The filtered method of packet capturing is often referred to as a process called packet filtering. Packet filtering is a specific firewall technique IT teams will implement to better manage and optimize network performance by monitoring outgoing and incoming select data packets.

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Packet filtering is usually an effective way to carry out packet capturing since it can be used as a defense against attacks from computers outside a local area network. Because many routing devices have built-in filtering capabilities, packet filtering is frequently considered a baseline process and thus a cost-effective way of boosting security via the packet capture processes.

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Usually, these tasks are impossible to carry out manually. It’s unrealistic to expect IT teams can stop every packet traversing their network. As such, a network packet capture tool will automate the process, and enable IT teams to set rules and filters to better monitor network traffic.

Packet Capture Tool Network Packet Monitor Software

A network packet represents the smallest measure of data capable of travelling through a network. A network packet typically contains several pieces of information, including the data it’s carrying and source and destination IP addresses. Depending on the type of network, packets may be referred to by another name: frame, block, cell, segment, etc.


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Microsoft, among other trusted sources, have warned computer users recently of this scam and advised computer users to treat calls claiming to be from some technical support team with the utmost skepticism. If such a phone call is suspected in any way to be a fraud, you should hang up immediately. Additionally, it should be known that companies such as Microsoft would never make such unsolicited calls to anyone for the purpose of asking personal information and obtaining remote session access to one's computer. It is also highly suggestive that computer users always utilize legitimate security software to scan, detect and remove any malware that may be lurking on their system that may aid in a hacker's effort to make and succeed with an unsolicited phone call scam.

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It was just a couple years ago that the Better Business Bureau was warning computer users of an aggressive Microsoft Phishing scam where victims were duped by calls from hackers who posed as a tech from a Microsoft Security Center. Unfortunately, these stories are in abundance and have only gotten worse. There have even been cases where fake call centers set up shop for hackers to trick computer users in abundant numbers.


NPM can help IT teams check application and network response time, so they can gain better insights into how end users are experiencing network performance. With the aid of this feature, IT teams can determine what’s causing a network to slow down, whether it’s an application or an issue with the network itself (like a faulty router or path congestion).

Although these steps are usually enough to diagnose simple problems, they don’t do enough to solve complex network problems. For complex issues, IT teams need a packet capture tool.


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A packet capture tool helps IT teams perform packet capture analysis. It works by capturing network packets and storing them on either local or off-site storage, so they can be inspected by IT teams.

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Error detection and correction: Error detection and correction—sometimes referred to as error control—are digital communication techniques ensuring the reliable delivery of digital data over unreliable channels. A majority of network communication channels are prone to channel noise, and as a result, errors can easily occur during transmission from the source to a receiver.