When people hear the name Glock, quality comes to mind. The company has been manufacturing firearms for nearly forty years. And they never disappoint when it comes to producing durable firearms- the Glock 23 is no exception.

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The frame features a Picatinny rail dovetailed at the front, which allows you to mount laser aimers, lights, and other accessories. There is also an extractor that acts as a loaded chamber indicator. Lastly, there is an open-notch rear sight with contrast points to enable you to acquire targets faster and accurately, even under poor lighting situations.


This pistol is a modular design boasting a removable fire-control chassis, thus meeting the MHS contract requirements. In other words, you can move the “pistol” part to other polymer frames of varying sizes. So, the same “pistol” can become more compact, or larger size.

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Nowadays, a vast majority of pistol frames are made of strong polymer material, while slides are made with stainless steel. But, whichever material you choose, always ensure that the gun’s performance is not compromised.

This is normally positioned at the bottom of the pistol grip. And rotate it one-quarter turn in either direction, which should remove it from the gun. Then push the sear-activation lever downwards into the magazine-well, again using the frame tool. Now, move the takedown lever, which is usually located on the left side of the gun clockwise to the down position.

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Glock also has the added benefit of interchangeable magazines. If you carry a G27 with the standard 9-round magazine, you could also carry a spare 15-round G22 magazine because it will fit perfectly.


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The Picatinny frame located on the frame is for mounting lasers and tactical lights. The stainless-steel slide features front and back racking serrations. These allow you to manipulate the slide, giving you positive traction, regardless of whether you have sweaty or wet hands.


The pistol is easy to fire, easy to disassemble, and easy to maintain. Basically, it’s easy at everything!

The P30 has been tested thoroughly, and a few European police agencies have already adopted it. All thanks to its outstanding weight and balance, which makes it accurate to shoot and smooth to control. In an endurance test conducted between 2009 and 2021, the Heckler Koch P30 V2 successfully fired over 90,000 rounds without failures.


Best 1911 Pistols for the Money

Accuracy is another important feature of the Glock 27. And it’s 3/42-inch barrel makes it very accurate based on the fact that the Glock 23 is a sub-compact. Additionally, follow up shots are also solid and remain on target.

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As the pistol is a striker-fired weapon, all the pulls are exact. The trigger itself comprises a safety leaf, which you must depress to allow the trigger to move. The trigger face is wide and flat. The take-up is approximately an eighth of an inch, and an additional eighth of an inched of pressure before the break.


It’s now time to grasp the top of the slide and unlock it by pulling it slightly toward the rear. Then move the slide forward gradually in order to decompress the recoil spring. Now remove the slide from the end of the gun and turn the slide over. Then remove the recoil spring, as well as the recoil-spring’s guide assembly from the slide.

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Naturally, you would feel more comfortable if the handgun you purchase is manufactured by a respectable brand. This ensures that it has been well designed, is made from quality materials, is accurate and will last the tests of time.


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Always go for a pistol that you can afford. There is no point stretching yourself financially especially when there are affordable and effective options on the market, such as quite a few of the guns in this review.

One feature that we also in the previous model is the interchangeable backstraps. Before, there were three sizes of backstraps to choose from: a small, medium palm swell, and large inserts.


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The pistol features a smooth trigger and reset. Also, its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold which in turn makes it one of the most accurate pistols on the market.

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A magazine with a higher capacity is always better because you have more rounds to fire. A 10 round capacity magazine is the recommended option. This comes in handy in situations where you do not have additional ammunition. Obviously, if you are selecting a more compact pistol for concealed carry, then expect a lower round capacity due to the smaller size.


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What’s more, it’s modular – meaning you can perfectly tailor the weapon according to your needs. And while it holds less ammo than some of its competitors, the capacity is more than enough in most circumstances, making it a convenient and excellent choice of pistol for self-defense.


This upgraded model now includes a fourth insert as a medium-large grip. The four backstraps have a new aggressive texture and changing grip size is very easy. You only need to rotate the holding post at the base of the pistol. After you have unlocked it, you can remove the grip insert and change to your ideal size. We also noted new serrations on the front of the slide, these allow for smooth slide manipulation.

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Deactivated Guns for Sale

Even though the handgun has a double-stack magazine, it felt like more like a single stack when it was fired. The texture helps to limit the pressure of the double stack, making the handgun a flexible choice for many users.

If you want a pistol that has a lot of accessories, then the Glock 27 is the gun for you. And there is a wide selection of aftermarket add-ons and upgrades for this model. You can find grips, triggers, sights, holsters, and basically everything needed to easily customize your Glock 27.