Well, I have to be honest that I’m not at all surprised to find that the shows are staged. I’ve actually done some film & video productions, and it takes a LOT of work to make something look spontaneous! Most reality shows are far more staged than you would ever guess, too. Plus they are “cast”–meaning that people are selected for shows based on not just how well they qualify for the supposed activity in the show but how good the TV is they’ll make, if you know what I mean.

  • I agree with Sally – it was for the most part “real”
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  • What idiot would ever buy a thing from Will Roadhose or any idiot Liar real estate agent
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  • But a real builder just do some back ground check on goggle
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  • Reality shows are cheap to produce, highly profitable, and often entertaining, but far from real

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I’d like to know if anyone of the people who bought high priced houses during the bubble are still in them or could they possibly be underwater. Might make a good show to revisit some of those families.

I remember doing a gig with Rory Gallagher. He showed up in a golf shirt and nice slacks. Before he went out to play, he grabbed his ripped jeans, his faded flannel shirt and put on old shoes, so he would look like a rock 'n' roll street guy.


The recording of The Wall was very tense, mainly because Roger was starting to go a bit mad. This was the record when he fell out badly with Rick. Rick has a natural style, a very specific piano style, but he doesn't come up with pieces easily, or to order. Which is a problem when other people are worrying about who did what and who should get the credit. There was even talk of Roger and Dave elbowing me out and carrying on as a duo. There were points during The Wall when Roger and Dave were really carrying the thing. Rick was useless, and I wasn't very much help to anyone either.

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If it bothers them so much, stay in the United States. I have seen very few episodes where the Americans aren’t laughing at how other people live.

Just watched the International House Hunters about the two women who wanted to move to Hossegor France to surf. I looked them up to see how their surf school is going – surprise – they set up shop in 2003! They’ve been there 8 years and HGTV is showing this as a new purchase. I knew these were somewhat staged but this is just complete falsehood. Here’s a link to there surf school.


It’s like getting marketing research for an area. However, we did conclude early on that these people probably already had chosen their home.

I figured out years ago that the home searchers already bought one of them when they were acting like they were looking for a home. The dead give-away was that often a piece of furniture was in place when they were “looking” and was still in their home after they “moved in”.


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When these people look at the house, they NEVER look at the furnace or the electricity. Those are huge issues when buying a home.

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The Volunteers from Brooklyn are still stuck in puberty. Their new album Spectrophilia (sex with spirits or reflections, but you already knew that) is all about teenage hang-ups and trying to shock the adults. The music has a nice dirty glamrock groove, though.


However, I personally love watching HHInternational. It gives me a chance to dream about being in a foreign country!

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The whole episode was staged including my agent. What a scam he turned out to be. He now bills himself as a realty TV show producer. He kisses ass and gets a regular gig on the show. I was surprised to as I already owned my house for two years then went on the show.

Jazzy jammers Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey have announced the last live dates for 2008. Expect them to keep a busy schedule in 2009.


The Real Tuesday Weld

Julie Neumark is an LA based rock chick who made an album that will get you a lot of speeding tickets. Dimestore Halo is filled with booze, love, loss, anger and sadness. She attacks her songs, caresses them, hits them again and cuddles them. Stand out tracks: Home with a galloping fiddle intro and Drink Myself Pretty, a give 'em hell alcoholic celebration song.

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Pins & Panzers will be released on Tommy Boy. Release date: February 17th, 2009.

REALER- Smoking gorilla fingers: Surge ft. Topher: Free

I myself have stopped watching this show. Yeah I know it’s fake and all participants have to be on escrow. It is how increasingly annoying the participants have gotten that threw me off the program for good.


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It’s the first time I’ve heard of this, but honestly it doesn’t bother me because first of all, it has always seemed ludicrous that people would find a home having seen only three. Secondly, the time constraints that you mention would never allow the usual process which usually entails months and months or longer yet!

Finally, someone else on here with my point of view. Once a week would be fine, but for Pete’s sake, I can predict before I even look it will HH or HHI!


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This is the first time in 36 years since Rundgren originally produced the New York Dolls eponymous debut album "The New York Dolls" which included the classic songs "Personality Crisis", "Trash", "Jet Boy" and "Private World". Rundgren will be reunited with original Dolls founding members, David Johansen (vocals) and Sylvain Sylvain (guitar, vocals).

Download & Streaming: Mysterien Favorites: Internet Archive

Apparently Plushgun isn't very prolific. All the EP tracks are used for the album, so there are only six new songs on Pins & Panzers. On the upside: he knows how to write catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics, with A Crush To Pass The Time as the stand-out track.


Can someone settle a bet for me? Does anyone know how old Matilda was on the House Hunters International show(Poland)?

What really drives me crazy is the constant use of the words “It needs updating”. Unfortunately HH and programs alike are brainwashing people to think that if the materials in a home aren’t travertine, granite and stainless steel then the home is outdated. There was a time when someone bought a home that they decorated around the existing fixtures instead of replacing items that are in very good condition. I am not a fan of many things that some have been brainwashed into believing that they need. Take high ceilings, for example. This is one thing that builders have gotten away with for awhile to convince the buyer thay they are offering space. I much rather have floor space and lower ceilings than the opposite choice. After all, You can’t put furniture on a wall.


I remember seeing an episode of House Hunters International where a family from Michigan moves to Paris. One of the houses they were looking at had mysterious boxes that said “Paris” in them. Lo and behold, that was the house they choose. In which they were already in the process of moving during filming of the episode.

The one that makes all your friends go "Please, no" when it comes on and you start trying to recreate the choreography. Also known as the one with the crystal bodysuit.


What I’m upset about is when did “House Hunters International” turn into “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous”? Almost every house on the show today goes over half a million. I don’t know many people personally who have that kind of money or equity even approaching that in a home here. I liked it more when it showed stuff I actually could afford to lease or buy.

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Klave - Realer Than Love

How is possible for two people to make being sweaty sexy? I'm still trying to figure it out.

  • But I’ll still watch it because I’m addicted to real estate porn
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  • The next thing I read will probably say wrestling is not real either
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Once is enough, but they don’t need to say something witty about the closet in every episode. And don’t even get me started on the “man cave” jokes.

Backstage at Bonnaroo and other Acoustic Performances is a five track EP of a man who feels right at his playing the acoustic guitar and the piano. He was this year's opener at Bonnaroo and went down like a storm, quite a feat for such fragile songs. As you might have guessed he recorded some stuff backstage, with guitarist Charlie Sexton riding shotgun, and those three songs are complemented with two live recordings where he plays the piano.


This is kind of depressing haha. I don’t care about the show, but my boyfriend does. I was going to send in the email to try to get on the show – he has been thinking about getting a vacation house somewhere in South America.

Viva DaConcinci is one hell of a guitar player. A regular on the live circuit Viva she has played with a lot of big names, including Martin, Medeski and Wood and Marc Ribot. Trey Anastasio told her that she should start her own band.


It is still $500 for four full days if filming. Furthermore, it isn’t just sometimes fake – it is ALWAYS fake. I’ve just gone through this process. They won’t even consider you for the show unless you already have a purchase agreement signed, and have access to both your new home and your former home for the duration of the filming period.

I didn’t know about this at all. Nothing really surprises me anymore, so it’s not a big disappointment, but I never got the impression any of “House Hunters” was faked. I always thought it odd they only featured 3 homes, but decided they must actually look at more and HGTV picked the 3 frontrunners. I guess that’s the not the case at all.


I wish HGTV would get back to like it was in the early/mid 90’s more decorating and staging instead of all this House Hunters, House Hunters International. I want to see redesigns not people “acting”.

The Best Music Videos of 2021

If your not a Dr. or somebody with pockets full of money RFoadhouse or any lightweight real estate agent would never even know you. What idiot would ever buy a thing from Will Roadhose or any idiot Liar real estate agent.


Src/public/js/zxcvbn.js - CMS Airship - PHP Classes

I knew there was some sort of fishy timeline going on, but whay not just tell us that? I’d much rather see people not buy a house than fake it. Grrr. I usually only watch House Hunters International now b/c the American version bugs me- location people! Location, you can always paint, recarpet, etc.

Blind Man's Hill is the kind of album that will feels at home in a bar where the clientele wears checkered shirts and denim. Patrick Rainey's sax serves as a comfy blanket across most of the tracks, and Mark Browne throws in his skills on keys channeling Nicky Hopkins. Recommended if you like The Band, the Scarecrow Collection and Steve Miller.


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I totally LOVE the show and YES, I do miss Suzanne Whang! Knowing the “inside story” will NOT cause me to stop watching.


What I then wondered was how they go about the “before and after” of the purchased home. A feature of the show is to show the new home empty, and then show it after they’ve been there for some time and decorated it with new paint and furniture. Your post seems to answer the question, although I don’t really get how these people in the international shows haven’t moved in at all when the show is filmed. Do they go so far as to empty out the house and paint it ugly old colors for the before, and then repaint it and refurnish it for the after shots?

Has anyone else noticed that the couples always say “Oh my Gosh” or “Oh my Goodness”, they never say “Oh My God”? That is not realistic at all, has to be scripted and or coached. I don’t think too many people on the East Coast say “Gosh”.


That is why we all liked tough as nails. It was real the only show that I my eyes were not set up scenes. We loved Cindy stumpo she was the real deal. Just look at all the awards this lady receives. Hgtv did put drama in her show, which I think, stumpo was upset about. But a real builder just do some back ground check on goggle. She was the real deal and I feel hgtv did not give her the respect she demands. As I read in an article on the web she refused set up scenes.

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I still watch it from time to time, specially the International version. It is easy to see which one they picked, almost always its the one without furniture. If you see personal belongings (like toothbrush in the bathroom) you know they won’t pick that one.

I did not know this, but I guess I am not surprised. It is TV. But I do miss Suzanne Whang. I especially LOVED her on Las Vegas. I was mad that show was cancelled after the last episode was a cliffhanger.


Syd Barrett's Cambridge suburban folktale from the 1967 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' album (which I bought, in 1967, and still have) rendered unlistenable with the aid of my office iMac and jazz-nylon Lowden. This is the party piece I sometimes play at our folk club to silence kids who ask for some Pink Floyd, expecting the obvious stuff and often having no idea about the REAL Floyd material.

A Celtic mist must have hanging over Minnesota when Bella Koshka recorded their Slow Dancing on the Ocean Floor album. Gut heavy bass lines and intermittent guitar fills undercut the eerie vocals and violin of this Minnesota band whose music that is best described as lullabies for an adult audience.


My aunt was on House Hunters International recently. I was horrified as I watched her lie through her teeth about EVERYTHING. For one, she’s already lived in the house she supposedly picked out on the show for several years. The production staff removed all her stuff from some of the rooms that they filmed and then told her to walk in and act like she was seeing it for the first time. Also, she never even bought the house. Her husband’s family already owned it! Oh, and she was told to lie about all kinds of details.

I love HHI but I would get sort of depressed after every episode because I could not understand how these people could afford a second home for 500k. I can’t afford one house in LA and I make a decent salary.


Great – one more secret I have to keep from my husband, or he’ll be crushed! I really don’t want to ruin the “magic” for him.

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Most of the people were established middle class, but not wealthy. So they looked at house after house after house until they found something acceptable. There was a little caption at the bottom of each tour: House #2, House #17, House #31.

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I had no idea, but it does make sense. In today’s world of television, what isn’t staged!


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Still, it was a real pleasure being on the show and have kept in touch with the film crew

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I didn’t know this, but I’m not surprised that it’s fake. I am surprised at how well the people can fake it!

They are all about showing off the styles they have studied (punk, some, polka, vintage Lou Reed). It wouldn't hurt them if they get their hands a bit more dirty on the full length they are recording right now.


The album, which is yet untitled, will be released on the Atco label through Warner Brothers. The Atco label has been specially re-launched. The New York Dolls are one of the first signings to the label.

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Neopsychedelicpostrockjazz quintet Algernon is back on the road, performing new material. Avant-rock instrumental goodness from the Windy City.

Frankfurt High Speed: Frankfurt – Karlsruhe

My brother’s fiance was a producer on some of the HH International episodes and told me this. It’s a bummer but I still love the show since the viewer still doesn’t know which one they’ve already chosen!


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No wonder sometimes it seems all fake! Because they are acting- non actors acting!


My husband has always wondered about that. He would tell me that he thought that they already knew which house they wanted, and it was all just staged.

On this new EP a nasty remix of US Out of NY goes for your throat in the best NIN tradition, then let go for a couple of bars filled with acoustic guitar and some piano, before attacking again with doubled enthusiasm. Slightly schizophrenic Dinner With My Doppleganger (his spelling, not mine) tops off this fine collection of demented dance indie industrial psychedelica.