anything intense with, well, anything else really.


Swinging around you throw your arms around the boy's shoulders, who during this whole time have not speak another word and instead opts to stare at you. You inhale a brief breath of air, and after taking a proper gander at the surrounding girls, sighs heavily.

Actually, the existing versions of the Spell Card translation document were formatted for being inserted back into the game. I haven't actually made a version that's more ideal for practical use during gameplay, but I definitely plan to do so. What do you think the most effective way to set it up would be? One possibility would be to put it in an Excel document, and include each Spell Card's Japanese name, English name, and English (https://restvostok.ru/free/?key=9557) description (because I don't think the Japanese description would be any help for practical use). I could divide the Spell Cards across Excel sheets according to in-game classification (such as Short-Range Physical, Long-Range Physical, and so on), and have one sheet with all Spell Cards listed, for when someone wants to search for something across all Spell Cards. Of course, this would require someone to be able to open Excel documents; would most people be able to open those files?


This time, while attacking, you try to follow Hong Meiling’s movements. She always dodges fluidly, while putting herself in a position to immediately return to a stable stance. Whatever martial arts she’s practiced must require a lot of stamina and flexibility. Even if you do predict how she’ll dodge, she blocks. This happens a few times before she disengages once again.

Seija carefully lets the mallet drop onto the ground, the red glow fading. She lets out a deep breath and remarks, "Damn I'm lucky. One more hit and I would've ran dry", and collapses.


Brothers conflict english patch

It's been an exhausting day, and as you talk you feel sleep overtaking you. After some more chit-chat with your unsettling commanding officer/progenitor as well as Indigo's slightly unstable driver/infiltration specialist, you slump your head down on your improvised pillow and begin drifting off into unconsciousness.

And after an untold millennia of deafening soundlessness, which in fact last no more than a third of a minute, Suika the oni, the little girl whose company you've come to enjoy, breaks that silence in a way so unexplainably loud that it seems like a rifle firing next to your ears. Her eyes holds the swirling mass of emotions she feels, confusion, disbelieve, regret and perhaps a request for forgiveness. Yet most clear of all, mourning, for the death of a friend.


Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet - Wallpaper Abyss. He does have a problem with them doing it while on duty and that they should be doing their. Librivox Free Audiobook. Four main characters are selectables: Reimu, Yukari, Byakuren and Meiling. With full english subs. The Divine Comedy is a three-part epic written by Dante between 1308 and 1320.

Now, two things about this place. One, it has The Last Judgment as a theme, which fits considering this is the same as Stage 5 from Mystic Square. Two, the area is technically called the Black Sanctuary Depths (or the Deep Black Sanctuary), but I prefer Pandemonium after its canon name. Next time, we'll be heading through Pandemonium in search of Shinki. That is, if a certain knife-loving maid doesn't find us first.


You are sweating like a sinner in church, while Ahmed is driving the truck with one hand and whistling all the while. Kokoro’s playing a handheld console.

You've seen for yourself many times back in Mother Russia how alcohol affects people, and experienced a few times first-hand the effects it has on you personally. If the people here experiences similar effects, then it just might be worth a try.


I don't know what the hell it's called, but it HURTS. It's entirely random and it's a party wipe when she uses it. So, essentially, this fight boils down to the RNG being nice to you.

You see the soldiers who were once pointing their weapons at him lower their weapons, and their faces soften. You see them then level their weapons at you.


The frame and glass of the vehicle part around him like water, with its occupants not even looking in his direction. In fact, nobody seems to be looking at the eight foot tall giant of a man, a white man no less, aggressively marching towards you.

Most of the guests are already here, but regard each other warily. You’ve heard youkai tend to be isolationists, so no surprises there. Wandering around are a few human servants — young males and females — who have clammy skin and blank expressions. Some of the youkai appraise them hungrily, rather than the food they carry.


She's surprised that Angra's okay. Well, she has friends in high places in Gensokyo, namely Byakuren, but Reimu as well.

Daiteikoku full english patch

Outright stating Keine to be a danger when her stance is unknown to PI sounds like it would needlessly antagonise the SDM and Keine towards each other. She still is a factor to keep in mind though.


You consider that you may have died and begun your eternal punishment, but the Blazing Hells you read about were supposed to be a fiery domain deep underground. Instead, this appears to be a torture catered toward you personally, and one beyond your own imagination.

The air tenses, and the only noise is the toonish background music of the game. Sakuya and Flan’s eyes fall on you.


The latest video game news, discussions, announcements, industry gossip, sales figures, bargains and reviews. Tters carrickfergus puhelinluettelo hydroxycut! Toca Race Driver 3. Desktop Fairy Lil Lala [18+] Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy. How to apply english Patch to Jap games? MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Valkyrie complex english patch

Taking a peek, you let out a deep breath as you see that they have not wrote down anything. Looking up, you blink as you see a soldier, the one who Indigo had called Kakumei crouching on the roof top of the command trailer, with her eyes closed and casting a spell of some sort between her hands, where a small red flame dances.

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That’s something you’d rather not consider. If Kotohime somehow remained despite your death, you have no idea what would become of her. She might become a proper spirit, waiting to possess someone and go on a rampage again.


The oni ponders on for a few moments, occasionally bringing her gourd up for a quick sip. It is during one of those sips that an idea strikes you like a thunderbolt.

Chaos head english patch

You see that in the span of ten seconds they have gone from an alert state to dangling their assault rifles at their sides. They check your bags briefly, glance over the fake identity papers, and nod you on. They dismiss the distraction kit as just a gaudy backpack.


It almost makes you forget that you three are on a mission. With the tea that Kokoro left on this is one of the most pleasant breakfasts you've had in a while, right here on the table of an abandoned apartment.

Devil dll metin2 patch

You finish your speech with a grandiose, and while quite satisfied with the wordings yourself, you're no less surprised at what you see when you once again turn your gaze to the boy, who is now sobbing quite pitifully. My, he looks even more feminine like this.


The good one may do for his neighbours is not necessarily his neighbour's work. Harmony is not the destruction of identity; we all have our own gifts.

Ahmed subtly but violently gestures towards the front gate, where several peculiar figures have just exited from a white jeep. You instantly recognize your previous headgear: the blue helmet with UN emblazoned across it. Three ordinary Peacekeepers exit, followed by a much more imposing figure, one at least above the rest. He is wearing a large coat and heavy webbing, and is carrying a rather oversized rifle. Still wearing a Peacekeeper helmet though.


In a way, Gensokyo is the perfect place for the communist social experiment. The collective belief of its population will make endeavors that were impossible in history possible. Even over-ambitious and failed scientific theories like Lysenkoism could become realizable as the result of faith. Furthermore, the sustainability of Gensokyo in its current form is a proven thing.

I should have ran away like the rest of my men when I was offered the chance. I should have stayed back and let the company handle these new hostiles.


The Unseelie Court is a shikigami I didn't get the first time, but is good regardless. It starts out with Refresh and Elixir. As in the two best healing spells in the game. Yeah, and that's just the beginning. It also offers 25% resistance to Permanents to start with.

Summer days english patch

There’s lots of games and people around. Sakuya makes good food, Patchouli and Lucy can teach me things, and I can exercise with Meiling. If I really want something else, I can hop on the Internet and mess around. It sounds like Gensokyo isn’t great, from what I see and hear.


That's a Ururikumumi in the back. It's weak to Earth and Slash like other giants and it uses Blunt skills.

I'm just writing this to let you guys know I haven't given up on this. I've just been really, really busy. I'll try to get an update for both games up within the next week. It's hard to LP two frustrating RPGs when you've got a lot of other things to do, especially when I'm at very difficult and tedious points in both games.


The servant nods, and gets to work. You look to your side to spot a curious sight: a girl with long rabbit ears waiting next to you. Her purple hair is down, reaching her lower back, and there are massive bags under her eyes, which are red from both her natural color and being bloodshot to hell. She wears an outfit similar to Lucy’s work attire, with a red tie, a black jacket, and a white skirt.

Also, what the hell affects run away rates? Because I just died because the game wouldn't let me run away 14 TURNS IN A ROW! Does it decrease every time you run?


Lucy talking to Keine seems like it could get real ugly. Optimistically, though, it might lead to a catharsis of sorts for Keine. Lucy seems to have a much better read on her than PI at least.

A moment of silence passes through the crowd, and then, a single person, your puppeteer friend, starts clapping. Soon, the others followed, and in the end the whole crowd is clapping and cheering.


She scowls, "I LOVE being called Kakumei. Dammit my name is Kijin Seija, not the stupid codeword that Yakumo gave me. She said this service is penance for all the trouble I stirred up in Gensokyo.

The first priority as of this moment is to find a way to return to the shrine. You have a party to attend tonight, and as it is a very unique occasion, you must not be delayed any further from your tasks. However, you'll need to be patient right now, for your life may currently be at stake. It all boils down to the actions you take to do what you have to do.


Indigo kicks a box out as she opens it, and inside are a motley collection of swords and machetes. Looking closely, however you can see that they are far from mundane blades. The handles are noticeably detached from the blades, and a series of leaf springs hold the blade to the hilt. The handguard on the grip also seems to have a black boxy object attached. You can see soldiers and support personnel from around the camp gather up in curiosity of an off-schedule supply shipment.

I think she likes Yuki, but also views her as just someone dragging her down? Translation, I can't understand you.


On the other hand we do not know much of anything how Lucy stands with any of those, other than acknowledging Yuuka as very dangerous to PI and her assessment of Keine. So sending her to deal with those two could be a danger of its own.

Also, I'd like to point out the Ibaraki-Douji is actually recruitable. I could try to get it, but with a D recruitment rank (which is equal to 1/32), I'm not going to go crazy trying to get it. Let's focus on the boss instead.


At least, you know it's not within the Motherland, or even Europe, for the difference between cultures is just too large for it to be possible. But other than that, you don't really have much of a clue about the origins of Gensokyo. Nevertheless, time to get yourself away from this situation.

Culdcept ds english patch

You did bullshit your way up the ranks, so you have one angle covered. Making a plan on short notice and with little time is not one of your strong points though.


The witch is apparently trying to cheer Suika up, though quite unsuccessfully you will have to admit. The oni is drinking gulp after gulp of alcohol from her gourd with the unending supply, and doesn't seem to be caring about anything else. The pinkish area around her eyes suggest some major water-works, and you feel a pang of guilt for most likely being the cause of this unenjoyable experience.

Touhou 13.5 patch 1.30

A party is still a party, so that booze is still gonna be there. And it's not like you won't find out soon anyway, so yeah, Marisa Kirisame, the most awesome magician ever, is me!


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Now, siding with the Moriya Shrine causes you to fight the Palace of the Earth Spirits, and vice versa. Siding with the Myouren Temple causes you to fight Senkai, and vice versa.

Prime World Defenders. Gossip claims that she is amazingly beautiful, but that her mere presence is strangely frightening. The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is the sixth Touhou game and the first on Windows. I was suprised and happy to find an English patch to play as this character, and dowloaded [HOST] file containing the patch right away. Thunder echoed throughout the plain, yet not a single drop of rain fell from the foreboding sky. I spent an hour trying to control the Elder Dragon and it doesn't even have Elixir in its skill set.


Gensokyo has a problem, and that is its entire existence. Any casual fan knows that the place is dominated by youkai, with the strongest representatives for the humans being stage 3 bosses at best in influence and. Despite the average human being stronger than the average youkai, they are vastly outnumbered and rarely have much of a say compared to organized youkai societies such as the tengu in the power-based "democracy" of Gensokyo. Conversely, the isolation of Gensokyo required for youkai to exist in spite of scientific unbelief paradoxically makes their awareness to humans also mandatory for continued existence.

The Dark Basilisk is weak to nothing if I remember correctly, and it uses dangerous Instant Death and Poison inflicting attacks. No just no. The Gold Mining City up top (which has characters from Defiant of Shrine Maiden on it, if I remember correctly) is another Mining Village upgrade. It's annoying when it uses Benevolence Wall, though.


The radio silence that was necessary is now a liability. You run like a fleeing gazelle through the alley and into another street, this one in the shadow of the Great Mosque that sort of dominates the city center of Al-Fashir. From its minarets one can look out at the relatively well-off city of Al-Fashir proper and the shabby adobe walls of refugee camps that spread along its perimeter in an ever expanding sprawl.

Their odds of landing are not luck-dependent. They will either work 100% of the time or 0% of the time, depending on stats and immunities.


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This is a moment of truth, Alek. You have a chance here to convince the Tsar to support the Revolution.

The radio station’s workers are watching intently at this new source of entertainment, and even Kokoro’s paused from her preparations to survey this new development. Taking a few deep breaths, you try to put their attention out of your mind as you put up your fists against Tenshi. A calm mind is necessary in the heat of battle to triumph, after all.


Watching Suika from this distance, feeling what you feel right now, you realise that you've always lacked a real reason. You may believe in Communism, you may believe you have been tasked to spread it throughout Gensokyo, but never have you find the answer of why you should be doing this, why couldn't someone else take your place while you act only as a follower, until now. Now you know, now you find that purpose for yourself, now you can truly fill the hole of emptiness that plagued you and your actions. You work for Communism not only for the future of the people of Gensokyo as a whole, but to bring smiles to the people, to remove sadness from human lives. You want people to be happy, and that is why you always strive forward, even if your life is at risk, even if you foresee the pain and burden you shall bear.

She took a bullet to the throat for us. The (hopefully) still living deserve higher priority than prideful scum. Be they her last moments, a quick application of gauze or last words to her corpse, we owe it to her to be there for her.


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Well, I'll give it another shot, and see if I can get that block out of the way. Hell, I'll force my way through by gluing myself onto the chair and fucking stay seated on it until I churned that update out if I have to. 11:30 pm? I'll stay up to five if I have to.

That in the back is a Demonbane. I don't know what it does, mainly because Slash and Fire attacks cut through them like a hot knife through butter.


We're quite something, but just because we're unique I think. And while I came from /jp/ and the great migration a little over a year ago, there are plenty of people here that didn't. I guess it might be touhou after all.

You look at the key, then turn to examine the door. Sure enough, there’s a large keyhole under the red doorknob — because gods forbid something in this mansion wasn’t red.


This prevents the annoying situation in which a character is revived, only to be immediately KOed again before you can heal her. This is good, because reviving skills are expensive, and they don't restore much HP.

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You are quite tired of porridge. It's all they cooked in the refugee camps, and even after Indigo took over she seemed to prefer porridge and beans for the breakfast menu, just with rice instead of wheat.


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This should be required reading for any current or would-be writefags. Sure as fuck beats learning it the hard way.

However, I can't get through this crystal without a pickax. Those only show up (besides the one over on the other side) in Mine 3. So we'll have to come back later.


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And this water fall will appear. This is necessary to progress back on the red path.

By that “logic”, you should be able to learn English the same way. Too bad you can’t exactly ask that of Patchouli at the moment, if ever. And it’s not like you encounter English (this post) much at all in Gensokyo.


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A hail of fully automatic rifle fire slams into the knight's torso, sending him reeling and cutting his speech short. The roar of gunfire covers the "FUCK YOU" and "IBN GALB" thrown by the hate-filled soldiers as they mindlessly shoot, their squad mates confused at what is transgressing, and only the officer with enough sense to point his gun at them and ordering them to cease fire, which they do once they depleted their magazine.

But you don’t even know if you’ll be able to meet with her before the party. For now, you should find something to occupy yourself with. The sun is still shining brightly outside, so it’s likely the mansion’s residents are still sleeping — except for Sakuya, most likely.


The shock of your impending death sends your vision into a daze. You smell black tar in the wind. You smell a high amount of black tar in two of the soldiers. You sense the black tar building within their hearts -resentment at this stupid white man telling them what to do even as their brains are lulled into complacency. The black tar excites at somebody else touching them, understanding them.

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Hong Meiling stares down at you, towers over you, but there’s a sadness in her blue eyes. All colors of light swirl around her, and the intensity of it makes your eyes water — but you can’t look away.


Touhou Genso Maroku W coming to PS4

She isn’t wrong, but that’s hardly relevant. You don’t want to give her the satisfaction of a response to her rambling.

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O9 - Extra Tools menuitem Enviar a OneNote - 2670000A-7350-4f3c-8081-5663EE0C6C49 - C ARCHIV 1. Not as major as they had in Spirit Dream, but still better than pretending they never existed. The instant following Yuyuko's collapse was near pandemonium. Physical Education Rio16 OS i Korruption Core Connections - Video Civil Liberties - Tracks. For as far as mornings went, it was a beautiful one. Instead, new system called "Shikigami" was introduced to replace the spell.


I've finally set up a lot of the core game mechanics, as well as some of the ways in which menus are laid out. In particular, I think I finally have a decent-looking status menu, which looks better than the status menu in the original game (and WAY better than the RPG Maker default).

We're back in business with Devil of Decline! It's been a while since we last delved into the World of Chaos, and now we're going to continue on with the expansion. If you're new or old to this LP and want to see the first thread, it's here. I am setting up a new thread because the old one's locked, and I'm not going to bother with administrator contacting and whatnot. Considering this is the expansion, I might as well have it in a separate thread anyways to separate it from the main game.


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With a yelp Cirno full on jumps and grabs onto the back of your head, while you yourself skips a little at the sudden sound behind you. A small series of chuckles follows, and you see the positively beaming face of the Gap woman when you turn around to the source of the voice.

Nonetheless, with a muted 'pop' she removes the cork from the bottle and fills your glass with its deep red content. You issue your gratitude for her generosity, and insist on returning the gesture. When both glasses are filled, the violet lady reseals the bottle and places it into one of her gaps. Once again she asks you for an answer, and you smile in return.


The black gunk cakes to his armor, even though the bullets pass through harmlessly. The enemy spends a few precious seconds cleaning off the hatred, before jumping on top of the building after you. You greet him with a rifle bullet to the head, which likewise goes right through, but it does leave a black splotch of hatred all over his face.

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The knights may be strong, but as far as you can tell there’s not a lot of them in Al-Fashir. They might, however, have patsies, but it is doubtful that they will be resistant to Kokoro’s Dance of Despair once it kicks in.



Still, I have accepted blame for getting a bit ahead of myself on some fronts, as I knew it seemed like Hourai died. I also accepted other complaints easily enough. However, while I could have executed that puzzle a little better, as I've been getting a lot less sleep than I'd like of late, I'm already quite aware that it didn't go as planned, and every failure is how one improves. However, that it did not isn't entirely my fault. That's like closing your eyes while playing Touhou.

You’re confused until you also look at yourself: for some reason you’ve dropped into a tight guard to protect your vitals. Something about his woman puts you on edge.


Looks like this is the path to the boss. I don't want to fight the boss yet. There's an enemy I forgot to screenshot, so I'll just check it out in the bestiary.

Kokoro’s doing warm up exercises and Tenshi’s experimenting with levitating the broken bits of concrete on this old building. Doing it on the rooftop is very dangerous, but doing this inside of the radio station would have necessitating breaking down the walls which would lead to a whole ‘nother mess with the people here. Might as well do it somewhere with a height advantage.


For example, Reimu uses gohei, and Marisa uses brooms. However, there are no longer generic weapons that almost anyone can equip.

The revelation have certainly come as a bit of a surprise, though given her rather feminine looks even if her choice of clothing is that of a male, you can understand how a mix up could occur. However, this does not void your mistake, and a mistake shall be mend by the one who made it.


As for these guys, we have a. I'm just going to call that a Corpse Worm. It's weak to Water, I think, and it really isn't too threatening. The Great Tengu, however, can use Haste, uses some Electric attacks, and it's weak to Electric. Haste could potentially be annoying for you to deal with, considering it buffs so many things.

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Also, in the background, I've done a bit of work on the potential remake, just in case it looked like it might end up being a good idea. I don't want to get too involved in it this early in the translation (especially because I can't really make it until the translation is completely finished), but I have done some planning and a tiny bit of programming.


The Red Ghoul uses some dangerous Fire attacks like Conflagration and is weak to Water, if memory serves correctly. I have no idea what the Earth Medusa is weak to, but it uses Minus and can petrify you.

In EX mode and SB mode, all characters will be playable. Because of the way in which EX mode will now be structured, no characters will join late like in the original game. Note that many Mountain of Faith characters will be playable in Main mode, unlike in the original game.


This song should not sound like that. It's supposed to be a happy song!

There is a treasure they look for in a huge basement dungeon under Rouleburg. Marisa's "Magic Missile" is "Magic" while her "Illusion Laser" is. But to anyone interested, I would recommend listening to how Japanese a (aa), u (uu), i (ii), e (ei), o (ou)'s. The Touhou series of games started on the Japanese PC-98 series of computers and its first five entries are native to that platform; standard PC users are only capable of playing them through an emulator. Because of this, they are not well known among players. Download part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.


I don't know, but I sense a battle! Count me in, I'm out for Yumeko's blood now!

If you did happen to spot someone like that, you would inform Sakuya. A simple task, in return for my hospitality.


Re: Touhou Maiden: Defiant of Shrine Maiden English Translation

Uh, y’know, of course I knew you were fine! I was just pissed you were ignoring me!

This is something you must avoid, and to that you shall stay here with her, watch over her, guide her. Tonight, until she is prepared, you shall be by her side.


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For example, puzzles would be very simple on Easy puzzle mode, but very challenging on Lunatic puzzle mode. This would allow a player to potentially have easy battles but difficult puzzles, for instance.

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Paperboy, you have no idea of how wide my grin was when I read the two updates. I have lost my words to tell you how I have been waiting for AC:G to be updated.


It wasn’t masterful, and it was hardly even a ruse. Nevertheless, you’re surprised that Lucy is actually a woman, and a little more awkward than you might have imagined. Whereas Hatate acts almost the same online and offline, Lucy seems to be more reserved. It makes you wonder what Q would be like in person. It would be amusing if she were actually extremely outgoing.

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We also find an Arch-Cockatrice. Weak to Electric and can inflict Petrify.


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Weapons primarily increase STR and CON. Body equipment primarily increases VIT and WIL. Arm equipment primarily increases DEX. Leg equipment primarily increases AGI. Equipment that goes in the "Other" slot tends to have a wide variety of effects, such as increasing resistance to an element or granting immunity to a status ailment.


Your smile vanishes as if it had never been there, as do the fairies’ once Sakuya’s back is turned. As you and Sakuya leave through the door, you turn back one last time to meet Daiyousei’s green eyes. Then, you raise your middle finger at her. She responds in kind right before the door shuts, leaving you and Sakuya alone in a long hallway of crimson walls, red carpet, and dim light provided by chandeliers.


You didn’t come this far to turn back now. You grab the lantern and hold it up, revealing a stone staircase in front of you, spiralling downward. By moving the light around, you can see that the walls in this room are old stone, as well. It truly seems like something out of another era. Despite years of investigating youkai, you’ve never been in a situation quite like this. It feels like you’re entering some monster’s lair.

She does not even put up a proper fist-fighting stance. Instead, Tenshi falls into a swordsman’s position, stretching out her arms and putting her fists together. While hammer strikes with both hands are a part of many martial traditions, it is never a default stance to start off in. Judging from how she’s warming up with some practice swings, she’s clearly just intending to slash at you without a sword, relying on her celestial nature to brute force through despite only using her hands.


Apparently she's confused as to how we know this. Satori pops up for a second to say something, but I didn't quite get what it meant.

Enemies and bosses will be more intelligent and higher-leveled, and will have access to more skills. It will not be possible to blast through boss battles with raw power; strategy will be essential.


I am sure you are quite confused, and you know what? It's fun seeing people's face when they're confused!

Sara is our first boss for the expansion, and she's tough if you don't know how she works. When you use an element, she will use.


Occasionally she'll also use War Cry, which inflicts INSTANT DEATH! As if that weren't enough, she'll usually use Vortex the turn after you inflict some sort of Variety effect on her, especially Tongue. She's resistant to not only Fire and Dark, but also LIGHT. How the hell is she resistant to Light? On top of all of that, her skills are massively powerful, and not even Mokou's tanking powers can save you from them.

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Share, download and print free sheet music for piano, guitar, flute and more with the world's largest community of sheet music creators, composers, performers, music teachers, students, beginners, artists and other musicians with over 1, 000, 000 sheet digital music to play, practice, learn and enjoy. Sometimes, a name isn't exactly meaningful or hiding something, but there's still something about it that is weird. Over daily itemization of tqsa expense report farinhas de trigo argentina food light grey kitchen cabinets! Frame window tricks epic bossfights and insane inputs per second dmc3 has what you need. Also, the PC-9801 series of computers was already on the decline when these games were released. Loeb (and Joe Kelly) promoted the issue and the retcon as their attempt to bring back the "real" Superman of the Silver Age, while avoiding being blacklisted like Mark Waid and Mark Millar when they attempted to outright restore the Silver Age.


There are gasps and hushed awe throughout the crowd. The idea of reading an entire word must be akin to some great enlightenment for them.

Yet whatever it may be, there is one certain fact that you know, that is undeniably the truth. The bond you share with the oni is nothing common, it's special and deeply rooted. You know you will lay down your life if it meant her continued living, and believe with your soul that she will do the same. Fated it is for you to arrive in this mystical place, shown by the myriads of events you encounter in this short amount of time, and so it must be fated that this bond be forged, and eventually be clear on its essence. For now, knowing that is enough.


Everything just kind of stays still there for a while. The injured youkai soldiers are groaning on the ground. Seija is busy being unconscious, and you are too injured to really move. The only reason you haven't passed out yet is because you are fixating on the body of the dead enemy, the black tar of hatred forcing your mind to stay awake.

Author Topic: Touhou Gensoumaroku: The Devil of Decline~Matsuri Expansion

The maid thinks for a moment, before frankly stating, “I do not, either. This invitation was made for you by the request of Patchouli Knowledge, a resident of the mansion and close friend of the mistress.


It would be incredibly easy to walk out the door and never speak a word of this to anyone, as she commanded. In fact, that’s what you should do, for the sake of your job. The less you’re involved with the people here, the better. Once this party is over, you can wash your hands of all this and go back home — back to Mori and Hina.

How it Works: Like the previous title, EVO+, this is a point and click game where you use money to buy gachas and spellcards for them to do battle with. New gachas and spellcards become available as the days progress. Some notable changes from EVO+ include the removal of the UFO system and the part-time job. Money is made purely through battle, and alternate costumes are bought in Kourindou instead of randomly received from a matching game. Instead of location based events, the story of 2nd progresses by exploring the areas on a story grid. Once a grid has been completed, the next one becomes available. After each battle, a gacha receives love points. These can be used either to level up your gacha up to 500, whereupon the gacha can be reformed. Reformation requires a level 500 gacha and beating that character's love rival down to zero points, then defeating a powerful version of that character in a Reform Battle. Reformed gachas start back at level 1, but with increased base stats.


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Taking care with her frail body, you gently lower the unconscious magician onto her bed. You figure leaving her uncovered is the best for her asthma, but that’s really just an assumption. It’s not like you would want to tuck her in anyway, even though she does look pretty cute when she’s asleep.

The good one may do for his neighbors is not necessarily his neighbor's work. Harmony is not the destruction of identity; we all have our own gifts. Rather, it is the application of these gift to minimize interference, while maximizing cooperation. For example the Party is always looking for new advances in labor-saving technology.


Angra knows exactly who Shinki is. The creator of Makai. The whole reason Angra exists in the first place. Well, I hope beating up your creator isn't sacrilegious or something, because I'm pretty sure we're going to have to.

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Sticky, smelling, nasty black tar. It overwhelms your senses, causing tears to swell up in your eyes. It triggers your gag reflex, and you can’t help but vomit it back out.


Most of the soldiers scream and flee at the sight, and so do the UN peacekeepers, save for the disguised knight who levels his weapon and approaches the building. As soon as the path is clear of people you slam on the gas pedal and send the truck speeding out of the gate and down the road outside. You do not risk a glance back at the knight.

We have a midpoint in this dungeon here, so you don't have to slog through the first half all over again to get to the second half of this area. The recipe box contains upgrades to most of the items that we got from Akyu (which were called the "Arms of History," actually.


You feel a bit bad about leaving the mansion without first making sure everyone's fine, but then you have a much more important objective to achieve. The revolution must continue, a little sacrifice can never be avoided, it's good thing this happens here, for they're sure to have better medical supplies they bought with their dirty money. You shake your head to clear your thoughts and focus ahead.

Your hands are rather clammy and sweaty as you shift the SV-98 into a comfortable position. Taking a deep breath, you close your eyes, and let your menreiki senses flow into your head, carrying aloft emotions from this city.


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Lastly, there is a modifier to the amount of experience obtained based on the difference between the level of the element that is highest in your party and the level of the element of the character gaining experience. If the difference is 0-3, the modifier is 0/75. If it is 4-6 the modifier is 1/5.

Zhang Wei gives a sigh of relief, "Yes. Mr. Zhao just threatened me with violence.


Also, I'll be alternating between GoS and DoD while I'm working on both games. So we'll be working on GoS next.

The girl in front of you flickers, and morphs into a vaguely humanoid black shape. Its surface ripples like water, and porcelain masks float to the surface regularly, only to sink inside the figure and be shortly replaced by another one.


On turn one, she'll use this, which is called Forbidden Lore. It's Dark elemental, it hits everyone, and it HURTS. Mokou can't tank it without Aegis Defense or Magic Defense.

Instead, you pick out two empty glasses from a nearby self-serving plate and hand one to your new found alcoholic acquaintance. The Red-White shifts slightly in her slumber, mumbling nonsensically, something about earthquakes and snowballs.


Reimu called Sara a useless guard or something like that, which pisses off Meiling. Really, we should lay off the fighting!

Then you hear the distinct sound of the door opening, and the fairies that remain fall silent. You peek through them, and expect to see Mori and/or Hatate, because that would be the pattern established thus far in your life.


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They're weak to Dark, but have crazy powerful Slash attacks we can't even get yet until we grind our element levels like crazy, such as Stellar Wind. They're recruitable, but they're not worth the trouble.

Angra, of course, is furious that she couldn't get revenge here. Well, it's better this way, because we need to recover from that last fight.


Pilo Arts, ranked as one of New York's best 5 Color Salons, is the definitive authority on hair, beauty, and wellness in the North East. They tell Rain that she has no need to know how or why this is happening, and say that unlike Bruder they're perfect, unflinching soldiers - far better than the. A history where Momonga mysteriously left the guild before its collapse and Tri'ade took up the mantle of Guild Master. And Kahi, while nothing of note was brought up last time, why is the timezone problem brought before still not adressed at this point? Race on walls, ceilings. Click the wallpaper to view.

Poor guy, crying for Mima in his last breath. I feel sorry for him, despite him being a traitor.


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I worry about quality all the time, and from the other writefags I've talked about, they do too. This is why most updates are delayed, but I've found in my experience that the best thing to do is just to try to keep writing as much as possible anyways. If you've got a good idea, and you think you could share it and make others enjoy it, then why not?

El juego cuenta con mazmorras divididas en zonas, alquimia, una gran cantidad de objetos y spell cards. Se completa con una enciclopedia ilustrada y otros extras.


The Vanguard Demons use those Demon skills and are dangerously annoying. They are weak to Light, as is the norm.

Try following the trail of broken branches left in Suika's wake out of the forest like so many stale breadcrumbs, and with luck you'll be taken in the direction of the shrine or Alice's house. Quickly now: Though progress may not wait for you, the Baba Yaga will.


Ceasing the struggles, you calm your mind and will the mask to move to the side of your head. Like a long neglected limb, it kind of creaks, before obediently transferring position. It does not resist or exert unwanted thoughts into your mind as a cursed item from a fairy tale would. It is in fact, like a body part.

Oh yeah, she also has Makai Killer Doll. It's Pierce elemental, so that might be good to know.


It caws a few times, then stays quiet. You give your thanks through a nod, while musing on the importance of having a reporter on your list of friends.

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Vorpal Bunnies are weak to Fire, use Behead (which inflicts Instant Death), and look cute yet psycho. It's that combination of traits that will forever prevent me from watching anything related to When They Cry. Sorry to disappoint you, Higarashi fans.


The chunk shatters, sending dust billowing, fragments flying, and surrounding spectators ducking. The emotions have hardened your skin, and strengthened your muscles, enough that you feel no pain as you shake your hand, looking at the end result of something you usually only see in martial arts demonstrations on TV, and they certainly did not shatter the concrete to this extent.

Updated the description of the base Puppet Dance Performance page to inform people that this is the base game page and that the expansion is found elsewhere (Yes, some people make this mistake). Games PC-98 predecessor games. You'd think it's ridiculous, but you've come to learn throughout your life that in Gensokyo, anything is possible. Chapter 2 – Stormy Explanations. Trine 2: Complete Story. If you're wondering what kind of game I was looking to translate, I thought it might be interesting to try to do some of the Touhou doujin game 'Devil of Decline (useful source)'.


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Don't worry, we survive the fall. We're RPG protagonists, so falls from large heights that would kill us in real life mean nothing here. That and everyone in Gensokyo can FLY.

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Another two handed swing, this time horizontally. You dodge it by stepping backwards, only to give Tenshi enough clearance to follow up with another one, then another, then another. You keep backstepping until you realize you’re near the edge of the roof, and are forced to lurch forward and retaliate with a spearing kick against the next swing, allowing your newfound dexterity to intercept her incoming fist.


A quick chuckle later, you assure her that you've fully taken that into mind. After that, a small banter begins, and as the sun sets even lower, the four finally agree to take you to the shrine, on the fact that you'll keep the shrine maiden from chasing them out. You give them your word, and soon they gather around and prepare to take off.

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Not sure if you're supposed to vote 1, 2 or as many as you want but I choose the latter. If you can only choose one or two, pick them in order!


This is the information for skill learning. If you want to have a list of skills with all of their chances, just use the website and find the link that says "Inspiration" when Google Translated.

Lucy pretended to forget, but she won’t be able to forget something like her so easily. Could that have been what Reisen was talking about? Did she sense the spirit of your ex-wife and mistake her waves for yours?


You lead her downstairs into the radio station’s tiny little staff area. Typical for such a poor establishment, there was just an empty area for a propane stove to be placed, which is currently absent for whatever reason. Sighing, you pull out your camp stove and light it on the countertop, putting a can of well water on it to boil.

As you can see, I finally got Stinking Toxic Cloud for the Titan Arum! With Thunderclap Gale from Aya and both of them having been inflicted with Tongue, you can murder their faces. Hurray for cheaping out the game! Of course, what you don't see is all of the resets I have to get through in order to actually bring about the required results.


Oh well, you begin playing more cautiously. Her first named attack is decently easy, though her constant movement makes her really hard to hit by the non-targetted components of your own shots.

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Get Unlimited In-App Purchases for Free with Freedom APK. There is magic here, and beings like youkai, fairies, gods, ghosts, and others such. Two small updates for translation patches are finished, for MariAli 2 and SWR. Orion Heart [English] Shin Koihime Musou Arcade. Shop Mind The Gap iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases by independent artists and designers from around the world. The Touhou series of games started on the Japanese PC-98 series of computers and its first five entries are native to that platform; standard PC users are only capable of playing them through an emulator such as Anex 86. Also, the PC-9801 series of computers was already on the decline when these games were released.


The man pauses his fruit eating to turn his gaze towards you, with irises the color and brightness of molten gold, “Oh, me? I’m just here to keep an eye on all of you dirty youkai.

Humming an old tune from childhood to fit the theme of tales of ancient times, you progress through the endless forest in painstakingly slow speed. There are a few times that you feel you need rest, but each time you berate yourself and continue to push on. No rest for you until you reach some signs of civilization.


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Al-Fashir was never a really prosperous city. Even as foreign money flowed in via relief efforts in recent years its primary commercial activities are still based around the local agriculture, which still remains primarily focused around subsistence. With a population of roughly 300,000 as of this year, it is also not nearly as densely populated as say, Omburdan. Most of the houses are still mud-brick in construction, and barely any structures outside of minarets and the occasional Western-funded building rise above two-stories. More recently, owing to the Clear Sky-sponsored unrest in the region, the government has sent three entire brigades of regulars into the capital, where they set up large encampments along the edges of the city. Often times you can see uniformed men standing guard on street corners or walking in pairs, but none of them appear to be too alert or concerned. Many are using their phones or smoking, and like the guards you met earlier their guns are held lazily or slung over their backs.

Careful to not degrade any aspect of her capabilities, you start off by scouting around the area with her and identifying possible firing positions and disadvantageous terrain that you, a newborn half-menreiki, and a celestial cutoff from the rich energy source that is Gensokyo will have to deal with without the power of flight. This goes way smoother, as even Tenshi isn’t arrogant or deluded enough to fabricate facts in an environment she is wholly unfamiliar with. While still putting on the airs of a disdainful noble, she does not interrupt you as you talk and note down each of the city terrain features and how they will factor into the enemy’s movement and attacks. She does cut you off, however, when you marked the area you designated as your primary vantage point as safe.


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The feeling, like black tar, abruptly rises again to the surface. A blur of images and sounds: things you've hated, things you've loathed, things you've despised. You slam a hand against your head, dazing it and temporarily driving them away.

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Indigo sips the bottle without breaking eye contact, "As you know already, Faceless is capable of large scale emotional manipulation. While doing so in a short amount of time is not possible or at least efficient in the Outside World, acts such as slowly draining the fighting will of an army or gradually building up anger in a community is more than possible.


Patchouli Knowledge’s room seems like it was originally for storage — not for someone to live in. There’s a large, plush-looking bed that takes up most of the space, with only a small cabinet for outfits — on top of which are a variety of pills and an inhaler. It’s easy to tell she spends most of her time in the library. There isn’t even a mirror, and you thought that was a necessity for a woman. Then again, Patchouli is a youkai with access to a time-bending maid. Her needs might be a little different.

The vehicle suddenly shudders with a red glow, and you see glyphs etched into the surface glowing. It tilts violently, sending the two enemies who had just gotten on sprawling back out. It continues tilting, as if threatening to flip over, but the effect breaks, and it settles back down.


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Byakuren is saying something about Yumeko being faithful to Shinki, which is good and bad. Good because faith and whatnot, bad because Shinki's cause is bad for Gensokyo.

And the freedoms granted to people as individuals, to dress the way they want to dress, to wear silly hats or not wear silly hats, to walk through the forest knowing that the only thing lying in wait is good company, these are values the Party stands for. So I reiterate, comrades, allow yourselves to be caught up in the winds of change!


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As you can see, this place is on fire. Take a wild guess as to why we needed to activate the waterfall.

Forcefully pulling a grin up your face, you try and fake ignorance while moving towards a more defensible place. Pulling out your ever friendly flask of liquor you prepare yourself for whatever danger that will show up.


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A loud, roaring sound drowns out your sentence. The camp's warning sirens have gone off, and you scramble to your feet, unslinging your SV-98 and scanning the area over the wall.

With a bit of difficulty you steady yourself using the help of a few of the larger branches. You're still feeling the pain from your wounds, and your muscles are also quite sore, so you aren't sure if it's a good idea to track towards the shrine. After all, you don't remember having seen the outline of the structure before Suika plunge into the thick forest during her chase. Well, that all depends on if you can find your way out of this forest in one piece.


It still has Witching Dream for music, but the visual theme is a bit different. Plus, unlike Mine 1, it has a puzzle.

Some good enemies to grind element experience off of are the Frost Giants and the G-3s from the Sinister Castle of Chaos (600 and 800 XP respectively). Obviously, very tough enemies give lots of elemental XP (Dragons and Demiurges, which we won't run across until later, give 2500 apiece, which is much higher than most enemies), but it's obviously better to grind element levels against enemies that aren't too tough at this point, like the ones at the top floor of the Sinister Castle of Chaos. I'm planning on going back there for shikigami recruitment, drops, and element leveling. There are some skills I REALLY want to get, and higher element levels mean getting more of them.


It sounds like Suwako is either emotionally unable to help or is about to attempt something stupid and desperate. Either way, PI's partner needs his trust, faith, and reassurance.

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I downloaded one of the Russian Red Army Choir albums. I think I'm going to listen to that while reading this story, from now on.


Your strategy of actively hunting down the enemy has borne more fruit than you can handle right now. Kokoro’s quite safe as of this moment, but can you and Tenshi really handle twelve hostiles bearing down on your position?

She shrugs, "As far as I know souls can change. What I meant is that it is probably going to become a central facet of your personality from now on and likely for a few lives after this.


In fact, you could actually use this to your advantage, can't you? To show that the barrier between you and the Red-White is miniscule to almost negligible levels, it will most favourably grant you a nice reputation of being her evangelist. You can put her to bed after the party, when the purpose of this gathering is complete.

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Entering Al-Fashir proper, you see that the streets are emptier than usual for this hour, and contrary to your experience here three weeks ago there are barely any soldiers patrolling the streets, while you would expect the opposite given the increase in attacks both genuinely rebel and Clear Sky orchestrated recently. There are also fewer civilians than usual, and you note that the ones remaining look worse off than the average.


However, a careful battler shouldn't be taking as much damage as in the original game, so this shouldn't be a problem. Resting at the shrine or at a healing circle will restore HP and MP, though, as well as revive KOed characters.

Now im just waiting on devil of decline and -htmare of rebellion to be translated, should only take 20 years or so #7 - knjklj. For example one may want to use Gamer's Mima patch for the Mima sprite and dialog, the Alphes patch for Alphes-style art, and our English patch to have the rest of the game translated to English. Just think of the suffering I'll be if Sakuya and Remilia catches me sleeping on the job. Spring had come to Gensokyo, and nobody cared. Belgian sprinters teams in this Tour is hot news in Belgium. Brought to you by a drunk man in Japan, and legions of impossibly dedicated fans bring out things like, say, entire RPGs based on it. And there you have it. DoD is one such game.


They don't like they have noticed you yet, though Cirno who's still clutching onto your head had certainly noticed them. She's detaching herself from you and is slowly fluttering towards the two.